Cuppatea: The Teatox for Weight Loss

Hey darling merry goers~

I have been bombarding your taste buds with tons of food recommendations and posts these past few weeks and let me tell you I am definitely starting to see the effects of me indulging in good food! To my delight, I received a love call from Cuppatea to try their Detox Tea which promotes to help weight loss. Honestly for me I'm looking forward to some detox more than for weight loss and I strictly do not encourage you to do excessive detox just for weight loss. Bear in mind, detox is best if you have bloated tummy or especially if you have been indulging in some rather sinful food.

So here's to the start of my Cuppatea 14 Day TeaTox! For those of you who are not familiar with teatox, it’s a natural process of cleansing your body through tea drinking. Your body eliminates unwanted toxins from the lungs, kidneys, bowels and skin naturally. Teatoxing also helps you to reduce bloating, increase metabolism and burn fat.

For this TeaTox diet, you will receive the Morningtime Detox as well as the Bedtime Cleanse tea. The Morning Detox  has 14 days supply of Morningtime Detox tea bags, one tea bag every morning while the Bedtime Cleanse has 7 days supply of tea bags, one tea bag on the second night starting from Day 1. In simple terms, you drink the Morning Detox tea every morning to start your day or when you have the chance and you drink the Bedtime Cleanse before you sleep every alternate night.

Both tea comes in this cute teabags in a mesh where you can clearly see the tea leaves in it. The first impression was definitely the smell of the tea leaves which had a strong herbal scent to it. I was crossing my fingers that I would be able to consume it because well, I don't think anyone is a fan of things that taste like medicine. The teabags are packaged in a resealable ziplock bag to ensure that the essence of the tea does not escape which is really convenient and let me assure you that the ziplock is really tight! I had trouble opening my ziplock bag initially.

So here is how you consume your teatox! Just infuse the tea with boiling water for 3 minutes and you can drink it! *bottoms up* 

The Morningtime Detox tea taste similar to green tea while the Bedtime Cleanse a floral taste of chamomile, which also helps you sleeping better. The Morningtime detox is safe for long term continued use as a healthy drink on a daily basis. You can even use it to substitute coffee/tea to help you to start your day by getting active and awake. So I have been religiously drinking the Morningtime Detox Tea every morning once I wake up just to replace my regular green tea. In terms of the Bedtime cleanse, Cuppatea do not recommend the use of Bedtime Cleanse on a long-term basis. I know the frequently asked question is what happens when you drink the Bedtime Cleanse... well, the side effects especially for first-time users is you may feel a little uncomfortable in the tummy and needing the toilet approximately after 8 hours consuming the Bedtime Cleanse ingredients. This is the laxative-effect that senna leafs. This is why the best time to have the Bedtime Cleanse is before bedtime. This is to ensure the effect of the tea is not going to interrupt any of your daily activities in case you need to use the toilet frequently. 

Personally my experience with the Bedtime Cleanse is that I don't feel that much of any laxative effect or have to run to the toilet in the morning. I have tried other detox teas before like Trudox which have a stronger laxative effect compared to the Bedtime Cleanse. It actually just helps promote your bowel movements ensuring you are cleansed from all the toxins in your body. I would definitely recommend this for first time users especially if you are worried about running to the toilet. Drink it before you sleep and you should be fine when you wake up just in time for work. In terms of weight loss, I wouldn't say I see a significant weight loss but I did feel my tummy to be less bloated and I have been able to maintain my weight throughout my food reviews so *thumbs up* I especially feel the effect of the Bedtime Cleanse if I had some pretty oily and heavy food for that particular day and boy am I glad that I have the Bedtime Cleanse to help wash away all my accumulated toxins instead of allowing it to stay in my body.

Here's some good news for my fellow merry goers who are interested to start teatox because you can get 15% discount when you purchase your first trial of Cuppatea TeaTox! 

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  1. So that's why you're still so sexy after all those food reviews! :-* ;)

    1. hahaha yes! I make sure I have my detox if I have had a huge meal! *cats out of the bag*

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