Street Food Hunt with Tiger Bites

Time for some #MiriamEats time! Food is absolutely heaven and the best thing in life. While some eat to live who wouldn't love to live to eat. Right before having this massive change in my life, I had my fill of some mouth-watering and tummy worthy street food thanks to Tiger Beer. I am sure each and everyone of us have their fair share of great tasting street food all over Malaysia but do we really know all the hidden gems? To get Malaysians on the roll exploring and introducing their best street food choices, Tiger Beer had a convoy of media and bloggers alike on a food road trip worthy to be remembered as an unconventional gastronomic adventure!

The start of the road trip was hyped and everyone was pumped to get rolling. Jessie Chuah, the marketing manager of Tiger Beer introduced us to their Tiger Bites campaign which urges foodies to embark on a food hunt and uncage all the amazing street flavours to share with fellow Malaysians out there. Plus side: While sharing your best street flavours, you can also win some amazing prizes too!

We were definitely well pampered with a 18-car convoy sponsored by Volkwagen Malaysia and oh boy was it going to be a long journey. We will be travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Penang with a pitstop at Ipoh for some delicious lunch. With two to three to a car, the journey was certainly much anticipated.

First stop after roughly 3 hours journey is at Kedai Kopi Woh Heng, Ipoh for their famous Dried Curry Vermicelli. We definitely filled up the coffee shop with much noise and laughter with rumbling tummies waiting for our food to be served.

Now now, hot weather in Ipoh calls for some cool drinks! Thanks to Tiger Beer for these icy cool drinks which definitely took the heat off and prepared us for the food to be served.

So here we have the Dried Curry Vermicelli topped with sliced chicken, prawns and sweet char siew. Aromatic with robust flavour, the vermicelli was drenched with the curry sauce giving much punch to our tastebuds. Not forgetting that sweet and tender char siew adding more intense flavour to the overall dish. This dish is definitely worthy to be called one of the hidden gems in Ipoh.

Of course, as part of the campaign do not forget to snap amazing mouthwatering shots of the delicious food and upload it with the hashtags #MYTIGERBITES. Log on to their microsite at to start dropping pins on all these yummy locations too. Some of the prizes you can win are 14 sets of GoPro, phone lens and selfie tripod will be given to participants with the best street food post on Instagram or pin dropped via microsite.

After that hearty lunch, it was time to continue our journey to one of the state with the best street food; PENANG! Before heading to Royal Bintang Hotel to check in our luggage, we stopped by Apong Guan for his famous Apong, a sweet pastry dessert commonly enjoyed by Malaysians everywhere. Filled with sweet corn and peanuts, this Apong is slightly different from the ones I enjoy back in KL. There is a slight texture from what I am assuming to be grated coconut and the addition of bananas too.

Checking in to our hotel was a breeze and oh gosh I am seriously loving the room they provided us to stay for the night. Plush lush pillows with seriously comfortable beds, thank God we only had roughly an hour to wash up and rest before heading out for dinner or I will be soon in deep slumberland.

After a change of clothes we headed to Kafe Ping Hooi who is well-known to serve the infamous Tiger Char Kuay Teow. Welcoming us was the traditional Chinese drums performance which added more oomph to the sounds of the frying wok behind them. Tiger Beer sure knows how to make an impression.

Here we have the man of the night frying up multiple plates of his famous Tiger Char Kuay Teow. The aroma from the wok made our mouths water and awaken the tiger in our tummies. We sure thought he wasn't frying them fast enough as we see the tables around us being served! 

Can you just see the size of the prawns in this char kuay teow? You can definitely not get these prawns back in KL. Succulent, fresh and juicy the prawns were cooked at just the right temperature and gave so much sweetness to the overall dish. The cockles were cooked just nice too and trust me, I do not enjoy shellfish or cockles but the cockles served did not turn me off at all.

When in Penang, how can we not order some Fried Lobak to accompany our drinks and char kuay teow? Crispy and favourful, this plate of fried lobak was gone the minute it hit the table. I am not a fan of oily and deep fried food but these fried lobak was not overly oily and overcooked so *thumbs up*. 

