XES Signature 2015: Tales of Olympus

Hey there merry goers!

XES Shoes is back with their signature line this 2015 with the theme The Tales of Olympus. I am an avid fan of XES Shoes not only because it is a household name but also because it is affordable and comfortable to wear. My whole family are fan of XES so of course I would not miss out on the opportunity to see the launch of XES Signature 2015.

Hosted at Quill City Mall, the launch was decorate according to the theme of the new line with gorgeous attire and makeup on the emcee, Julie Woon as well as the other models. Most of the attendees also dressed up in white or gold to match the theme.

To start of the launch of the event, the team from Fitness First gave us a hot performance with the Greek attire on which I am sure many ladies in the crown swoon over. They were also one of the sponsors of the event.

Not forgetting the makeover from Sense & Style Beauty Academy who gave a Greek goddess inspired makeover to those who attended. Just look at that gorgeous makeup!

Other sponsors of the XES Signature 2015 Launch include Sompotan Spa which were giving hand massages as well as Ethnic Sense who sponsored the attire and accessories for the models that day.

XES was also very generous on the day of the launch with their fun and games which included a Bow and Arrow game where if you were able to shoot into the allocated holes, you could walk away with a pair of brand new shoes! Well congratulations to all the lucky archers of that day.

On display that day were also the new collection for this coming Raya which were really attractive. You may recognize some of the designs from my previous post at the XES High Tea event a few months back. The Men shoes are really so attractive! I can't believe I am swooning over men shoes. For those who are looking for a new pair of kicks this coming festive season stay tune for the launch of the coming Raya Collection from XES.

Moving on to the actual launch of XES Signature 2015, Mico Pun the brand ambassador from XES gave us a flowing performance and doesn't she and Julie just look ethereally gorgeous with their outfit and makeup? 

As each model walks out with the new XES Signature Collection 2015 I started to set my eyes on which pair I am going to grab home. Of course I cannot even say how good the models were in changing their outfits each and single time they come out and still looking perfect! Each time I even try a dress in the dressing room, I come out looking like I just walked through a hurricane and yet these girls kept coming out with gorgeous dresses holding the new collection looking absolutely fine!

Another exciting news comes in the form of the first XES Signature Men Shoes modeled by Wilson Tan! All this while XES Signature has been carrying ladies shoes only and this time it is time for men to have their very own XES Signature footwear too! 

Not only that Happy Birthday to XES!! It also marked their 13th year anniversary since the brand was born! So now let's get into the designs for XES Signature 2015! I loved their previous line which was the Zodiac series and I have been wearing my pair of shoes since like the first time I got it so now let's see which is my next favourite!

Starting with the Wedges because well my clumsiness needs better support! I am a total fan of wedges because they are comfortable and I can wear it all day long. I am totally serious about wearing it all day long. Although it is high, I can wear my XES Zodiac wedges for the entire day and well I haven't fell down yet so it is a keeper! The design for wedges this time round are quite unique with the heel design so additional points to them. I also liked how the wedges weren't like those strappy kinds which gave me more structure and balance too.

Then let's move on to the stilettos which I must say although I do not wear them on a daily basis I do love stilettos for that elegant look. For this year XES Signature there were several eye-catching stilettos that caught my eyes. So if you are a fan of these kind of heels, make sure to get them.

Lastly for those who like heels but prefer something more sturdy, you can turn your eyes to the chunky heels that is included in the XES Signature 2015. Simple minimalist design with clean cut lines and  unique heels, you will be sure to catch eyes with these heels.

For more details on XES Signature 2015: Tales of Olympus remember to check out their website and Facebook page for offers and promotions.

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*Photo credit w/o watermark: K.Kiat Photography