Breakfast All-Day-Long at Bites Cafe

Good morning merry goers!

Although it may be morning time when you read this post or you may not be an early riser but no worries. Now you can enjoy breakfast all-day-long! I know there are times when you just want to have a lie in especially to fully energize yourself but you still love a good breakfast even though it is past noon? Or how you sometimes crave for some hearty breakfast for dinner? Here is how you can now have breakfast even at 9 p.m.! 

Bites located at Lakefields, Sungai Besi is the latest place to head for the best breakfast in town. This eatery is a dream paradise for breakfast lovers with breakfast from all around the world. The owner of this establishment is a travel junkie and has made it his dream to introduce breakfast from all around the world to the food junkies in Malaysia. Located just next to the meatiest eatery in town, Buns & Meat this is a pork-free establishment making it suitable for our Muslim friends too. 

Start off your day with a good hearty Egg Benedict (RM 17.90) which showcases two beautiful golden poached eggs on top of smoked salmon, sauteed mushrooms and spinach and a crispy golden toast. This breakfast is my favourite way to start my day with the creamy Hollandaise sauce with the perfect consistency and fragrant smoked salmon full of Omega 3. 

Then let's move on to the French way of eating breakfast with The French (RM 15.90). This breakfast dish has chicken ham and melted cheese between two pieces of fragrant French toast topped with a sunny side up egg sure to brighten your day. Pair this with their maple syrup for a sweet affair like how the French likes their breakfast.

Now what about the Americans? Introducing the Breakfast Pizza (RM 14.90) with beef bacon, baby spinach, mushroom cheese and of course a sunny side up egg peeping through on top on a crispy base. This breakfast pizza is surely a unique way to enjoy your breakfast and a great breakfast to share with your partner too. The base of the pizza is crispy with a generous amount of topping. What other ingredient which provides energy more than baby spinach. This dish is sure to make you energized like Popeye! 

Buongiorno! That's good morning in Italian! Enjoy a hearty Italian breakfast with The Italian (RM14.90). This Italian breakfast is a breakfast frittata packed with Omega 3 from four eggs, turkey ham, onions, spinach and cherry tomatoes. This is really an eggy breakfast with a jam packed frittata with so many ingredients to ensure you get all the energy you need. You know how everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Another country's breakfast on Bites menu is The Mexican (RM12.90) and what are Mexicans famous for?? Their burritos! Yup The Mexican is a breakfast burrito with tortilla wrap around chicken sausage, fluffy egg, mushroom and cheese. This breakfast dish is hearty with the scrambled egg and sauteed mushrooms giving it a savoury taste.

Among all the breakfast dishes have you found something in common? They all have eggs in it! Eggs is such a universal ingredient for breakfast that it is served all around the world! Besides the breakfast being international, even the decor used at this breakfast heaven incorporated elements of countries around the world. The owner of this cafe actually collected each of the photo frames and filled up the whole wall with unique quotes and photos! Look at the adorable British soldiers decorating the cafe too!

Not only a hearty dish makes a good breakfast but of course good drinks make your day start great. Enjoy the drink selection at Bites too with their freshly pressed juice and their fragrant coffee. Their Affogato is one of the drinks I would recommend besides their other coffee selection. You can choose from their Pandan Kaya ice-cream to their Coconut ice-cream to pair with your coffee which I ensure you won't regret.

If you prefer a heavier option for breakfast, you can opt for Bites Club Sandwich Waffle (RM12.90) which is unique where they do not use ordinary bread but freshly made waffles which are super fluffy. The Club Sandwich Waffle has beef bacon, egg, lettuce, cheese, tartar sauce and salad on the side and is really quite a huge portion that would fit well for a heavy breakfast.

Want more protein in your breakfast, choose the Grilled Chicken and Waffle Sandwich (RM15.90) where you get a thick slice of grilled chicken with sauteed mushrooms and melted cheese plus savory mushroom sauce. One thing to take note is that you may want to ask them to separate the sauce or not to be too generous with their sauce as the waffle gets a bit soggy after awhile. However, the chicken was grilled nicely retaining the juice in it.

Other dishes that you can try is their Beef Bacon and Shrimp Pasta (RM 18.90) where they are really generous with the amount of beef bacon and shrimps! This is really tasty especially when you crave for pasta. Not only that they also have the Potato Salad (RM 9.90) with large chunks of potato well seasoned and suitable as a appetizer or side dish.

Of course when you think of waffles, how can there not be any dessert version of the waffle? Try their Dessert Waffle topped with Ice Cream (RM11.90) with their selections from The Last Polka ice cream. Be sure to try their Gula Melaka ice cream which really incorporate gula melaka in every bite. You can also try their fluffy pancakes with blueberry jam as well. 

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  1. Looks soso yummy!! I need to try this place :)

    1. It really is. Should try out Buns & Meat next door too! They have the best burgers! Visited them a month back

    2. It really is. Should try out Buns & Meat next door too! They have the best burgers! Visited them a month back

  2. OMG looks so yummy!! will try to visit the place if i visit kl next time! :)

  3. I must try this! Thanks for posting!