Ultrasonic Iron Hair Treatment, Number76

Ola merry goers~

So I have finally jumped on the bandwagon of Number76, a highly raved hair salon in town! I have been reading and hearing a lot of reviews about Number76 especially on their great service and treatment but have not had the time to actually stop by to try them out. Not only that, I heard that the price for their treatment is also quite above my budget range so it was a great delight to receive a love call from Number76 to stop by their outlet and give my hair some pampering. So let's see if their service is really worth the price and all that hype!

I decided to try their outlet at North Point, Mid Valley since I had an appointment at that area earlier. Number76 is located at Tower A and you can access it through the pedestrian crossing from Mid Valley Megamall and take an escalator one floor down. If you are not sure, just ask one of the security guards. 

Entering the outlet, it was brightly lit and neatly organised. There were quite a few customers on the day I went although it was a weekday and also some Japanese customers. I guess since Number76 is from Japan and some of their stylist are Japanese, so many of their patrons are Japanese as well. 

I met with Terry, one of the senior stylist at Number76 and he did a short analysis of my hair condition and which treatment would suit me better. Since I was more concerned about my hair than my scalp he recommended the Ultrasonic Iron Hair Treatment to give back the moisture and shine to my hair. I guess the lack of using hair conditioner and blow drying my hair frequently has made my hair rather dry and dull. He then passed me on to his apprentice who proceed to prep my hair for the treatment and explaining about it along the way. I was also served with some tea and cookie to make my visit more comfortable.

So let's start with a hair wash which is the TANSAN (CO2) hair wash that helps to wash away all the dirt and excess oil from the scalp and hair follicles. This hair wash can help to generate hair shine instantly too. I liked how they used an eye cover to prevent any water from splashing into my eyes and oh-how-lovely was the head massage too! So soothing and comfortable, I was trying hard to not fall asleep.

Next it was time to apply the treatment cream onto my hair and it was evenly combed onto each strand of my hair. Now it was time for the magic to begin! The secret behind the Ultrasonic Iron Treatment is this Cold Iron. Although this looks like a regular straightening iron, do not be deceived. It is not hot but cold and the hair stylist even demonstrated it to me by spraying some water onto the iron. When he pressed the iron close to each other, I can see how the water molecules vibrate super fast and dissipates into steam well hence the name Ultrasonic! The molecules vibrate at an ultrasonic speed of 37k beats per second and it will separate each particle and help it penetrate deep into each strand of your hair. This treatment is especially recommended for those who have done all sorts of treatments on their hair like colour, perm, bleach or have very dry and damaged hair. The iron helps to force all that amazing treatment cream into my hair follicles and locking them in.

After ironing all the treatment into my hair, it was time for the next step which includes a hair wash and another round of hair mask. Oh with all this pampering, I have no doubt my hair would be like those in the TV commercials. The hot towel they used to massage my head was really so comfortable. I could feel my scalp relaxing and absorbing the essence that he applied on my head.

Number76 also added the Shiseido scalp essence after the hair wash and hair collagen to really give my hair a nice pampering before blow drying it! Ah I think my hair really died and went to Number76 Heaven. 

Since I have natural curls in my hair, we decided to blog my hair straight with some loose curls at the end. My favourite way of styling my hair and I totally love how it looked like at the end of the treatment. My hair looks voluminous and had a healthy bounce to it! I have a lot of tangles in my hair and it was amazing how my hand just glides through my hair after the treatment.

So this is how my hair looks after the treatment and some styling! Compared to my before photo, my hair no longer looks limp and dry plus there were less frizzy hair sticking out of my head! Ah just love the treatment at Number76.

That's not all! Included in this treatment, Number76 gave four tubes of hair treatments to be used on a weekly basis which will help to prolong the effect from the Ultrasonic Iron Treatment and give you those healthy locks of hair for up to one month! If you need more of the treatment, you can purchase additional ones at RM25/pack. It has been about two weeks since I did the treatment and my hair is still looking good! I have better manageable hair now compared to before I did my treatment and with proper care I am sure I will be able to have healthy looking hair!

Although I would think that the price is a little steep for their treatments but I would think that if your hair is really damaged or you would like to give your hair a pamper maybe before big day I would definitely recommend Number 76. I totally get why so many people are raving about it and I keep seeing friends going back to Number 76 despite the price. I would definitely go back to try out their other treatments if my purse allows.

Here's the details for Number 76, North Point Mid Valley

 Number76 (MidValley Branch)
A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley City
Open daily from 10AM – 10PM

+603 – 2287 0661/0662
Facebook: Number76
Twitter: @number_76
Instagram: @number_76
Website: http://number76.com 

Of course once again thanks to Number 76 for giving me the opportunity to try out your treatment and for giving my fabulous looking hair! Plus biggest thanks and hugs to Carol for being my photographer of the day and taking all the amazingly angled nice photos for me! *hugs*

Go and be pretty merry goers~