3CE and Hydraluron Discovery Time

Ola merry goers!

I'm back with a beauty discovery to share with you! Have you heard of the Korean cosmetic brand 3CE which has been hitting the market and being one of the most sought for cosmetic from Korea? This cosmetic line was made popular by Stylenanda Park So Ra with the amazing color pigmentation. I have always loved their products especially with Park So Ra as the face of the cosmetic line. The 3CE product range could not be found in retail stores in Malaysia and I had to purchase them through online websites so just imagine my delight and excitement when Muse by Watsons decided to bring in this cosmetic line!! *jumps up and down in excitement*

I can't believe that I will be able to get and actually test out the actual product before deciding on buying them. You know how inconvenient online shopping is when you don't know what shade is suitable for you and so on but now I just have to drop into Muse by Watsons outlets and try them out! Of course the downside to this is that I may get out of control with my spending!!

Thanks to the Butterfly Project I was able to get down and dirty with the 3CE products brought by Muse by Watsons during our Suka & Surprise Session at A Pie Thing, Uptown Damansara! Just look at the range of products Amanda and the team brought for us to try. And these are not even the whole collection!

These are some of their best sellers which were really catching my eyes!

3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation (RM 177.00)
3CE Lip Tint (RM 78.00)
These lip tints are amazing! You can actually mix up the colors to get any combination of colors you want! They have an amazing range of colors that is really super pigmented. I'm serious! Some of you may feel that the price of the product to be on the slightly higher side but you actually only need an ant size dot to mix it and get an amazing colour! Besides that, you can actually use the lip pigment for your cheek as a blusher and an eye shadow! This is the whole concept of 3CE makeup because it focuses on all three eye, cheek and lip makeup products!


3CE Pore Silky Balm (RM 83.00) | 3CE Eyeshadow 

Credits: Muse by Watsons

Besides bringing the 3CE product range, Amanda also introduced us to Indeed Lab from Canada! I am telling you if you were to spend on a good moisturizer which will give you plump and moist skin you definitely have to try out the Hydraluron Jelly Moisturizer from Indeed Lab! They are amazing! It is actually a jelly moisturizer that has a unique jelly formula that is perfect as a daily use tropical moisture protector. This moisturizer helps lock in moisture defending against moisture evaporation and the hyaluronic acid helps to improve hydration levels and stimulate collagen production as well to give you plump looking skin! No more sagging and wrinkles!!

Amanda introducing Indeed Lab
Guess what? I was chosen as the lucky one to get a transformation using both products from Indeed Lab and finishing with a makeover look using the 3CE products! Thanks to Irene from Muse giving me a chance to have a Korean makeup transformation!

Irene first used the product from Indeed Lab to remove my makeup and prep my face for the Korean look transformation. I am so loving the jelly moisturizer and the design of the product is so cool because it is a pump dispenser where you can just press the top of the product and it will be dispensed. No more contamination of product so *thumbs up*

To prep my face, Irene used the Silky Pore Balm to prime my face making it a smooth canvas! I was amazed with the product because it applies like a balm but finishes to give you a satin matte finish. It was amazing. You can feel the fine product really filling your pores and ensuring that they are smooth before you apply makeup. Then using the Glossing Waterful Foundation my face has the popular dewy glowing skin like the Koreans!

She then moved on to my eyes using the eyeshadow from 3CE and also using the 3CE Fixer and Mascara (RM 120.00) my lashes go from invisible to full on va-voom! The 3CE Liquid Eye Liner (RM 79.00) was also used to make my eyes look more awaked too. 

Finishing up, Irene used the Lip Tint to create this cute Barbie Pink colour that matches my top and used some of it as a blusher to give some colour to my face too! The lip tint is super creamy but one word of advice as all lip tints, make sure you properly exfoliate and moisturize your lips so that they won't look chapped and dry. 

Credits: Jean

And there you have it! My Korean inspired makeup look using 3CE Products! Love how flawless my skin looks using the foundation and it does not feel thick or cakey too!  Thanks to the team from Muse for the makeover.

To end the event, we enjoyed the delicious enormous size of pie from A Pie Thing and I can get why everyone starts lining up as soon as the shutters came up! It was really delicious but is slightly on the higher side no thanks to the location rental I'm guessing. But do not underestimate this pic because you can easily fill up two people!

Credits: Rane
Once again, thanks to the team from Muse by Watsons and Butterfly Project for meeting us and introducing these two amazing brands! For those who want to try out 3CE Products, don't forget to head down to Muse by Watsons and check them out 


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