Food Adventure Escapade to Taiwan!

Hey there merry goers!

It's March already and doesn't time just fly by? Life has been pretty hectic coming into 2015 and there has been a lot of changes in my life especially in my career path. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and one day it just struck me on how everyday we rush through everything in life and keep missing out on the wonders that life has to offer. When was the last time you sat down and have a quiet moment to yourself and just appreciate what you have been blessed with?

I know for sure that the greatest thing that God has blessed me with is my dearest mother. Bringing both me and my sister up by herself has never been easy especially with her also single-handedly taking care of both my aunt and my grandmother at the same time. Looking back I really don't know how she managed to take on so much in her life and lately I see her easily getting tired and still keep working hard to take care of the family. My relationship with my mother was never easy as she always needed me to be strong and pushed me to grow up at a very early stage of my life. Over the years, I handled many of my problems on my own because I hated the thought of troubling her and adding on to her worries. But this action of mine worsen our relationship as we stopped having real conversations and I started keeping to myself. We never seem to get along well as our opinions keep on clashing with me wanting her to start enjoying life and relax against her still carrying on her burdens in life.

My mother and I never had the chance to travel together and I never had the chance to bring her to the many places she wished to travel. I know that her dream was to travel the world and exploring new places but she never could do it because of taking care of me and my sister. Currently I am still not able to bring her abroad but of course I am still working hard to achieve her expectations and dreams in me. Thank God that I may now have the chance to bring her to Taiwan thanks to the Butterfly Project Malaysia and Time For Taiwan TTBKL. The Butterfly Project will be sending ONE lucky Butterfly and a friend for a Time to Enjoy Life" 5D4N Taiwan Trip worth RM8,000 (inclusive of flights, accommodation, tours). Once I heard about this Blogging Contest I knew that even though my chances may be slim I will still try my best to win this contest and be able to bring my mother along with me for our first ever Mother and Daughter Food Trip.

My mum and I are real food fanatics and although she is not as daring as I am about food, she is still one heck of a food lover. She loves trying out new places but because she always put me and my sister first, she never got to really enjoy the food that she loves. This time I would really want to treat her to a food escapade where she will be able to enjoy to her hearts content with no worries! When you talk about Taiwan of course you would think of the serene countryside, the bustling city life, the shopping spree but you definitely cannot miss out on the food hunt in Taiwan.

When I think of food in Taiwan, I think about all the night markets in Taiwan. Taiwan is famous for their street food where you can find in their night markets. There are several night markets which I would love to bring my mother along which are:

1. Tainan Flowers Night Market

2. Feng Chia Night Market
3. Shilin Night Market
4. Ludong Night Market

I heard that these night markets are really popular and they serve really good authentic Taiwanese food. Talking about Taiwanese food these are the food that I am sure both me and my mother will savour if we were to go to Taiwan. Get ready to be attacked by mouth-watering food photos! 

1. Braised Pork Rice

First and foremost I think everyone knows about the braised pork rice that we can also get at Taiwan food outlets in Malaysia but what an awesome experience it would be to actually savor the authentic braised pork on top of steamy rice in Taiwan!

2. Beef Noodles

Total beef lover here and the Taiwanese Stewed Beef Noodle is a definite must to try out if I am able to travel to Taiwan.

3. Oyster Omelette

Although not really an oyster fan but my mum is a huge fans of shellfish and just look at the size of the oysters! She will definitely swallow them whole! 

4. Bubble Tea

Famous drink that is a must try when in Taiwan which is the Bubble Tea with the glutinous chewy black pearls! A huge fan of milk tea but I will make sure to have my fill of bubble tea when I'm there.

5. Stinky Tofu

*holds nose* Although stinky like hell this stinky tofu sure gives you the kick in your nostrils! But fans of stinky tofu keep on coming back for more. There are some night markets that sell this atrocious snack but to really experience the authentic stinky tofu where else would be a great place but at night markets in Taiwan!

I do hope I won't have the same reaction like this guy here though. Haha

6. Xiao Long Bao

Chinese delicacy with sweet savoury soup bursting out at the first bite! Be careful that it may be piping hot and you wouldn't want to burn your mouth!

7. Shaved Ice Mountain
Snowflake, Tong Pak Fu, U Desserts and so many other outlets here in Malaysia serve this cool snowy icy dessert which is so enjoyable and soothing on a hot summer day! 

8. Taiwanese Breakfast

Staying in Taiwan I must definitely experience the Taiwanese style for breakfast! Just look at the array of breakfast dishes which will be sure to fill me up before going to explore Taiwan.

9. Coffin Bread

This dish sounds so ominous and you can just imagine in the movies where the vampire comes out from the coffin but the reason why this dish is called the coffin bread is because it is shaped like a coffin where the insides of the bread were removed and the filling replaces the bread. I super love this coffin bread where it is crispy on the outsides and I can get a nice hearty meal from the fillings. 

10. Pineapple Cake
Every time anyone goes to Taiwan, they will definitely buy back some pineapple cakes and that is because they are just so flaky and buttery with sweet pineapple jam in it making it the perfect treat for me. I go bonkers for pineapple tarts and every Chinese New Year I will make sure to have some stocked up in the house!

There are so many other Taiwan street food that I would love to savor and attack if I am able to go to Taiwan. Especially after watching Fung Bros video on the street food in Taiwan I know that I seriously need to like diet for more than a month so that I can just fill my tummy with the glorious food!

Video: Fung Bros

Besides the night market, I wish to explore Taiwan's food that have not been discovered and share it with everyone. So I'm really hoping to be able to enjoy this trip with my mum!

Photo credits: Google Image 


  1. Miriam, if you win i hope you have the opportunity to eat all your dreams food.

    1. I also hope to be able to bring my mum before I go study

  2. Your mom is so lucky to have such a sweet daughter who will work hard to fulfill her dreams! Good luck my dear! 💋💋

    1. Aww thanks babe.. I hope to fulfill her dreams too

  3. Wahhh..those foods really looks tantalizing! You're surely a foodie person! Good Luck Miriam! <3

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