Top Salon Brand and Experience with La Biosthetique

Ola pretty merry goers~

Time to start taking better care of our hair! Have you heard of La Biosthetique? La Biosthetique has an international reputation for premium quality, luxury products, innovations and the development of international Hair and Beauty trends!

The La Biosthetique philosophy stems from the discovery of the physiological connection between hair and skin by biochemist, Marcel Contier where their scientist use the concept together with the most up-to-date findings on cosmetics, dermatology to develop first class product. Each product is carefully created and blended with high quality raw materials and subjected to the strictest tolerability and efficacy test! They even use pure spa water from the Black Forest in Germany. The first product was Babybios which actually cured cradle cap - a common issue among infants born with weak keratin structure! So if it works on infants you definitely know it is all natural.

I was very lucky to be introduced to La Biosthetique thanks to Christine from Nerkdex for inviting me! Nerkdex is actually an academy for hair salons which brings in foreign brands for our hair pampering plus new technologies and styles. 

We were also graced by the presence of the team of La Biosthetique who further explained about the brand and also demonstrated some of the scalp treatment available under the brand. Not only that, we were shown how customers will be served at La Biosthetique salons where the La Biosthetique stylists will first check the customer's scalp condition and recommend the best scalp treatment suited for them.

Each scalp treatment starts with the signature La Biosthetique massage where they use essential oils to relax the customer and prep them for the therapy. Each scent is different depending on the customer's scalp condition. 

We were also shown some runway styles which you can style for an event or even for a normal day out. Don't the models look gorgeous with their hairstyles?

It was interesting how the range of La Biosthetique products suit every age and hair type. I am currently using their Green line which is has apple and kiwi in it and I totally love it. My hair feels stronger and much lighter after using it and it does not get as oily as fast as it used to especially with the humid weather in Malaysia.

Since we were given a complimentary scalp treatment voucher of course we just had to try out the scalp treatment and my dear friend Carol and I decided to go to Andy Ho at Pavilion to get it done!

With a minimalistic decor suited with the La Biosthetique image, it portrayed the brand image well and the staff were really friendly too.

So let's get started on the scalp treatment. My hair was definitely not in the best condition that day and was practically screaming to have a nice wash plus treatment.

So first up! The scalp analysis where they used this nifty gadget to scan my scalp and *horror* look at that blocked pores and oily scalp. Well to my defense I had to leave my hair unwashed for two days after I did my cold perm so... *bashful laughter* Anyway, I had some sensitive areas where you can see some redness and overall I had oily scalp condition especially at the front parts well no thanks to the humid weather in Malaysia.

So my stylist decided on the Blue line for my scalp treatment and explained to me about the product and how it will help treat my scalp condition.

I was able to experience the La Biosthetique massage which was soooo relaxing! Ah.. I love massages! :) The overall treatment lasted roughly more than 30 minutes and after the treatment, they used the gadget to once again scan my scalp where I could definitely see the huge difference that one treatment made. My pores were clean and clear that I could even see the roots of my hair. *awe* I really enjoyed the treatment at Andy Ho where they definitely pampered me well so to those who are looking to experience the La Biosthetique treatment you can get it done at Andy Ho Pavilion for RM285. Although it is pricey but for good hair you should at least get it done once. Scalp treatments are really necessary especially if you have a lot of hair damage or bleached your hair which does harm your scalp.


  1. I love scalp treatment more than hair treatment! Coz I think that your hair won't be able grow healthy if you don't have healthy scalp. So yeaa, but scalp treatment doesn't really make my hair soft and smooth >,<

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