Reverse Age with Pure Beauty Youth Restore & Nourish

Ola merry goers!

Age is catching up for most of us and me being in my mid-twenties now I really need to start taking better care of my skin! Do you know that the skin on your face is really super sensitive and especially for women, your skin can start aging even when you are in your twenties?? It is extremely important for us to practice proper facial care as well as using some additional products to keep us looking young even when we are ten years older!

Pure Beauty has recently launched their Pure Beauty Youth Restore Life and Nourish range which is the latest breakthrough in anti-aging skincare innovation. The four new products in the line will revolutionize users' skincare regime from day to night with their four start products which are:

Lift & Nourish Firming Essence (RM 69.90)Lift & Nourish Firming Eye Cream (RM 49.90)Lift & Nourish Moisture Day Cream SPF 20 (RM 54.90)Lift & Nourish Repair Night Cream (RM 55.90)

Thanks to Watsons Malaysia once again for inviting me to experience Pure Beauty Youth Restore & Nourish which was launched at Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. It was the first time experiencing a launch on a cruise and the view was amazing. Thank God for stopping the rain right after the launch which enabled us to step out to the upper deck and enjoy the post-shower breeze.

Professor Dr. Seong J. Kim who flew in all the way from Korea explained to us the 4 key ingredients in the products that have been tested for their ability to restore youthful skin like Liftonin Complex, which boost elasticity and reduce wrinkles, the combination of Red Korean Ginseng Peptide, Green Caviar and Blue Lotus Extracts which lock in hydration and other certified organic active extracts which help soothe the skin.

Some bloggers like Cik Lily Putih, Elana, Carol and Tara volunteered to check their skin condition and to see the effectiveness of the product. It was amazing that in just 5 minutes the hydration level was elevated to more than twice.

Besides that, Watsons Celebrity Friend, Wong Chui Ling whom is well known in the local media industry was also present to share her experience using the product and raves over the Youth Restore Eye Cream as well as the Youth Restore Night Cream which helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles, giving her brighter, younger-looking eyes as well as a supple and radiant skin the next morning. Seeing her complexion that day you wouldn't know that she has been up since the wee hours in the morning due to her DJ job. Not only that, she announced the good news of her pregnancy to the members of the floor as well so congratulations Chui Ling :)

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