Top 5 Things To Buy from Lazada

Hey all merry goers! 

I had wanted to do this post about the Top 5 things that I would purchase from Lazada to usher in both the Chinese New Year as well as for my other half for Valentine's Day but it totally slipped my mind. Anyway, I'll still share with you the great buys I've spotted on Lazada which is totally worth spending on.

1. Calvin Klein Wallet with Leather Key Chain for Men 

 Firstly, I would look for that perfect gift to present my significant other for Valentine's Day. Taking note that his wallet is getting rather worn out *maybe due to all my shopping* I have decided to take a look at the wallet selections available at Lazada. My my.. to my delight there are tons of wallets of all designs and brands. Since my other half prefers a rather simple and versatile wallet, I have fallen sight on the Calvin Klein Wallet with Leather Key Chain in Black. 

This model has 1 ID window, 4 Credit Card slots and 2 compartments plus 1 bill slot which is just enough and suitable for his daily use. To my delight, Lazada is retailing it at RM 69.00 only after their discount so oh yeah! This is definitely an item I will definitely get.

2. Salav Garment Steamer GS11-DJ Purple

The next thing on my list is something for my mum as she has been eyeing for a garment steamer for quite some time. It is so much more convenient having a garment steamer instead of the conventional oven as you can just hang up your clothes and steam iron your outfits. With this pretty baby, my new Chinese New Year outfits would be primed and pressed in a breeze! No more crumpled clothes for this new year. Since Lazada is having a discount for this item and selling it at only RM 85.00 I think I will get it for mum!

3. 6th Generation Po Bling Pore Ultrasonic Cleanser White

Having great complexion is essential to usher in the new year and how better to properly cleanse your face then using a pore cleanser which helps deep clean your pores better than using your hands. This Po Bling Sonic Pore Cleanser works by brushing gently and effectively removes the top layer of dead skin cells. With 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute, this amazing cleansing tool cleans dirt and acid without injuring your delicate skin. While deeply cleansing your pores, the brush exfoliates your skin leaving facial skin soft, smooth, and clean.

Since my sister has always wanted to try out this pore cleanse I would get it for her from Lazada especially since they are selling it at only RM27.00! So affordable!

4. ASOTV Glam Caddy Rotating Cosmetics Organizer

Since I started experimenting in makeup and other beauty product, my table has been an utter mess with brushes and other cosmetics. I really need to get a nice storage compartment to properly store my cosmetics plus is convenient and saves place. After browsing through Lazada, I saw my solution which is the ASOTV Glam Caddy Rotating Cosmetics Organizer. I heard that this cosmetic organizer is really useful but cost a bomb. To my utter delight Lazada has saved me from having a huge hole in my pocket as they are selling this at only RM 39.90 which is 56% cheaper than the retail price! Woo Hoo!! 

This amazing organizer can spin 360 degrees and can hold up to 200 items! Plus it has a sliding compartment where I can store my makeup palettes too! I will be able to properly organize my cosmetics and skincare items and no more mess!

5. Eco Friendly EVA Non Slip 6mm Yoga Mat - Pink

Last on my least is something I have been meaning to get for quite some time which is a yoga mat. After the feasting throughout Chinese New Year it is time to get back in shape with some exercise. Using proper equipment when exercising is really important so that you will not hurt your back. The Yoga Mat will be able to cushion my back while I do all my stretches, planks and others. This superior quality Eco Friendly EVA Non Slip 6mm Yoga Mat is cushioned and has a light-tack non-slip surface with just the right cushioning for your bones and joints during exercise and Yoga practice. Since I will be getting my other gifts for the family from Lazada I'll just get this Yoga Mat as well for only RM28.00!

And so you have it! My Top 5 Buys from Lazada for Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year!
In total I would have spent RM 248.90 and saved up to RM537! Amazing sales everyday at Lazada and since I have purchased more than RM 80 I am entitled to free delivery as well. I've always had great experience shopping at Lazada and I remember there was once when I bought a pair of shoes for David it came the very next day and it was in perfect condition! He even wore it for his graduation ceremony looking ever so smart.
I hope you all have enjoyed my Top 5 Buys from Lazada and if you are looking for something but can't seem to find it check out Lazada for tons of items and great prices. Til next time merry goers!

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