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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Hey there merry goers!

After 1st of April, 6% of GST has been implemented in our daily lives from shopping to eating and cost of living has increased. How can we enjoy good and quality food without burning a hole in our pocket?? Well! Here's a solution for all of you. Introducing NY Steak Shack latest menu with super affordable prices even after GST. Now you can enjoy delicious mouth-watering steaks at affordable prices!

NY Steak Shack is a new American themed diner serving mouthwatering meals and has introduced a brand new menu with more than 20 new items! This new menu is now available after 1st April 2015. There are currently three outlets for NY Steak Shack with it's first outlet at Mid Valley Megamall and two more at Sunway Pyramid and IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. 

The outlets were well furnished to give you the feel of dining at a NY Diner with their leather seats and NY themed wallpaper plus decorations. I never did notice NY Steak Shack when I shop around Sunway Pyramid but it definitely has my attention now.

The new menu offered at NY Steak Shack has been beefed up with a variety of meats, salads and pastas made-to-order and now they no longer only serve steaks but to cater to more of their diners you can get chicken, fish and seafood too! So no worries to non-beef eaters out there. 

Banana Milkshake (Caramel | Strawberry)

To start things off, try their Banana Milkshakes because they are really amazing! I'm not really a fan of bananas because I feel they have some sort of weird taste unless I eat them whole but these milkshakes are really good. They are quite filling for me since well it is banana so don't fill up your tummy because you have to leave some space for the other delicious dishes they have in store. 

For those who like a crunch in your burgers, do try their Southwest Chicken Sandwich (RM20.03) which encases of a scrumptious southwest chicken topped with cheddar cheese and crispy onions giving you the crunch in every bite! Plus you know how I love my fries! Thick cut fries fried to perfection to be the best companion with this sandwich.

Meanwhile for fans of the sea, dive into their Seafood Platter with fried calamaries, soda battered fish and chicken for an additional meaty experience. This platter is a delicious meal to share with your partners.

One of the uniqueness of NY Steak Shack is their sauces where you can try their cheesy cheese sauce best paired with the cheesy chicken. Pair their other sauces with the Seafood Platter and you will really enjoy your meal.

Besides that, for those who are looking for a lighter / 'healthier' alternative, try out NY Steak Shack latest addition to their menu which is their Southwest Chicken Salad or their Honey Fried Chicken Salad. The portion is amazingly huge and well why not some veggies to balance of the fried chicken! Makes it feel less sinful doesn't it. 

T-Bone Steak RM 38.05

Let's move on to their main dishes. First up their steaks where you can enjoy their T-Bone steaks which come with some healthy sides like veggies and mashed potato. Their mashed potatoes are quite tasty as my partner did not stop to finish the whole bowl. There are four popular sauces you can choose from which are the Demi Glace, Black Pepper Corn, Caramelized Onion and Button Mushroom. You can choose the T-Bone steak for a meatier and healthier option as it is tougher and best for those who likes to chew longer on the meal.

Something new on the menu is the Grilled Lamb Cutlets and Shoulder (RM 38.05) where you will be able to enjoy succulent lamb cutlets which are really mouthwatering and I felt like just using my hands to devour them. These lamb cutlets are served on a bed or nicely caramelized onions adding flavour and depth into the dish.

Ribeye Steak 150gms RM 27.45 | 200 gms RM34.87
NY Striploin 150gms RM27.45 | 200gms RM 34.87

There are other varieties of steaks to be chosen as well and you can choose which part of the meat that you prefer and what sauce you like as well. For me I quite enjoyed the Caramelized Onion and the Black Pepper Corn sauce.

For those who do not take beef no worries because now you can enjoy the Sizzling Chicken & Cheese (RM 27.45) which is a delectable seared chicken breast with cheese that you have to enjoy while it is hot on the sizzling pan because the cheese hardens as it gets cold. But I really enjoyed this dish 

Lastly, if you are looking for some side dishes to snack on I would really ask you well beg you to try their Fried Mushrooms which are really so addictive with their crispy batter and juicy mushroom! I'm a huge fan of mushrooms so this really attracted me. Their Chicken Wings were well fried as well so you can really enjoy this side. 

NY Steak Shack Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Loos yummy babe! Just tried their sizzling chicken cheese dish and I loved it! Let's go back together! ❤️

    1. Yeah yummy! Let's go with the girls one day

    2. Yeah yummy! Let's go with the girls one day

  2. Nice.... would love to check it out someday

  3. Replies
    1. They are all below RM40. You can choose between the 150gms or 200gms each around RM 30 and RM 40.

    2. They are all below RM40. You can choose between the 150gms or 200gms each around RM 30 and RM 40.

  4. Jom miriam. bawak i makan kat sini

    1. Jom kak! They will be opening at one Utama soon too

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The chicken dish looks so yummy! I love the cheese. When I go to KL I would definitely check this out! Nice blog :)

  6. Yeah.. it is really yummy! Thanks for dropping by.. let me know if you're in kl. Maybe we can grab a bite together .

  7. can i know approximately how much it will cost for two person ?

    1. Hi :) For two people you should be able to enjoy the dishes at NY Steak Shack approximately RM50+ :)


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