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It's time for another food post merry goers!

I can't believe how many food posts I have posted the past week! From buffets to private dining I still continue to salivate every time I write food posts. Among my food posts this has got to be one of the healthiest food post besides the Be Lohas review I did last month. It seems like healthy cuisines are more of a preference to me but well I have been fond of green veggies since I was a kid and have grown to love it even more as I get older. In midst of all the unhealthy and glutinous eating, sometimes it is good to cut down and have something healthier. 

Presenting yet another restaurant catering to vegetarians and those who are looking for a healthy low calories diet meal which is Simple Life! Started since 1992, the owner Mdm Tracy started an organic shop back in Malacca where most of her friends complimented her cooking. Then in 1995, Simple Life was born with their signature dish: Lei Cha. 

Focusing on healthy vegetarian dishes, Simple Life believes that we can practice healthy vegetarian diet with more vegetables and fruits instead of processed vegetarian products like vegetarian 'goose', 'chicken' or 'fish' which mainly consists of seasoned flour with colouring and additives. Hence the dishes at Simple Life are mostly vegetable and fruit based. Their dishes are served with natural and organic ingredients which are pesticide-free, they use brown sugar instead of refined sugar, no coconut milk but instead cashew nut powder and also cooking with extra virgin coconut oil. There are also NO artificial seasoning, colouring, preservatives, MSG in their dishes and they use brown rice, noodles and vermicelli. So let's get to some of the dishes which I was able to savour while I was at their outlet in Setia City Mall.

Of course I had to try their Lei Cha! Since the first time I tried it at Be Lohas, I have grown quite fond of it and would not miss the chance to try it out. The Lei Cha in Simple Life has more green ingredients and uses peanuts instead of cashew nuts. For those of you who are not familiar with Lei Cha, it is a traditional nutrient-rich Hakka tea-based beverage where the soup is a concoction of pounded tea leaves, basil, mint and herbs served together with nuts, chopped long beans, tofu, pickled and fresh vegetables plus a bowl of multi-grained rice. The broth for the Lei Cha is served hot in a teapot where you can pour all over your mixture of nuts and vegetables. Overall, the dish is seasoned nicely not too salty which I really appreciate but I would prefer more texture in my Lei Cha or raw vegetables because the vegetables were blanched in water which took away some of the crunchiness in the dish. However for those who have not tried Lei Cha before, this would be a great start to try out this authentic Hakka dish.

Moving on, there are also several Set Menu served at Simple Life and my eyes were drawn to the "Kong Poh" Lion Mane Mushroom set because of my love for mushrooms! As I mentioned earlier, the meat served here are made from vegetables and not processed flour so it was a nice twist to the other vegetarian dishes. The set was served with Multi Grain Rice, Lions Mane Mushroom, Homemade Kong Poh Sauce, baby Com, Sweet Pea, Ginger, Green Capsicum, Japanese Cucumber, Dry Chili, Homemade Acar. The mushroom was battered nicely and fried to perfection leaving you a crunch in every bite! Generous with their size and portion, the mushrooms were well coated with the sweet sour and savoury sauce with yummy capsicum! I love bell peppers! So definitely a plus point for this dish.

Another item on the menu you may want to consider ordering is their Dragon Fruit Salad. Well honestly, I was attracted to it because it is so pretty! The colours were vibrant and eye-catching plus they are using the purple dragon fruit which is so high in antioxidants! The dragon fruit was really sweet and matched well with the crunchy salad in the middle. The topping of shredded tomatoes gave it additional sweetness and they have two different sauces for you to match. I liked the sesame plum sauce because it matched well with the overall salad and I cannot quite get what is the yellow sauce so I did not really use the sauce. It seems like their Mixed Fruit Rojak is also another bestseller but unfortunately my tummy was rather full already and I did not like to waste food so I would probably go back to try their Mixed Fruit Rojak. 

For drinks, make sure you order some of their healthy juices or even the fruit tea which is really good. I love ordering these fruit teas because well the portion is enough to share and really healthy too. The Fresh Mixed Fruit Tea had peach bag tea, pineapple, orange, passionfruit, watermelon and apple which gave it a nice tangy refreshing taste. One downside was I would prefer they were a little more generous with their ingredients it seems like there were not enough fruits in the teapot I was served. I was not able to actually squeeze more juice out because the strainer could not even reach the fruits but the tea was really concentrated so it was not really much of a problem.

Overall, I did enjoy my meal at Simple Life despite some bumps along the way and I would go back to try out their other dishes like the Virgin Organic Coconut Oil Nasi Lemak as well as their Curry Laksa.

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