Café 9, A Taste of Thai

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Time for another gastronomic affair! I am a huge fan of Thai food and the fact that I stayed so near to the Thai border for several years when I was studying made my quite a fussy pot about good Thai cuisines. Being a part of the Food Inker community sure brings my tummy to great food places and how can I not share these amazing experiences with all my merry goers!

Introducing Café 9, A Taste of Thai which definitely lives up to their namesake. Nestled in SS17, they are situated on the same row as Strangers at 47, JEQ In The House and many other popular eateries. You will definitely not miss their huge red signboard! I know another popular Thai restaurant around that area is the myELEPHANT but why not try out this place instead!

Nicely furnished and decorated, the place is able to accommodate roughly 60 pax on a full house. There is also a cosy section at the front of the shop where you can enjoy coffee and some cakes they have on display.

The place is decorated with many items from Thailand with the super cute elephants which I really find them to be so adorable! Of course the main concept of  Café 9 is to give you a taste of Thai so let's start transporting our taste buds to the Land of Smiles.

Note: Please prepare your tummy and eyes for a feast of delicious mouth-watering dishes. Take note of the recommended dishes that you just have to order too!

Let's start of light with some delicious fried appetizers! This is a MUST try, MUST order, MUST eat!

Thai Style Fried Chicken Wing
Presenting the Thai Style Fried Chicken Wing (RM 16.90) an amazingly battered chicken wing which has been stuffed with a galore of ingredients from glass noodles, cabbage, carrots, black fungus and others. This is the best chicken wing I have ever eaten! I am not joking with you. You know how sometimes chicken wings are just so scrawny that most of the time you are just eating the skin of the chicken wing? Well this chicken wing will definitely satisfy you in terms of the crunch at the first bite and the well-seasoned condiments on the inside. For three huge pieces which are cut into three sections each, I am sure this will be a crowd-pleaser.

Thai Prawn Cakes (House Special)

Following up that amazing chicken wing is this bouncy Thai Prawn Cakes (House Special) RM 18.90. This is no regular prawn cake. Mastering the skills of perfecting the common prawn cakes, the prawn cake at Café 9 is bouncy, chewy, well-seasoned and just the perfect texture. I would really recommend you trying this dish.

Thai Pomelo Salad

The next dish is the Thai Pomelo Salad (RM20.90) which has a combination of sweet and juicy Thai pomelo with fresh prawns giving a refreshing appetizer to whet your appetite. This dish has the combination of sweet, sour and slight fire embracing the taste of Thai cuisines. If you are someone who is watching your weight, this dish is perfect with no oil and just fresh ingredients. The tinge of lime juice added gives it the refreshing zing!

Tom Yup Sup (Clear/Red)
Only Prawn : RM25.90 (R), RM45.90 (L)
Seafood : RM25.90 (R), RM45.90 (L
Of course if you decide to have Thai cuisine, how can you not order Thai popular dish which is the Tom Yum. The tomyum served at Café 9 certainly hit the right notes on my tongue with their savoury sourish kick with every slurp. I was also able to taste the tomyum soup base which was really yums! They do not use those instant tomyum paste that you can find at grocery stores but they prepare it from scratch with ingredients and spices from Thailand. Definitely one of my favourite tomyum especially with the kick from the chili.

New Zealand Oxtail Soup
RM 25.90

However, I understand not everyone is as crazy as I am regarding spicy food and my friends have learnt to not trust me when I say the dish is not spicy! You can opt to order their New Zealand Oxtail Soup which uses New Zealand Oxtail. The flavours from the oxtails are really prominent here and the broth was really very sweet. The oxtail was also tender and not too tough to enjoy.

Panaeng Curry Chicken – RM18.90
Green Curry Chicken – RM18.90
Now, look I am a huge fan of Thai curry especially with staying so near to the Thai border when I was studying so when they served me their signature Thai curry at Café 9 I was ecstatic to savour them. There are two versions which is the Panaeng Curry Chicken which is the red version with less sauce but has a concentrated flavour and can kick a punch on your tastebuds. Don't be afraid of the fiery red colour because this dish is really not that spicy. Trust me! And then you have the Green Curry Chicken which is my ultimate favourite Thai curry dish. The green curry chicken here is really the best green curry that I have tasted. I still remember the first time I tried the green curry chicken back near the Thai border and I fell in love with the spices and the unique flavours it held. At Café 9, the spices were really robust and the chicken was tender. I liked how they were generous with the ingredients and also on how concentrated the curry was. Now this curry you can have be slightly weary because it does quite hit your tastebuds in the fiery section.

Dancing Fish
Small (4 pax) RM 44.90
Large (6-8 pax) RM 49.90
With the beautiful curves and the colourful plating, one can really see why they named this the Dancing Fish. Served in two sizes, you can choose which one you would prefer depending on the size of your company. Deep fried and generously sprinkled with crunchy cashew nuts and others, this fish is a delight. Although I must say I am not really a fan of deep fried fish because they tend to turn out dry and flaky, the dish served at Café 9 is not bad. I wouldn't say it was the best fish I've tasted but if you are looking for a fish dish, you should try this dish.

Beef Stir Fry
Being a beef lover, this black pepper Beef Stir Fry was a welcome addition to my tummy. Fragrant with a generous amount of black pepper, this dish sure packs a punch even to my nostrils! I could feel the heat from the wok and the black pepper at my first bite. If not because I still had to save space for the other dishes, I would gladly take more than two servings of this dish.

Thai Style Claypot Glass Noodle with Prawns
Fried Kuay Teow in Light Sauce
Fried Kuay Teow in Dark Sauce
If you are looking for some extras to fill your tummy, please avert your attention to the noodles they have at Café 9. One of their specialty which I would recommend would be their Thai Style Claypot Glass Noodles with Prawns. The glass noodles were springy and glossy plus the prawns made the dish an absolute delight. Do take note that this dish is seasoned rather generously so if you are particularly sensitive it would be wise to let them know.

Stir Fried Four Angle Beans
Stir Fried Kangkung

Stir Fry mixed Vegetables
Some other dishes to try is their Stir Fried Vegetables especially the mixed vegetable and the four angle beans which were really very good. The four angle beans were crunchy and stir fried really well with the aromatic seasoning.

Tub Tim Grob
Of course if you know me well, I always end my dining affair with a sweet treat and in this case this gorgeous red ruby dessert! You have to try this red ruby chestnut in coconut milk to end this Thai affair! Not overly sweet, the red ruby chestnuts are made by Café 9 chef himself and are crunchy plus sweet! It is just so good.

There are also an assortment of drinks at Café 9! Do ask them for their recommended drinks too especially if you plan to have some fiery food, you will need a palate extinguisher!

The current promotion at Café 9 is that there is NO Service Charge and NO GST charged in your bill so yes the prices you see on my post are NETT prices! Remember to like their FB Page too and receive a free gift *hint: dessert*

Café 9, A Taste of Thai

No 27, Jalan 17/45, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Wed - Sun: 11:00am - 10:00pm (Closed on Tuesday)

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