[BEAUTY] : BE Creative Makeup, BE Beautiful BE Yourself!

Ola my dear merry-goers! I am so sorry for being MIA for so long. Have been really tied up at work and was not able to update my blog as much as I wanted to. Anyway, today I am here to share with you the BE Creative Makeup where I attended the BE Creative Makeup courtesy of MUSE by Watsons and the ever awesome Butterfly Project! 

I missed several events hosted by MUSE @ Sunway Pyramid and was very happy to be able to attend the BE Creative Makeup Preview :)

As I entered Muse, there were already several butterflies having their makeover so I had the chance to walk around and check out the products available at Muse. 

The BE Creative Makeup welcomed me as I was entering the outlet and I was super in love with the range of colours they had at the counter!

Here's some introduction to the BE Creative Makeup Collection:

The 4 Commandments:

Embrace the new
Express your individuality with makeup
Make trends your own
And remember, you are UNIQUE

The BE Creative Make Up is the FIRST professional make-up brand that offers advance formulas and cutting edge designs at and affordable price. The makeup comes in a sleek and ultra-chic design to give it that sophisticated look, just like popular professional makeup brands. 

There were two different types of foundation either the Glow finish (6 shades) or the Matte finish (10 shades), lovely Blushers (5 shades), a ton of eyeshadow colours (40 individual shades + 6 eyeshadow quad) as well as their lipstick series (Velvet, Shine, Intense Gloss, Sheer Gloss)

The colours in the BE Creative Makeup collection was really awesome and the colours were really pigmented and pretty!

For the foundation, you can either choose the liquid foundation or the powder foundation. The finishing of the foundation depends on your preference as they have a Glow finish and a Matte finish. 

Their collection of eyeshadow colours was one of the items that really attracted my attention. Just look at that range of colours which can take your makeup look from day to night, natural to funky or even glamourous!

The eyeshadow are sold in individual packaging as well as in palette so it depends on how you want to build your eyeshadow collection. The price range is really affordable as well as one single eyeshadow is retailing at RM 39

Moving on to the lipcolour, the BE Creative Makeup has an extensive lipstick collection as well which can give you that perfect pout. The consistency of the lipstick was creamy and quite pigmented. You can build up the intensity of the lipcolour with additional swipes. 

These were some of the colours which I really liked! 

Besides their makeup palette, the team at MUSE also brought my attention to their brushes. I was really in awe with their makeup brushes as they were super soft and there wasn't any uncomfortable poking from using the brush! I totally love how it could pick up sufficient product and their blending ability was great too. 

Since I was waiting for my turn to do my makeover, I took the opportunity to do some skin check which Muse also offers to their customers. The texture, water content, skin condition for my skin was checked and analysed and my test results were quite satisfying. I did not have any major problems with my skin which I am glad since I did not really had time to pamper my skin recently. So to those out there who wants to check out your skin condition, you can drop by Muse by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid to check it out. The beauticians also gave some advice on how to properly take care of your skin and also what foods you should eat. 

And now it is time for my makeover! I actually went with a bare face to the event and had not even one ounce of makeup on my face. After being used to wearing at least foundation and eyeliner, it was quite weird for me to walk around Sunway Pyramid with my bare face!

We were given four options for makeup which were Funky, Romantic, Glamourous and Natural. As I was really looking to learn how to have a natural makeup that I can use when going to work or just for a simple day out, I opt for the natural look. I really wanted to know how to get that natural makeup look for daily usage. 

So let's start! As you can see I had some problems with my dark circles due to insufficient sleep and also some uneven skin tone. So let the magic begin!

Introducing my makeup artist for the day which was really great. He is actually working at Watsons @ Alamanda, Putrajaya so if you are looking for a good makeup artist, you can look for him!

Can you see the obvious difference in my face? This was just with a thin layer of the BE Creative Makeup Foundation in shade 004. I was amazed with the coverage of the foundation that no concealer was needed. My skin tone was evened out and my dark circles literally disappeared. I just fell in love with the foundation. My makeup artist also used the BE Creative brushes to apply the foundation and I LOVE it! The brushes just felt so soft on my skin and it was just amazing. 

Tada~ My halfway incomplete look with eyeshadow. My eyes look so awake and I really liked how the makeup actually enhanced my features instead of altering it. I really don't like how some makeup artist actually give me that thick makeup mask that totally change the way I look 

And here you have it, my makeover look! I liked how the orange eyeshadow was used to create that natural glow instead of the conventional brown eyeshadow. It was slightly funky but still gives off a young and natural vibe. My eye makeup just consisted of eyeshadow and some eyeliner. No mascara was used so that I can maintain that natural makeup look. My makeup artist also used a light pink lipcolour that matched my natural lip colour. 

Check out some of the other pretty butterflies getting their makeover done too!

I just love Mira's eye makeup! It was so pretty and the gradiation of blue was just lovely. She opt for the Funky makeup but it was so wearable and matched her outfit!

 Innanie and Aerisk getting their makeovers too! 

What I love about attending events is meeting other bloggers who were really friendly and cool like Innanie and Mira :) 

Amanda was present to give us a short presentation on the BE Creative Makeup and introduced their star products as well as their benefits!

Lucky Rane won the lucky draw prize and got a huge hamper! 

To know more about the BE Creative Makeup Collection, you can check out their website at 
www.becreativemakeup.com or check their FB Page at www.facebook.com/becreativemakeup

Drop by Muse by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid today to try out the BE Creative Makeup for your upcoming Christmas Parties and I assure you won't be disappointed. Got to run back to work now so tata~ Till next time loves