Early Bird Promotion Family Platter @ The Ballroom

Time for ball merry-goers!

You heard me right! If you have read my earlier post on The Ballroom, Nu Sentral Mall you would know that I had a ball of a time at The Ballroom during their launch a few months ago. Well, this time I visited their outlet at Jaya Shopping Centre to savour their Family Platter specially catering to the upcoming Parents Day!

If you merry goers have not checked out The Ballroom, I'll be quite disappointed because it is the latest craze in town. It is an integrated entertainment centre where you not only can enjoy friendly entertainment like bowling, pool, darts and karaoke but also enjoy really mouth-smacking meals too. Sister outlet to Blackbull, The Ballroom definitely lives up to their moto Eat, Drink and Ball!

The outlet in Jaya Shopping Centre is smaller than the one at Nu Sentral but still offers the same entertainment like bowling, dart, pool and karaoke. The area is able to hold a large party too and I really like the view we can get facing the city lights. 

Something different with The Ballroom in Jaya Shopping Centre is their bowling alley is a miniature arcade version of bowling and it is super cute!! Just look at the size of the bowling ball and the games are slightly more interactive. So suitable for everyone from young to old. No more worries that the ball is too heavy or large for kids to hold on anymore.

Besides that, the karaoke room is really furnished looking really retro and cool and it can hold up to 20 people. Take note you can actually reserve the room for parties with just a minimum spending of RM500 of food and drinks. No additional reservation fees required :) The songs selection here are much more diverse from new to old songs and some of their Korean/Japanese songs have romanization too which is just perfect if you want to sing to your favourite songs. 

Of course the main star of today's post is their Family Platter promotion! For Parents Day this year, The Ballroom have created this humongous platter which can very well feed 4 to 5 large eaters but of course if you have younger children, you'll be able to feed more! It is time to start planning for Parents Day and especially if you haven't been spending much time with them, well spend some time with your parents at The Ballroom.

The Family Platter (RM217.90) includes:

Mixed Salad
Pumpkin Soup
12" Pizza (5 Flavours)
Oven Roast Beef with Smoked BBQ Sauce
Battered Fish N' Chips
Smoked Salmon Wrap
Mashed Potato
French Fries with Cajun and Parmesan
Bread and Crackers
Bread Butter Pudding and Ice Cream

Enjoy their 12" pizza with 5 different flavours combined! Totally loving their Smoked Salmon as well as the ones with the Lamb Meatballs. There is sure a flavour that suits each and everyone feasting on the platter.

Enjoy some tasty thick cut fries with creamy poached egg on the side not forgetting their delicious mashed potato.

Enjoy their awesome crispy battered fish and chips which have just the right amount of batter with flaky fish within. The Family Platter gives three large pieces of Fish N' Chips which will really feed your family.

For those who don't eat beef, no worry because you can request to change to chicken instead. But I was really enjoying the roast beef that night which was cooked really tender and juicy plus their smoked BBQ sauce really added more flavour to the overall dish. Dip the garlic bread into the pumpkin soup for additional oomph to your meal. The pumpkin soup is super creamy and delicious! I had to stop myself from drinking it or I'll be too full to enjoy the rest of the dishes.

Finish up your meal with a sweet dessert. Freshly baked bread butter pudding which was still warm from the oven topped with cool ice-cream was the perfect ending to a great meal. 

Now here's the good news! Hurry up and make your reservations for the Family Platter and get up to 50% off your meal PLUS enjoy great additional benefits too! Not only you can get 50% off, but you too can get FREE entertainment package up to RM 200+. Enjoy 4 Bowling games, 1 Hour Pool Session and 1 Hour Karaoke Session. Not only that you can get a free pair of Progressive Spectacle from Optimal Optical Chain Stores worth RM 499 to gift to your parent and you can also get RM 100 rebate from ZOPO Smartphone. 

No need to worry about what to get for your parents when The Ballroom will even help you to wrap it up and present to them on the day you enjoy your Parents Day. This promotion will run from 1 May to 30 June but hurry on and get your Early Bird Promotion! 

For more information, head on to www.theballroom.com