Sony BRAVIA™ 2015 Series are Here!

Hello merry goers!

Time for another gadget update from me! This time it is from Sony because the latest line up of BRAVIA™ Full HD series from Sony, the W and R series, are finally here! The features that has been added are really luxurious and will add real value to your viewing experience. With sensational Full HD picture quality and super slim features, the new models are an essential form of luxury for your home.

I was excited to be able to join the launch and unveiling of the new Sony BRAVIA™ series which has both the New BRAVIA™ 4K LCD TV Line Featuring New 4K Processor X1 and Ultra-thin Design as well as the New BRAVIA™ Full HD Line-up with Julie Woon as the emcee. 

So there are several series in the Sony BRAVIA™ series like the W series which comes in sizes ranging from 32 to 65 inches, giving you more options to choose the ideal size for your home. The models allow you to enjoy a smarter TV experience with smooth and intuitive access to an exciting world of apps, games, movies, Internet videos and more. In the W Series, you will also have the BRAVIA™ W800C and W850C models which come with Sony Android TV. Yes! Enjoy your Android entertainment available on your smartphone or tablet on the big screen. There is also this super cool One-Flick Entertainment which brings fresh and new ways to interact with the big screen, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy great entertainment available right at your fingertips. Simply flick through the remote to select your favourite TV shows or videos, or browse content across nearly any source intuitively.   The BRAVIA™ R series invites you to go beyond ordinary television experience with an exciting range of accessible apps.

BRAVIA™ Full HD Line-up:

W850C (65” Class model”) and W800C Series (3D)

  • X-Reality™ PRO 
  • Class-leading slim design and aluminum frame 
  • Supports Google's latest Android TV operating system, Google Cast™ further offers greater connectivity than ever before by allowing you to cast content directly from your mobile devices.
  • One-Flick Entertainment allows customers to access content quickly and intuitively without any disturbance while watching TV.

  • Voice Search with access to Google Play™, you can even enjoy what you like to do on a smartphone or tablet, from their television.
  • Photo Sharing Plus™.

W700C Series (40” and 48” Class models)
R550C Series (40”, and 48” Class models)

The main feature that captured my attention was the 2015 BRAVIA™ 4K LCD Line-up which features a ultra thin design it mimic a floating picture. Just compare that thickness with the mobile phone next to it

2015 BRAVIA 4K LCD Line-up:

X9400C Series (75” Class model)
X9000C Series (55” and 65” Class models)
X8500C Series (55” and 65” Class models)
X8300C Series (43” and 49” Class models) 

With the 4K Total Solution, there are these amazing babies from Sony that will be able to capture the graphics and sound to be played on the Sony BRAVIA™ series. I am so eyeing on the Sony Alpha 7! I am currently using the Sony Alpha 5000 and it has been such a dear :)

You will be able to see the difference between the Sony BRAVIA™ series compared to other brands where the images are more vivid and the colors are much defined. You know how some TV color has very artificial colour and glaring to your eyes that it is not comfortable to watch over a period of time. Well, the display on the Sony BRAVIA™ really exceeds my expectation in terms of their images.

In terms of their sound system I must say I am definitely very impressed and I can't wait to see the Shake-X3! This is an awesome audio system where you can customize the pulsating lights and beats on it! It is sure an interesting addition to the house especially for those who are looking for a good sound system. 

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