Hey merry goers

Several months ago, I received the REALASH Eyelash Serum and have been using them for the past months to get fuller and longer lashes. I was supposed to update you all about my results after one month and three months but unfortunately I just realized that my post on the one month result was corrupted due to a virus attack on my laptop. Argh! Hate it when things like this happen so unfortunately I am not able to show you all how my lashes looked after one month BUT here's how they are looking after three months.

If you are not sure what is REALASH, you can refer to my previous post here. REALASH is an award winning eyelash serum formulated to give you stronger and longer lashes. This eyelash serum is actually gives long term results and is formulated using natural and active ingredients like mango, papaya fruit extract, bitter orange flowers extract, natural plant leaves extract, horsetail, flax and calamus extract. It helps your body to produce real and natural lashes with incredible density, length and strength. This amazing product is scientifically proven to be effective and 100% safe for sensitive eyes.

If you read my first post, you will notice that my lashes are super sparse and short making me depending on mascaras to lengthen them. Problem with mascara is that it is either they are not waterproof or smudge-proof which make me end up with panda eyes at the end of the day and mascara is actually quite a pain to remove! It is super easy to use REALASH!  You just have to apply the serum on your upper lashline using the fine tip applicator once a day. I normally apply it at night before I go to sleep.

Luckily for me, REALASH actually helped increase the length and make my eyelash look fuller even without the use of a mascara. Don't believe me? Check out the photos of my eyelash! You can definitely see that it is fuller and definitely longer! Bear in mind, I have not been that diligently applying the serum every night and yet you can see the vast difference between my lashes before and after using REALASH

I am overall quite satisfied with my eyelashes now especially comparing to my poor pathetic lashes previously. If you want to get fluttery butterfly lashes, check out REALASH at their official website today. You can also get your own Starter Package at RM199 for 3ml bottle. I know it may sound a bit expensive but this 3ml bottle will be able to last you 4 to 5 months for daily usage!

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