If you think we were done for the night, you have got to be kidding me because next stop was Green House for their famous Penang Prawn Mee. Even though we were quite stuffed from the earlier round of Char Kuey Teow and Fried Lobak, we still had to try this popular dish in Penang. Just look at the variety of ingredients you can add on to your bowl of pipping hot prawn mee.

At one bite, I know why this is one of the popular spots to get Penang Prawn Mee. The broth was really flavourful and had a slight kick when we had their chili paste. I can just imagine the amount of ingredients they used to prepare the soup base. Allow the vermicelli to soak in the broth for a while to really enjoy the concentrated flavor from the prawns. You will not be disappointed having this dish.

Wait wait how can we leave out the infamous Oyster Omelette when we are in Penang. Ordering a plate up to share, the oysters were juicy and sweet (well according to the rest of my companions since I do not eat oysters). Oyster Omelette checked as one of the street food you have to enjoy while in Penang. After that fill of good food, it was time to head back to the hotel and get some rest for more food adventures the next day!

To make our trip even better, can you just imagine how much Tiger Beer pampered us with Breakfast-in-Bed. We were certainly treated like a king! Breakfast-in-Bed at the Royal Bintang had a spread of local street food like Roti Canai, Roti Bakar, Dim Sum, Fried Radish Cake and more.

Now if you think hotel breakfast are just mediocre, the breakfast we received were really good like they were picked off the streets and served to us. No need to go food hunting when the food is served to you in bed!

After that filling breakfast, you must be surprise at how we can still have an early lunch before heading back to KL. Stopping by Pitt Street Famous Koay Teow Th'ng which is just two lots away from last night's Tiger Char Koay Teow we had nice pipping hot silky Koay Teow Th'ng or also known as Koay Teow in soup instead of stir-fried.

I know Koay Teow Soup is famous in Ipoh and I never thought of eating it in Penang but I am glad I did because this noodles were so silky smooth they just slide down your throat. Plus, those nice round bouncy fishballs you get are actually river eel fish balls. Yes those Japanese unagi delicacy that so many enjoy, their meat were used for the fish balls and it was so good. The sweetness from the unagi paired well with the silky rice noodles as well as that minced pork slices.

Now coffee. Oh gosh, Penang coffee is seriously one of the best coffee I actually enjoy! Forget those fancy coffee or Starbucks when you have this kaw kaw coffee. Thick, aromatic, flavourful I love it! I realize that as I get older I am starting to really appreciate good coffee. I used to get headache from coffee and opt for tea more than coffee but the coffee that I drank in Penang really made me appreciate coffee more. Now remember! Make sure you snap the photo of the hidden food gems you find and drop pins to participate in the #MYTIGERBITES campaign. If you were not attracted by the prizes I mentioned earlier, wait until you hear what the grand prize winner can stand to win. At the end of the contest period, one participant who put together the best street food trail (which combines the most number of pins dropped and the longest trail in kilometers) will be rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to Taiwan for two where more great street flavours await.

After filling our tummy with some good food from Penang it was time to head back to KL and though it was a rainy journey back with some traffic, we arrived safely to our last food stop: the famous Flying Wantan Mee at Seapark, PJ.

Ashamed to say this but although I studied at Petaling Jaya, I have never tried the Flying Wantan Mee which is just along the same road as the famous Nasi Lemak Bumbung. The special point of this was that the noodles are actually tossed high up into the air before being served to you. The weather was really gloomy and rainy  but thank God that it stopped once we were about to start dinner. After a stunning performance of flying wantan noodles, it was time to dig in. 

Served with some glistening char siew and crispy fried dumplings, the bouncy noodles were well drenched with the seasoning sauce although slightly a bit too salty for my preference. The noodles on the other hand were really springy most probably due to the nice tossing motion earlier.

Of course you can also pair your flying noodles with some steamed or roasted chicken. Big plump chicken were served which were really smooth although a bit fatty. I wouldn't say that it is the best chicken I have eaten but still not too bad especially the tenderness of the chicken meat.

It was an amazing two days trip full of great food and also accompaniment with free flow drinks. Do not forget to join the #MYTIGERBITES campaign which will be ending the end of October 2015 and stand a chance to travel to Taiwan for more food adventure! More details at 


  1. such an amazing trip!!! gosh I miss penang and ipoh food now.

  2. So jealous when seeing this. I wish I can join this and enjoy our Malaysian food.