Thirdwave, Nexus Bangsar South

Noms time merry goers!

I do hope I am not fattening you merry goers up to much with all my food posts but I just have to share the good deals I have gotten to know about. Have you heard of Thirdwave, Nexus Bangsar South? It is located on the first floor and has a indoor and outdoor dining area. I have seen so many top food bloggers like EatDrinkKL, Ivy, Time Out KL and others reviewing this place that well I guess is time for me to check it out myself.

Cozily furnished with dim lighting, Thirdwave is the best place to chill and hang out with your friends over a nice cup of coffee. This establishment was started by a family originating from Pangkor Island and is the third generation hence the name Thirdwave! With some elements from the sea as well as the comfortable setting, you can choose to lounge at their sofa area and maybe even get some light reading or even their slow brewed coffee at their coffee bar. They also have an assortment of cakes for you to pair with your favourite cup of coffee.

Don't forget to check out their handmade chocolates and sweet treats too if you are planning to stay and just hang around the whole day. It would be a great treat to nibble on. Well, I am not going to go into much details about the sweet treats but I have got to share with you about the Lunch Menu Set that they are having at Thirdwave which you have to try! 

The Lunch Special (RM25++)  served at Thirdwave includes:

1 Main of your choice, 1 Homemade Soup of the Day, 1 Drink of your choice Add on: Ice-cream!

So let us get into the delicious mains served at Thirdwave which are only available for the lunch set!

First up you have the Boneless THIRDWAVE Fried Chicken which is served with some seriously delicious crispy fluffy potato wedges!! I am not kidding you when I say this are the best and most awesome potato wedges I have ever tasted paired perfectly well with their spicy sauce! The crispiness of the wedges were so good but oh the insides were as fluffy as clouds, well if you know how fluffy clouds are but they are the BOMB!!

If chicken is not really your thing, well turn your attention to their Moroccan Lamb Burger served with mint mustard vinaigrette! The lamb patty was thick and moist but maybe slightly a bit too loose for my preference but it was well seasoned and do add on RM 2 for that extra cheesy cheddar cheese! You will not regret it. Served with the Moroccan lamb burger is again the awesome potato wedges! *ugh cravings*

We have another bun on the menu with the Hot-Pressed BLT Ciabatta perfect for those who want to enjoy a BLT with the best buns!! Crispy and buttery, these buns are the perfect combination for a tasty toasty meal.

For pasta lovers, there are three pasta choices on the Lunch Special menu at THIRDWAVE with first up the Funghi Oglio Olio Spaghetti which has a generous amount of mushrooms, capsicum, black pepper and cheese. Slightly on the bland side, make sure you mix it together before digging in as the juicy mushrooms definitely helps to add flavour to the overall dish and of course the cheese! Cheese always makes everything better!

Enjoy the Garlicky Green Fusilli which has a garlicky spinach sauce and fragrant spiced chicken mince! Mimicking the traditional pesto sauce, this green sauce does not have that unique flavour of the pesto sauce but it is sure delicious especially paired with their spiced chicken mince. I could just finish up the whole dish by my own and come on it's spinach! Full of iron and minerals to make you healthy and strong *plays Popeye the sailor man theme song* I would recommend you try out this green garlicky pasta especially for those who are garlic lovers but well try not to eat this on your first date! You wouldn't want to scare the boys away do you? 

Those of you who have been following me for a while, you would realize if I bombard my post with similar photos of the same dish this means it's either it is so pretty I just cannot not post more photos of it or it is because it is so good I just want to keep you salivating! The third pasta which is definitely my favourite among the three is the Al Ragu Spaghetti with gorgeous savoury meaty chili sauce slow-cooked to perfection! Ah the memory of the well coated strands of spaghetti with this amazing sauce just makes my mouth water! Well seasoned, not too try and with just the right amount of heat, this pasta is definitely a must try here at Thirdwave!


If you are chilling with your friends, you just have to try their Thirdwave's waffles (RM20) which are subtly osmanthus-infused, crispy on the edges, crowned with NZ's Kapiti vanilla ice cream, 'mysterious flowers,' berries & bananas. The waffles were fluffy and oh the sweet vanilla ice-cream is just the perfect combination with the berries!

Remember what I said about the slow brewed coffee? I am personally more of a tea fan than a coffee fan but I am starting to learn how to appreciate good coffee and I am telling you the coffee that they brew at Thirdwave was really good. I was able to savour this coffee without any additional sugar and it was light, fragrant with a tinge of sweetness on my tongue. They were the 1st runner up at the recent 2015 Malaysia Brewers Cup too! For coffee enthusiast out there, you just have to try the slow brewed coffee at Thirdwave!

The Lunch Special menu is available every weekdays except on public holidays from 12pm to 2pm and priced at RM25++ so if you are nearby for lunch or having an appointment, do not forget to stop by Thirdwave, Nexus Bangsar South and try their Lunch Special.

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  1. i miss their romeo and juliet desserts!! :D looking forward to going back again and again

  2. I want some of that Al Ragu Spaghetti pls... it looks sooooo yummy and oh... I just adore your Christmas profile pic.... soooo cute!!!!