Look Ethnically Chic with Frankitas

Hello fashionista merry goers!

Have you heard of Frankitas? It is THE place to go is you are looking for tote one-of-a-kind bags and clutches which are handcrafted by artisans using traditional methods. After almost one year into operations, Frankitas has finally launched their brand with a gorgeous display of ethnic chic rang of bags, silk scarves and accessories which have been designed and meticulously perfected over the months.

This independent label was created by Francisca Turner Shaik, or Franki and has been creating waves with a strong social media following, a newly opened by-appointment-only gallery in Damansara Heights, and representation in Singapore, Australia and the Maldives. Frankitas is the combination of Franki and the word tas, which is Malay for bag. Franki is of Javanese-English roots and her Malaysian upbringing and worldly travels have nurtured her enduring love for ethnic, hand-woven fabrics. She wants to share and preserve this beautiful world heritage to the world and the best way was to showcase the highly skilled craftsmanship and beauty through clutch bags and accessories.

With amazing colours and design, all of Frankitas line are made with ethnic, hand-woven fabrics which represents traditional heritage and craftsmanship. Classic, contemporary yet upliftingly imaginative, Frankitas' whimsical colours on clean lines can best be described as Zooey Deschanel meets Audrey Hepburn. 

The Frankitas collection which is fast growing started with the classic envelope clutch, the Signature Titin Clutch in Uzbekistan ikat, batik and songket with velvet lining and now has the Jikat Clutch made with Indonesian/Uzekistan ikat with suede lining and trimming.

Then came the long-ish Ava clutch made with ikat, songket or rang rang with suede trimming and the foldover Azhaara cutch also made using ikat, songket or rang rang. Taking the inspiration from classic envelope clutch, the Allaana clutch is made from batik with leather borders.

Franki wanted to show the world that these beautiful hand-woven textiles can be used in numerous ways and she only uses the most skilled artisans who practice age-old methods of weaving and tie-dying. Her quest for beautiful textiles have brought her to as far as Uzbekistan and Africa where each hand-woven textile took up to 22 days to make. These textiles were then sent to her network of seamstress across villages in the region who sew each piece from the beautiful textiles.

Besides clutches and bags, Frankitas also has a line of gorgeous accessories which showcases the ethic chic theme as well.

It is amazing how intrinsic the design are and how well they were made in accessories. The prints were gorgeous and you would look really one of a kind wearing them. At the launch Franki and her models showcased some of the ways you can carry the Frankitas bags and accessories. Don't they all look so beautiful.

The latest addition to Frankitas is the watermelon-sliced-shaped Semangka Clutch made with vibrant tenun rang rang and leather trimmings.

I am so loving the beautiful prints on the clutch which are really one of a kind and can you believe this gorgeous textiles were hand-woven individually and crafted into these amazing pieces which you can pair for day look and even a night look.

Besides that, Carmell a good friend of Franki also demonstrated how you can wear your scarf in four different ways. No more boring ways of wearing your scarf when you can rock these amazing prints with a chic look.

Use it as a shawl, or even run it through a brooch or a ring to get a nice neck piece to match your outfit.

Here are also two different ways you can tie your scarf and transform it into a chic headpiece as well.

See how the prints are incorporated in so many different types of bags? Love the large bag that can be used for travelling as well as the beige clutch. The design is just so attractive. 

Just see how you can incorporate Frankitas pieces into your outfit be it a casual day out or even a night event. Really amazed with Franki's determination and passion for ethnic textiles and the effort she takes to let the world know more about those behind the amazing hand-woven textiles. It is time for the world to acknowledge the effort and hard work by the weavers and give them their due payment instead of losing out to the middle people. We really need more people like Franki who's passion will bring back the importance of all these ethnic elements in our society today.

Credit: Frankitas

For more details on Frankitas, make an appointment with Franki at her gallery at Damansara Heights. She would be more than happy to let you know more about the textile and inspiration behind her works and also you can purchase her items at the gallery. Also, you can choose the print and textile you want to custom make your own bag.

Frankitas Gallery

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