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Hello merry goers! Time to start getting healthy!

With all the food reviews and events I have been attending, it is definitely time for me to have some healthier choices. I hope my merry goers do know the importance of practicing a healthy lifestyle which includes what you eat and do daily. I know I have been sharing some pretty sinful food reviews tempting you to devour them so I will be good today and share some healthy yet really delicious food.

Some picky eaters have a problem with healthy food because well, they do not taste as good as all the sinful indulgence we enjoy having like desserts, fried food, red meat and others but what if I tell you that there is a place where you can enjoy delicious food which are good for our health? I think some of you may have eaten or even seen this eatery at your nearby malls but I would like to introduce all of you to Be Lohas by BMS Organics. 

Be Lohas is an eatery which serves healthy vegetarian cuisines and practise several practices like using healthy ingredients such as grape seed oil, olive oil, rock salt and others to prepare their dishes, using NO MSG, GMO, artificial colouring, chemicals and microwave cooking as well as practising Low Salt, Low Sugar, Low Oil, Low Calories and High Energy, High Fibre and High Nutrient. One special point about the dishes served in Be Lohas is that they use Purple Clay Cookware which releases infrared when heated that breaks down the fat in food helping to lower the cholesterol absorption by our body. 

Last weekend, since my family and I wanted to get some healthy food for lunch after church, we headed to Be Lohas, One Utama located next to Cold Storage. The outlet in One Utama was not very big but could hold maybe around 50 to 60 pax. Nicely decorated with some flowers, the outlet was brightly lit and had a lot of wood elements to portray the healthy and natural image.

Once you are seated, the server will serve you some ginger tea as well as some spirulina tablets which will aid your digestion. A huge fan of ginger tea, the tea was quite strong as I think they used some old mature ginger and the spirulina tablets are not that bad tasting. Well, I just chewed on them and quickly swallowed it with the ginger tea.

After browsing through the menu, we decided to order some of their best selling dishes where the top dish would be the Five Colours Energy Chinese Ulam Rice (Hakka Lei Cha). I have always wanted to try Lei Cha but those around me have been telling me on how raw the ingredients taste and it was difficult to swallow but well knowing me, I just have to try it no matter what people say. So I chose this dish which looked so beautiful with all the colourful vegetables. You are supposed to consume colourful vegetables as they are filled with multiple nutrients and minerals. The main ingredient of his dish would be the high-fibre Lei Cha Soup made from organic tea leaves, premium cashew nut, basil, peanut and mint leaves. 

So here is how you enjoy the Lei Cha! Just arrange the colourful vegetables around the bowl of 3 Grains Rice and pour the Lei Cha Soup over it. It was a rather big pot of Lei Cha soup so I did not pour all of it onto my bowl of rice. Surprising I really like this version of the Lei Cha! Since the soup was warm, it gave a nice fuzzy feeling in my tummy and the overall taste of the soup was not too overpowering. The mint leaves have it a refreshing taste and I like the combination of all the vegetables with the rice and the soup. It tasted healthy but very satisfying. If you have not tried Lei Cha, I would recommend you to try the one at Be Lohas because it is not too concentrated and I think would be acceptable for your taste buds.

Another dish that we ordered and was the Chef Recommended was the Organic Soya Milk Curry Laksa Noodles. Honestly, I would never order Curry Laksa when I dine outside because it is a dish with super high calories! The ones we normally eat outside uses coconut milk which has high cholesterol and sometimes feel really greasy that makes me regret eating it. However the one served at Be Lohas uses organic soya milk which has lesser calories and low cholesterol and since it was recommended I guess I gave it an exception for the day. I only have one word to describe this Curry Laksa which is seriously AMAZING! The spices used as the base were well prepared and the soup was really light but well seasoned. I chose the rice vermicelli which was made using brown rice and unbleached flour making it a healthy choice! The one ingredient I always enjoy is the organic dou bao or what we normally know as the soy bean flat pieces that soak up the broth and when you bite into it... oh the soup just squirts into your mouth filling it with just heavenly goodness. You definitely have to, just have to try the Curry Laksa here especially if you are a curry laksa fan. Add their sambal for an additional kick too!

We also ordered the Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup with Rice which is similar to the ever popular Bak Kut Teh but of course this is cooked the vegetarian way. My family do not really consume pork so although we are a fan of Bak Kut Teh, we rarely go our to have Bak Kut Teh. Since this dish is one of the best seller in Be Lohas, there is no harm trying it right? The minute the dish reached our table, we could smell the fragrance from the broth and there were many different types of mushroom in it. The broth was well seasoned and tasted just like the original Bak Kut Teh but it is not as greasy as the one we normally drink most probably because of the non-existent meat. Served in a clay pot with a candle underneath it, the soup remained warm until the end of our meal. For vegetarians out there or even for Muslim merrygoers who would like to taste how the Bak Kut Teh taste like, you can try out this dish at Be Lohas as it is vegetarian and Halal.

Lastly, we ordered another noodle dish with is the Loh Mee with Charcoal Noodles. I was curious how the charcoal noodle would look and taste like and since I am a fan of Loh Mee, I decided to choose this as the final dish. Filled with vegetables, this dish was really the epitome of healthy dish. There were tons of different types of vegetables in the soup from broccoli to cabbage, black fungus, baby corn and others. The charcoal noodle has the consistency of the Japanese udon which is chewy and thick. Charcoal claims to detoxifies and helps absorbs all the toxins in your body leaving your body free from toxins. Just one thing that I was not satisfied about this dish was the vegetables were rather overcooked and yellow but I did mention it to the cashier and they said they will take care to not overcook their vegetables next time.

Finish off your meal with a sweet drink. Try their Signature Summer Fruit Tea which is a blend of English Tea with passion fruit, pears and apples! This fruit tea is really sweet and is a healthy alternative to all the sweetened drinks we normally have. You can ask them for a refill of hot water if you would like to have more of the tea.

The total bill came up to roughly RM 98 for four pax which is really reasonable to good healthy food.

Not only that, at every Be Lohas outlet there is a BMS Organic shop for you to purchase some of their natural and healthy ingredients. They were having promotion during the time I visited so I got some yummy and healthy snacks like the multigrain snacks which were selling at a promotion price. You can also purchase some of the ingredients they use to prepare the dishes like the charcoal noodles, miso soup base and etc.

For more details on BMS Organics, promotions and their branches go to

Eat healthy, live healthy, stay healthy merry goers~

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