Weekend Drive With The All-New Honda City Plus Flyboarding in Malaysia

Hello darling merry goers!

Can you recognize that gorgeous Brilliant Sporty Metallic Blue beast I am standing next to? That is the all-new Honda City with their latest color which has been reintroduced to Malaysian drivers at at even lower price of RM 74,007! Honda Malaysia set a new benchmark in quality, affordable sedan with the launch of All-New City. This 4th Generation City is the highly anticipated sedan in the B-segment, receiving 1,800 bookings, and positive feedback during the pre-launch events last month. If you want to know whether this ride is suitable for you read on! I will be giving some inside looks to this car and why it should be on your list when buying a new car!


The All-New City is available in 5 colours: Modern Steel Metallic, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Taffeta White, Crystal Black Pearl and a new attractive colour of Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic which is just so pretty! But I am hoping that they will add a striking Red color which I would certainly love to get! The All-New City was developed based on the Exciting H Design!!! concept, in which the “H” represents the Human Center, emphasizing on the driver and passengers. The front of the sedan features the solid wing face of the Exciting H Design!!! with integrated grille and headlights. The All-New City rear exterior gives a wide stance with its premium class image and seamless motif of rear combination lamp with license garnish. Just look at how sleek the whole design of the car certainly being one of the attractive rides in town.

Do you see this nifty key here? It is no ordinary key because with this key you can unlock your car door without inserting the key manually or even start up your ride with no manual key insertion. Just have the key with you and with a touch of a button you can enter your car and drive away!


This latest generation of City is powered by the improved 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC engine (maximum power 120PS @ 6,600 rpm and maximum torque 145Nm @ 4,600 rpm) coupled with the advanced new Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) that was developed under Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology to provide the perfect combination of driving performance and fuel economy.

Additionally, for the first time, the ECON mode is now a standard feature in the All-New City across all variants to further improve the vehicle’s fuel usage with the push of a button.

Not forgetting their Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) which really makes a difference when driving for more stability especially on harsh conditions. Read more about it during my safety test drive of the Honda City.


Check out how sleek and trendy the interior of the new City and let me walk you through what you will be able to enjoy!

Let's start with the Multi-functioning Steering Wheel. This steering wheel is designed with precision adjustment capability to offer optimal steering position with its Tilt and Telescopic function. You can adjust the height of the steering wheel however you like. Up, Down, Inside, Outwards adjust the steering wheel to your comfort. You also have Cruise Control to cruise at the speed you want effortlessly which I am telling you is seriously super cool! Ok call me noob if you want but using the Cruise Control really makes driving so much easier especially when you are on the highway because you can just set the speed that you want and let the car just drive on its own at that speed. Besides that you also have the Hands-Free Telephone Steering Switch as well as the Steering Audio Switch where you can accept or reject calls hands-free SAFELY! No more fumbling to pick up calls or diverting your attention from the road when you can just use the switch.

Of course needless to say the dashboard design has a sporty look to it complementing the overall look of the new City.

Now you see this display panel? This is a Touch Panel Auto Air Conditioning and a 7" Display Audio! No more knobs or switches to adjust your air conditioning when you have this sleek display ensuring comfort, this fully automatic air conditioner is controlled by an electrostatic touch panel! The built-in touchscreen with smartphone style apps has Siri Eyes Free Mode enabling compatible smartphones to connect to Siri and perform tasks, a Call Function speed dial to make calls via Bluetooth sync, Satellite Navigation System where you can connect your smartphone and mirror your GPS/Waze on the screen! This is seriously a smart car! Not only that, the new Honda City has 3 Power Sockets and 2 USB Ports which is super cool because knowing our phones which keeps running out of battery, this feature will ensure everyone in the car has a port to charge their phones. Plus there are 8 cup holders for all those drinks during a long drive!

A special feature of the new Honda City which will especially interest parents with young children is the ISOFix for child safety seats.  The ISOFix is a safety features that enable child seat to be latch onto the car’s seat anchor points without effort by just clipping onto it. It will secure the child seat along with the core of car body structure instead of the conventional child seat which is actually latched on the seat making it less secure. Family with kids would definitely love this feature.

