Review: Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks

Ola merry goers~

Imagine my delight when I opened my door to the doorbell and receiving this gift from Elianto! Super appreciate when brands take an extra effort to package their items and send it to me *hugs*

Together with a glittering makeup pouch I unveil elianto's latest addition which is the Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick! These babies come in 6 colours: White, Brown, Blue, Navy, Purple and Black! Claiming to be super long lasting, light as air, easy to wear, waterproof and smudge proof plus excellent colour payoff I was ecstatic to try them out!

Each stick comes in roughly this amount of product but because the formulation of the eyeshadow stick is really pigmented, you do not need to use much at one application.

A plus point that I really liked was there was a build-in sharpener at the back of each stick! *thumbs up* I really like it when there is like a sharpener provided because it is so troublesome when I need to go searching for a sharpener especially when the tip gets blunt. The sharpener also helps a lot when you want to use the product as an eyeliner instead of a shadow. I do not really experiment on makeup especially for eyeshadows because well if you do not do it well, you would look like a black-eyed panda but the eyeshadow sticks are so convenient! I just have to dab it over my eyelids and blend it it giving me the outcome I like. 

These are the actual swatches of each color and you can see how pigmented the product is! I just swatch once on my hand and the color payoff is really good! If you want to use it as an eyeshadow I would recommend you to quickly blend in the colours before it sets because once the colour sets, it will be quite difficult to blend it in which proofs the smudge proof claim of the product. The product is also waterproof and trust me I tried dipping my face into water and I did not come up with panda eyes! I have pretty oily eyelids and I really liked how the product stayed on my eyes the whole day out! My daily colours would be the 01 White and 02 Brown just to contour the eye and the 03 Blue 04 Navy for a more dramatic eye look. One downside to the product would be 05 Purple because the color was not as vibrant as I liked it to be. I would also have liked to see more vibrant colors like Pink, Red or Orange for a pop of colours on the eye. 

Likes: Smudge proof, waterproof, convenient and easy to apply, Great color payoff
Dislike: Would like to see vibrant colors

Elianto Malaysia is currently having promotions at their stores nationwide and also online so hurry quick to get your own eyeshadow stick which I would recommend especially to makeup beginners! Retailed price is at RM31.90 for 1.4g/0.05 fl.oz of product