Jewellery Showcase, Elegant Jewellery Studio @ The Leafz, Sg. Besi

Hi there darling merry goers~

Today's post is going to be more of a pictorial post which is some shots from the Appreciation Night hosted at The Leafz, Sg. Besi several weeks ago where I actually helped model and showcase some amazing jewellery pieces from Elegant Jewellery Studio. Thanks once again to Angi for inviting me and asking me to wear some of her handmade pieces. For those of you who are not familiar with EJS, the mind behind it is Angi who is also the designer behind Kelvin Gems. I previously featured Kelvin Gems during the Party of The Century where they sponsored some of the accessories I wore on that night.

This time putting aside Kelvin Gems, these are some of the gorgeous pieces that Angi brought that night to showcase to the party guest and where one lucky person walked away with one of her handmade pieces. Just look at the intrinsic designs that night where some were made with valuable pearls and handmade by Angi and her team. 

One of my favourite pieces would be the Long Pearl Necklace where you can actually adjust the length of the necklace to your preferred length and customize it yourself. For example the left and right photo are from the same necklace but draped differently to give a different design. You can create more than 20 styles with just this necklace! Not only a necklace, you can use it as a bracelet as well.

Of course this cascading pearl neckpiece is just so gorgeous with the multiple strands of pearls definitely bringing out the wow factor to your outfit. Match this neckpiece with your simple outfit and see it transform.

Say hello to Elana who was my other model partner for the night and also the team behind all these gorgeous pieces. For those of you who are interested to learn how to make your own jewellery, here's some good news because Angi hosts several jewellery making classes not only for adults but also for children! Guys out there who may be interested to touch your other half with a handmade jewellery, you can contact Angi or check out Elegant Jewellery Studio to see when is their next class!

To end this post, here are more photos from the night thanks to K.Kiat Photography for being the photographer that night :) It was definitely my first experience doing this simple modelling and photoshoot but there is always a first to everything!