Tantalizing Farmer's Market Sampling with Tony Roma's

Time for another glorious food post merry-goers! Are you ready? Let's go!

Ribs, seafood and steaks are the three things that Tony Roma's are proud of but now with the new addition of their Farmer's Market menu, you will be sure to have an amazing experience dining at Tony Roma's.

There are four new additions to the menu in Tony Roma's categorized under the Market Fresh Sampling and to pair these four new tantalizing dishes are four Market Fresh Pairing beverages as well.

Start of by sampling their BBQ Shrimp Tacos (RM 27.45 incl. GST) with sweet black pepper BBQ sauce, cucumber and pineapple salsa. The crispy taco shells nicely holds the succulent shrimps which are generously coated with the BBQ Sauce. The dish is balanced with the cucumber and pineapple salsa making it a nice appetizer to start your meal. 

For a healthier choice, choose the Green Goddess Salad (RM26.39 incl. GST) which has grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, the secret Green Goddess dressing, sweet cherry tomatoes, avocado, red radishes, edamame, sliced almonds, cucumber and croutons. The Green Goddess dressing is the thing to take note of when you partake this dish as it is not just your ordinary salad dressing. It has 3 to 4 different types of dressing mixed to give you a well balanced, non-greasy dressing.

Now this is my favourite among the four which is the Salmon with Lemon Pesto Shrimp (RM59.25 incl. GST). This dish is appetizing with lemon pesto butter, shrimp, rice and broccoli. The shrimp is really fresh and juicy promoting well the Farmer's Market saying and the lemon pesto butter is just to die for. Buttery fragrant rice cooked just the way I like it and really blends well into the dish. One downside was I would prefer the salmon to be not too well-done as it was slightly flaky and losing the pinkish hue.

Now how can you say you have dine in Tony Roma's if you do not try their steaks? The Farmer's Market includes the Filet Medallions and Black Pepper Beef Ribs Combo (RM88.93 incl. GST) which is well marinated with sweet black pepper BBQ sauce, BBQ onions, loaded mashed potatoes and broccoli. The ribs were cooked nicely, sliding off the bones easily and the medallions was cooked medium well. Of course if you prefer a different cook to your meat, do let your server know. Slightly on the dry side, you can always request for more sauce or the Tony Roma's signature sauce to pair with your meat.

To pair the Market Fresh Sampling, Tony Roma's have created four sweet beverages to complete the satisfying culinary experience. You can choose between the popular tart and sweet Romarita, strawberry lover's delight Strawberry Romarita, an adventurous mix of Mango Romarita or the fresh tasting Wild Berry Romarita. I ordered the Wild Berry Romarita because the colour looked so pretty but I personally recommend you to order the Romarita if like me you like tart and sweet drinks. The Wild Berry was slightly too sweet for my preference but the Romarita was fresh and really suits my preference.

Cheers lovelies~


But of course you also have to check out the promotion that they are having at Tony Roma's too. Win a Free Mother's Day treat for your mum by taking a photo of her dining at Tony Roma's, upload it on Tony Roma's Facebook page and write why your mum deserves a treat this Mother's Day in less than 50 words. For those who are looking for a place for lunch break, stop by Tony Roma's and check out their lunch break promotion which comes with a bowl of soup and bottomless drink from RM 16.90.


  1. Let's eat here on Tuesday! LOL. Do they have Tony Roma's in MidValley?

  2. Hmmm om nom nom, Tony Roma's their steak is to die for! Can't believe that their set lunch is pretty affordable! xx

    Lany from

  3. So yummylicious.... The drinks look so pretty too!

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