The “Man Maximum, Machine Minimum” philosophy has been used as the core of the car’s development. By placing emphasis on premium comfort, the All-New City provides overwhelming cabin space especially in the rear space, for unrivalled comfort to both driver and passengers. The All-New City also offers the largest boot space in its class at 536L and is able to fit bulky items of up to 3 large suitcases or 4 small ones, golf bags and a baby pram, making it very convenient for road trips with friends or family. Look at the difference between the Honda City cabin space compared to the Toyota Vios making it the largest in its class. No worries if you have a ton of luggage because the Honda City would be able to accommodate them. Plus not enough passenger space? Just throw them into the boot *joking*

In order for us to have more in-dept feel of the car, we had a weekend one-day trip together with the new Honda City and let me tell you it was an absolute fun and exciting day! So after our rendezvous at Rail Canteen, Sunway Nexis for some briefing and details on the new Honda City it was time to set off on our one day trip! First stop: Putrajaya Marine Complex where we will be having some water activity!! Woots! I was clearly super duper excited when I heard that there was going to be water activity and I took the wheel for the first drive to our first destination roughly 50km. First time driving the Honda City it was certainly a pleasure to drive. Easy and comfortable wheel handling makes driving it a bliss plus let me tell you the breaks for the Honda City is really sensitive. I had to get used to gently tapping it as it slows down rather quickly. My apologies to my car-mates Grace and Jessy for some early jerkings. It was easy to maneuver the car and although initial pickup was rather slow, it gradually picked up speed quickly and I could feel how the car design gave it more stability even when driving on high speeds.

Flyboarding & Paddleboarding | Putrajaya Marine Complex

So it was time for flyboarding at Flyboard Malaysia. For those of you who have not tried flyboarding you should definitely give it a go because it is amazing!!!  The Flyboard is the newest extreme watersport where you are actually attached to a Flyboard which has a PWC (Personal Watercraft) which gives the Flyboard propulsion through air and water. Technically in simple terms, you actually use the power and projection from the water to jet upwards.

So after some briefing and demo on how to actually play Flyboarding it was time to well just DO IT! Since the other girls were hesitant in being the first to try out and well I kinda have a deathwish in sports activity and I just love the adrenaline rush from extreme sports my hand automatically raised up when they asked for the first volunteer! Now it was time to buckle up with the life jacket and put on the equipment. I am telling you above water, the equipment is seriously heavy but you will not feel it underwater as it will automatically float up. It is super important to put on your equipment properly especially the helmet because when you fall in the water, there can be the chance of the jetski actually running into you when you fall backwards which kinda happened to me. I fell backwards and the jetski was not able to stop in time and *knock* pushed me underwater again from the back of my head. 


So I am going to share with you my experience first time Flyboarding and some tips in ensuring you get to fly!

First you got to be in Superman position where your body is parallel to the water surface. It is very important to keep your body straight!

Now this is where the hard part comes. From Superman position, you got to change to Ironman position meaning pushing the equipment downwards while trying to stand up in the water. Technically from horizontal position you got to go to vertical position. There was a slight difficulty at first because you need to learn how to try standing up without bending your knees too much and before you leave the water your knees need to be straight or else this happens....

Going up slowly and trying to stabilize myself and seems like I got it right before well, falling backwards! *laughs* The problem here was my knees were not straight and just one tip: DO NOT LOOK DOWN!! The first time I managed to fly out of the water was slightly intimating that my knees bent making me lose balance and falling backwards. So here's the tip! Once you are out of the water just keep your knees straight and balance your flyboard using your heel and toe movement. If you feel like you are falling backwards, press down on your toes and when you feel like you are falling backwards, press down on your heel slightly. It is like a balancing skill which if you play skateboarding you would be just fine.

Of course after several attempts! Whee I'm Ironman jetting out of the water!! It was seriously an awesome experience and if you master it well you can actually go a few feet high!! I was ecstatic that I was able to actually get the hang of coming out of the water and even the coach said that if I had extra time I would definitely be able to do better. Once you get the hang of coming out of the water it would be a breeze. Just remember to push on your heel and slightly bend your knee to help push yourself out of the water and quickly straighten your knee again. 

Since my time was up for Flyboarding, I did some Paddleboarding which of course compared to Flyboarding was not that extreme. It was more of a leisure moment but you do need to learn how to balance yourself on the paddleboard.

