Best Smoked Salmon Salad at Nouveau 7, 10 Boulevard

Time to eat merry goers!

I am a huge fan of salmon from raw sashimi to smoked salmon and I always crave for them. You know the feeling when you order a salmon dish and they just give you some measly bits of it making you crave for it even more? I HATE that feeling! If I'm ordering a salmon dish I expect my cravings to be totally satisfied. Well today I want to share with the best smoked salmon salad that I have eaten and it does not cost a bomb!! 

Presenting this Resto/Bar restaurant Nouveau 7, located in 10 Boulevard along the Sprint Highway! I've visited this area previously for one of the best dalgakbi I've eaten and to my delight I've found another delicious eatery that really should get more attention! Opened daily from 11.30 am to 11.00 pm, Nouveau 7 serves a really good meal which will satisfy your cravings any day. They have set lunch menus which are super affordable and no worries about getting those measly set menu that are not worth your money because Nouveau 7 serves the same portion at a lower price. Enjoy happy hour time with colleagues and friends too after work as Nouveau 7 has a bar which serves quite good booze.

The ambiance of Nouveau 7 is quaint and cosy with warm lights and the decor of the whole place is really exquisite, Love the art decor they hang on their walls especially the large cutlery and the pair of steel wings. 

Nouveau 7 also serves really good coffee and cakes aside their main dishes but we will get to that later. 

Let us start of with some appetizers where we have the Bruschetta Platter , eight nicely toasted bruschetta topped with four different types of topping. We have the Salmon and Pesto, Tuna and Onions, Chicken with Mango and Tomatoes with Onions on grilled French bread slices. The slices of bread were crunchy and I just love all the toppings! My favourite is of course the salmon topping but the chicken topping with sweet mango slices was another of my favourite. The mango gave the topping a nice sweetness and added more depth to the overall dish. This platter is recommended for sharing.

Of course the star of my review today will be the amazing, fragrant, well-seasoned Smoked Salmon Salad. This is an uplift from the normal Caesar Salad with the addition of a generous amount of smoked salmon! Ah the first bite took me to heaven and back as the salmon was well smoked and not too salty. I could not have enough of this and just kept picking at it for more. Just give me this plate of Smoked Salmon Salad and I'll be satisfied.

Nouveau 7 also serves several stews and the two stews I would really recommend you try is the Minestrone and the English Lamb Stew. The Minestrone is thick and well-seasoned with a generous amount of ingredients. The one ingredient I have not seen in other minestrone is the addition of beans into the soup giving it a more robust flavour. The beans also make this soup a hearty start to a good meal.

Fans of lamb stew, you just have to try their English Lamb Stew which has a generous amount of lamb pieces which were cooked so tender and still so juicy. This stew is perfect for that day when you just want to have some comfort food to dine on. Dip the garlic bread served at the side into this stew and you will have the perfect comfort food.

Nouveau 7 serves a wide variety of Western cuisines and one of it is the Tuna Quiche which has Gruyere cheese, tuna, eggs, herbs and cream, savoury baked in open-faced pastry, served with sides of the day. The side of the day was this creamy concoction of baked pumpkin and potato which tasted nearly as good as the quiche. Although tuna is not my favourite kind of fish, the tuna quiche served was really creamy with loads of Gruyere cheese giving you a strong kick in every bite.

But of course if we are talking about Western cuisines, we definitely have to try out their steaks. Presenting their Striploin Steak, well marinated and cooked medium rare just the way I like it to be. Slightly pink and still juicy this piece of striploin steak melts in my mouth. Of course if you prefer it well-done you can request it to the chef. 

If you are not a fan of red meat, you can opt for their Grilled Salmon Steak which serves a nice chunk of salmon grilled and glazed with a traditional homemade lemon butter sauce. Beautifully grilled, the salmon is not dry and yet flakes off easily retaining that beautiful pink colour.

Fans of Asian cuisine, you will be able to enjoy a variety of Asian choices at Nouveau 7 as well. One of the dishes I would recommend is their Seafood Fried Rice. Instead of the normal seafood fried rice where they mix all the ingredients together, the seafood is served at the sides giving it a pretty impression. The rice is buttery and fragrant topped with sliced calamari rings which were well seasoned and cooked.

Generous with their portion, just look at the juicy prawns and mussels included in this Seafood Fried Rice. Seafood lovers will really enjoy this dish from the sea.

How can we say we are Malaysians if we do not have our all time favourite Nasi Lemak? The Nasi Lemak served at Nouveau 7 comes with a huge drumstick cooked in rendang sauce. I was surprised with the size of the drumstick and even some customers who have previously dined at Nouveau 7 asked if it was a chicken drumstick or a turkey drumstick. I am not exaggerating about it! Just look at the size of the drumstick in comparison with the rice and the plate. 

Here's another chicken dish that you may like to try which is the Sweet and Sour Chicken Chop, lightly fried and covered with sweet and sour sauce. Savoury and sweet, this sauce is rather thick but pairs well with the the fries. I would recommend them to go a little light on the sauce because it overpowers the chicken chop. But I have to complement them in cooking the chicken chop well, tender and juicy. 

Lastly, as with all of my reviews I will always have to try out the desserts! The four desserts worth trying out is the Tiramisu, Carrot Cake, Durian Cake and the Classic Cheese Cake. The durian cake is a must especially for durian lovers as each layer of the sponge cake has a thick layer of durian cream made from D24 durian flesh. The classic cheese cake is thick and creamy with a nice crunchy base. All the cakes are made by Nouveau 7 and homemade by the chef.

Nouveau 7 
B-G022, Block Bougainvillea,
10 Boulevard, Lebuhraya Sprint,
PJU 6A, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
GPS : 3.132522, 101.613384
Tel :03-7733 4997

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  1. I love salmon! They're quite generous with the portion huh? But how was the price like?

  2. I love salmon sashimi too!! The food was really so tempting and wanted to try too. I was curious about the price too xD


    1. Hehe tempting right! Feel like going back to eat :) The price is really reasonable especially their lunch menu

  3. OMG all the food looks so yummy,especially the salmon salad and striploin steak! Just looking at the pics is making me hungry >__<

  4. suker sashimi miriam... mesti sedap kan