Beauty Guide Tour 2015

Hello merry goers~

A few weeks ago, well I have been facing some issues in life and was feeling rather down and what better way to lift up the spirits and gain back the smile on my face than a entire beauty day out! All this is thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia as well as Beauty Guide Malaysia!

For those of you who have not heard of Beauty Guide, here's some reasons why you should definitely go and log on to their website which is an online beauty and wellness platform that enables users to locate the BEST Spas, massages, fitness, facial, hair and nail outlets nationwide! At Beauty Guide, you would be able to find information and reviews about beauty, spas and wellness treatments in Malaysia and it is also the place where you can go to for advice, tips and guidance from beauty industry professionals as part of their blog. Beauty Guide provides reviews in real-time from real clients giving their opinions for services they have received in salons and spas across Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. Not only that, they also have a Beauty Guide's Beauty Blog where it has been launched as an e-magazine, featuring current trends across the world ranging from haircare to skin care to even zit removal! No more headache when looking for some good deals or being scammed online purchasing some vouchers where you do not get what you want. 

I know how sometimes we get tempted to get cheap deals that we see online but we worry if the service is good or is it even worth not only our time and money but also the safety of our well-being! Now with Beauty Guide, no more worries about unethical beauty services and you can also locate the best deals!

But now let's get on to my whole day of beauty pampering once again a huge thanks and plenty of hugs to the Beauty Guide team for arranging all the pampering sessions that definitely made my day! 

Strip, Ministry of Waxing

First up was Strip, Ministry of Waxing which I am sure if already a well-known waxing service centre for the ladies! Originated from Singapore, there are so many outlets in KL and guarantee satisfying results! Even before entering the rooms, my dear friend Anis here seems to have gotten attached with their mascot!

With private rooms, you are guaranteed to have a private session with the waxing expert and I must say they are really quick with each session. I never thought my arms were hairy or needed waxing but after I tried their half arm waxing, I now know the feeling of really smooth baby-like skin! Fuzz free~

The prices for their services are rather reasonable so do check out about their services and rates at their website or Facebook page. :)

Mandara Spa Sunway

Next up! Time for some relaxing spa session at Mandara Spa Sunway! The minute the lift door opens we were directly transported into lush greenery embracing us and welcoming us to the spa. Of course the necessary modelling shots were welcomed and there's my epic model crazy devil advocate friend from Philippines which I've grown to love so much Carol! Totally loving the shot taken by the Beauty Guide team of the three of us!

After a long walk through the villas and taking tons of shots in between, we finally reached Mandara Spa Villas where the scent of the aromatic oil automatically started to relax our minds!

Serving us with some hot tea to prep us for the coming massage we were introduced to the different types of oils available at Mandara Spa and of course to soothe my muscles and also to relax my mind I chose the oil most suited for my mood that day!

With dimmed rooms with the wooden decor, I was given the best massage experience which really helped relaxed my muscles and removed all the emotional stress I have been facing. Gosh how I crave for another round of massage. The looks on all our faces after the massage was priceless as the Beauty Guide team seriously laughed when we finished our pampering. We really looked like we had a nice snooze and went to heaven!

Credits: Carol

Of course no matter how much we would love to stay at Mandara Spa we need to get going and hop into our UberX car because the day is so not over yet! Loving my experience with UberX! The car is so spacious and the super friendly driver of course my apologies for the girly bantering at the back the whole drive!

WIP, Bangsar

After all that pampering, our tummies started to grumble and rumble which means it is time to pamper our tummies with FOOD!! The list of food that WIP was going to serve us really whet our appetite and we couldn't wait for the food to arrive!

Now this is an appetizer worth salivating over! Looking like a creature from the sea or mimicking the seaweed at the bed of the ocean, this is the Bacalhau de Abras, which has sweet potato chips on top of this delectable savoury Portuguese codfish dip which is the bomb! It definitely hits my list of the best appetizer ever that I can just eat this as my main meal. Gosh the codfish dip was so creamy and savoury and the chips is just the perfect pairing.

Isn't this like the prettiest salad ever! The Greek Berry Salad which had tons of berry in it like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries is just so refreshing especially after a nice pampering massage this dish is just heavenly. Loving the dressing that they put together with the feta cheese just to give it a tangy kick!

ORDER THIS!! The School Prawn which are like these baby prawns battered and deep fried are just the perfect snacking dish. Crispy and full of that prawn flavour plus dipped in their sauce *dies and goes to heaven* Even before the mains arrive, we were like so stocked up with the appetizers!

Ok Ok I am going to stop rambling and making you all salivate but seriously the mains that you have to try is the Chicken/Beef Espatada which are just these delicious tender juicy pieces of heavenly chicken or beef hanging on a metal rod just crying for you to cut them down. Look at that cut on the beef! Juicy and tender meat lovers you will really love this dish! The Triple Trio Supreme Pizza and the XO Fried Rice is not to be missed as well especially the XO Fried Rice which was so good that Carol just have up on her No-Rice diet!

Definitely hitting the right notes with the choice of desserts served: Tiramisu and Rocky Road Brownie served with Haagen Daz Ice-Cream! The brownie was so packed with chocolate and oh gosh so moist!


Now how can we neglect our nails if we are talking about a full pampering day out! Our last stop for the day was ApronBay located at Bangsar which I have heard a lot of raving reviews about them. ApronBay concept is to experience beauty in luxury and they have a really unique concept which is you would be transported to different parts of the world.

They have personalized rooms according to different themes like the Bahamas, NY City and many others for their waxing rooms plus the place where you do your nails is actually the waiting lounge like in an airport! So cool right. They even have this huge map on the wall making you feel like you are in an airport. The room doors mimic the airplane doors and there are even luggage bags as decor.

The selection of nail colours are just amazing at ApronBay. I have never seen so many shades of nail polish in one sitting in my whole life. Can you just see all those shades of PINK? Ah~ I definitely had a hard time choosing which shade I wanted and I missed out on the glitter shades *facepalm* I definitely need to go back and try the other shades!! I have always been a loyal customer of beeQnails and all my lovely nails have been done at the team there but I think maybe one of these days I should let the team at ApronBay pamper me too!

All in all, I had the most fabulous wonderful experience during the Beauty Guide Beauty Day Out Tour and a huge thank you plus tons of hugs and kisses for the team who made that day such a memorable day!! For the rest of you do not forget to log on to their website at and find the best beauty spots in town! You will NOT regret it.