And well *laugh* knowing me, I just couldn't do the bare minimum so up I go standing on the paddleboard! Balancing definitely plays an important part here because there were small waves and ripples on the lake especially when a jet ski passes you. 

Tip: Stay at the centre of the board where there is a tiny hole to indicate the middle and keep your left and right leg balanced.

Here's the dear Jessy who was ill that day and could only do the paddleboarding which I must say did a great job of staying dry and not falling into the lake the whole time! I certainly did my fair share of falling into the lake and here's the instructor coming over to save me the first time I fell over my paddleboard but I kinda rescued myself before he reached me. Hahaha

It was an amazing and exhilarating watersport time and I was nearly the last to come out of the water. The crew certainly had a good laugh seeing me enjoying the watersport! For those of you who are interested to play this watersport, you can head on to their Facebook page or leave me a comment if you need any details :)

Dengkil Seafood Restaurant 

After that few hours of watersport it was time for FOOD!! Thank you to the team for bringing us to this awesome seafood restaurant and really filling up our tummies to the brim! The food was awesome and here are some amazing foodshots!

Gosh the tofu was silky smooth and the Butter Calamari was just amazing. So fragrant and buttery retaining that chewy texture I could munch on this all day!

This is their signature Steamed Fish dish which was really so good. The fish was so fresh and the meat sweet and tender. No wonder it is their signature dish!

The one that captured my tastebuds that day has got to be these Fresh Water Tiger Prawns which were HUGE!!! Just look at the size of them! UGH so craving for these prawns now. The head of the prawns were so full of roe and you just have to suck the head to fully enjoy the dish. The sauce used to cook these prawns were just so finger licking good!

Ah the glorious food and it was a wonderful lunch filled with laughter and great company!

Safety Test Drive | MAEPS Serdang

Next up! Time to put the new Honda City to the test as we drove to the next destination MAEPS Serdang where the team set up a mini driving circuit. Call me crazy but I loved this safety test drive because I could do crazy stunts which were illegal! The first module was to test the emergency break for the Honda City where we went full throttle for a roughly 200 metres before stepping down hard on the break where the car stopped IMMEDIATELY and without breaking the break paddles! The team told us if we were able to break the break paddles we could have the car for free but DUH! although the car went through some serious emergency breaking by each one of us, it still drove smoothly.

The second module was to test their VSA feature which I mentioned earlier. To try out this feature, we were required to do some stunts which I was super excited to do. We had to accelerate like in the first module but instead of stepping down hard on the break, we had to swerve to avoid the row of cones set up. It was so cool testing out the VSA function where with the VSA switched on, the car had stable traction control even when I was doing extreme swerves and skids and yet being able to stop in the right direction instead of turning round in circles. Without the VSA, although the new Honda City was still stable, after stopping the car does slightly stop at an angle compared with the VSA switched on. The VSA is important especially for unexpected situations such as a sudden boulder in front of your car or during tight cornering where the system helps to stabilize your car and prevent over steering.

We also did some 'shuffling' with the Honda City where we had to maneuver between several cones and it is proven that it was easy to drive through the cones smoothly even at high speeds.

After the safety test drive with the new Honda City, it was time to head back to our last check point at Rail Canteen to sum up the day! The ending of the whole day couldn't get any better when my team won the first prize for the Photo Contest that they held for that day! We were totally so happy and well it clearly made the day the best day ever. Thank you so much to the team who organized this City Blogger Drive and for the amazing day planned out for us. It was so much fun!!

The new Honda City definitely won my heart after one day spending time with it and driving it around plus I super love how light and easy it was to steer the car! The All-New City retails at RM73,007 with either the Premium Package (RM1,503.80) or the Modulo Package (RM3,508.30), combining stylish and premium exterior, smooth driving, comfort and spaciousness with class leading safety features.

Honda Malaysia also offers 5-year warranty with unlimited mileage and service interval at 10,000km.

For more information on the All-New City or to book a test drive, 
     –     Visit any of the 82 Dealers Nationwide
     –     Call Honda’s Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020
     –     Log on to www.Honda.com.my or www.facebook.com/hondamalaysia


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