Watsons Skin Advance: The Platinum Soothing and Hydrating Solution for Sensitive Skin

Konnichiwa merry goers!

Time for another skincare post! Watsons Malaysia has introduced their latest all-new revolutionary Derma skincare line which is the Skin Advance skincare range that caters to sensitive skin users. This product was launched earlier in February at the plush Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa and it was an honor to be able to attend the launch. 

The Skin Advance range was developed by cosmetic experts in Japan who used an interesting theory known as the "6+ 6-" process which claims to counterbalance the effects of the modern cosmopolitan men and users. Yes you read that right. This skincare product caters to both men and women so to men out there who are still fretting over the correct skincare product or have yet to start a good skincare regime you may want to read on further about the Skin Advance skincare range.

The launch of Skin Advance was attended by celebrity hosts and Watsons Celebrity Friends Hansen Lee and Sarah Lian who shared their beauty regime and their love for Skin Advance as well as renowned dermatologist Dr. Lim Ting Song who shared about the causes of sensitive skin and treatment methodology.

According to Dr. Lim there are several reasons for sensitive skin reaction which includes skin disorders and allergic skin reaction like ezema, overly dry skin or overexpose to sunlight which is really damaging to your skin. People with sensitive skin needs to be particularly careful with their skincare regime and pay extra careful to the conditions of their skin. 

The Skin Advance products are infused with 6 vital skin friendly natural ingredients which improves skin hydration level and rejuvenates the skin elasticity as well as help fight against environmental damage and enhance the skin's antioxidant properties. Now you may wonder what on earth is the '6+ 6-" that Skin Advance is boasting about. 

The 6+ refers to 

Platinum Nano Particles
Alphine Glacial Water
Yuzu Ceramide
Hyaluronic Acid

The 6- refers to 

Chemical Preservatives, Artificial Pigment, UV Absorbers, Fragrance, Alcohol, Mineral Oil

Hansen Lee who is quite famous for his fitness program states that in his line of profession it is no secret that there are some guys today who uses makeup especially when they are on camera. So it is extremely important for men to also take care of their skin especially if they are wearing makeup. To men out there who think you are safe just because you are not wearing makeup think again. Constant outdoor activities, extreme exposure to sun will cause your skin to be dehydrated leading to dull and dry skin. It is very important to keep your skin hydrated both inside and outside. Undeniably, there are many men out there who have started paying more attention to their skin and appearance but of course without some guidance or advice, some may find it rather confusing on how to start your skincare regime. Well just remember this three steps:


Sarah Lian who has been using the Skin Advance skincare range for the past two weeks also testifies that the product really keeps her skin hydrated and nourished. Seeing her glowing complexion, we can be sure that the Skin Advance product is really working for her. Both her and Hansen are very satisfied with the Skin Advance skincare range especially the Skin Advance Platinum Soothing and Hydrating Spring Spray. 

The complete range of product includes the

Cleansing Milk (RM 49.00)
Jelly Toner (RM 69.00)
Facial Lotion (RM 89.00)
Sleeping Mask (RM 89.00)
Spring Spray (RM 49.00)

Skin Advance skincare range caters to both men and women who are in their 20s and above especially for those with dry and sensitive skin. The dual action sleeping mask repairs and rejuvenates the skin at night, revealing a softer and smoother skin in the morning. 

After the launch, we were pampered with a facial session using the Skin Advance skincare products and it was a really nice experience being pampered at Sembunyi Spa, Cyberjaya Lodge Resort and Spa. The facial treatment gave us a hands-on demonstration of the skincare range and I definitely felt refreshed after the facial treatment. My favourite is definitely the Spring Spray which was just a refreshing burst.

For more information, visit

Watsons Facebook page : www.facebook.com/watsonsmalaysia
Watsons official website: www.watsons.com.my


  1. ahhhh would they release it in the hong kong watson stores? i would definitely have a look at it next time in in hk

    1. Hey Nicol! I think they will. It is really good

    2. Hey Nicol! I think they will. It is really good

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