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Hi my dear merry goers. It's been ages since I last updated my blog so I'm really sorry but thanks for all the support from you lovelies. A lot of things have happened and I've been going through some rough spots regarding my studies and what better way to cheer myself up but to share another great food places so it's time for another #MiriamEats post!

Introducing I Am 80's cafe located like a hidden gem in Kelana Jaya. Nestled among a residential area and shop houses, I would never expect to find this unique cafe. Why unique you would ask? Well... Not only the food is great but it's also pet friendly and you can even have your customized party here! Another unique point it that instead of having a second floor, they actually have a basement and come on tell me, how many places have you visited that actually has a basement what more you dining in it.

Going downstairs for my meal is definitely a new experience and the basement of I Am 80's cafe was decorated personally by the owner himself and each items are items he collected over time giving a nice retro vibe to the overall place. 

These art pieces were ordered specifically from Thailand which gives a unique feel to the place. Each piece certainly captures your attention. 

There are also some interesting decor items from the 80's living up to the name of the cafe. Just look at that antique television set which I have vague memory of it back in my grandparents house as well as that vinyl record and some utensils.

Hanging by the stairs heading to the basements are also some tidbits which jolts me back to my childhood. Although I am not from the 80's generation but some of these snacks were still around and popular during the 90's. The whole vibe of the cafe brings you back in time. 

The interior of the cafe once you enter emits a homely vibe with its unique and creative decorations. Check out the furniture of the cafe which was handmade by the owner himself plus how can you miss out on those adorable plushie pillows. I had to resist grabbing one home for myself to cuddle at night.

This table was actually made using an abandoned wooden crate that the owner recycled and repainted it mimicking flags of different countries and did you notice the chairs? It's been a while seeing these chairs which I remember seeing at old KL coffee shops or at my grandparents house.

I just love those cute animal head pillows. So good for photos and really brings the vibe of a pet friendly cafe. Of course I wouldn't be able to resists taking a "few" shots with the background and the decor. Credits to the sister who seems to have improved her photography skills. 

The counter is filled with mouthwatering cakes which you would really not want to miss out. The service at I Am 80's cafe is that you actually order at the counter and pay on the spot. Good tip for those who normally have problems going out with friends and have problems splitting the bill because each can just order whatever they want.


(L-R) Apple, Orange Lychee RM16 | Lychee Soursop and Mint Leaves RM15 | Mix Berries and Dragonfruit RM16 | Banana Mango with Basil Seed RM14

Now let's start off with the drinks shall we. Make sure to order their freshly made juices which are really refreshing and just oh-so-healthy as well. With a variety of freshly blended juices for you to choose from, you will be spoilt with choices. Each juice is served in a bottle/jar and here's a little secret. If you like the bottle and want to bring it back, just ask the owner! He would be more than happy to oblige ;) But please don't try to sneak it back.. Ask and it will be given.

Hot chocolate RM13

80's Coffee | 80's Tea RM10
The coffee here is really food as well and besides the freshly brewed coffee, you can also try their tea as well which you can either enjoy it at the cafe or also bring it back home. Concentrated and fragrant, I totally love the coffee here. I realized that I'm starting to appreciate good coffee compared to the past where I just cannot stomach coffee. For those who like sweetened coffee like from Starbucks, you may not like this coffee because it is rather concentrated but for those who appreciate good 'kaw' coffee, make sure to try this out.

Sarsi RM6
Serving sarsi from the glass bottle just brings back old memories. For those who have never seen this bottle before, well this was how soft drinks and sodas were sold in the past. In glass bottles with metal caps! You certainly don't see these around anymore. 


Mushroom Soup | RM9 

Moving on to the food served at I Am 80's cafe, let's start off with some appetizers or should I say soup here. This creamy mushroom soup with truffle oil is just packed with robust mushroom flavones and the truffle oil brings out the fragrance of the overall soup. They certainly were not stingy on the amount of mushrooms used in this soup and for light eaters, this may even fill up your tummy!

80's Signature | RM75

Warning: Only order this if you are coming in a large group of well you're a heavy eater because this next platter really packs a punch in your tummy. Served on a huge metal tray, the 80's Signature consists of 1/2 chicken, foot long sausage, fish and chips, corn on the cob, a mountain of wrinkled fries, wedges and salad. 

This jumbo size sausage could feed two light eaters with the fluffy hotdog buns and the tomato salsa on top. 

I've always loved corn and this corn on the cob was sweet, slightly seasoned and still so juicy. 

The chicken nicely oven grilled pairs nicely with their homemade sauce which adds more flavor to the chicken. On its own however, it is a bit dry so be generous when dipping your chicken into the sauce.

Black Mussels in Pot | RM40

Next we have the ever indulgent Black mussels in Pot. I don't eat shellfish and so I wouldn't normally order shellfish based items like mussels but... Oh gosh, these mussels were cooked really well especially that creamy sauce which was well seasoned and perfect for dipping with the garlic bread served on the sides. 

I tried one of the mussels and boy were they fresh and just nicely cooked, still tender no not rubbery. There wasn't that fishy sea taste that I normally can't stomach and of course the cream based sauce compliments it really well. The sister certainly enjoyed it and happily took my portion of mussels to enjoy,

80's Beef Stew | RM25

Beef lovers you will enjoy the 80's Beef Stew served at I Am 80's cafe with tender beef, still chewy and juicy slow cooked with vegetables adding sweetness to the overall dish. I just love how it was served in this mini pot with garlic bread on the side to soak up those juices making it one of my favorite dish for that day. 

Sarawak Laksa | RM12

For those who prefer an Asian taste, order the Sarawak Laksa which will transport your tastebuds to East Malaysia. Originating from Sarawak himself, the owner includes this popular dish in the menu at I am 80's cafe. Sarawak Laksa has a particular unique flavor that you wouldn't normally find in the laksa here in the Peninsular. 

Some of my other dining companions did not fancy this laksa because of that unique taste but I find the taste rather authentic just like those I ate during my trip to Kuching. Mix in the chili prawn paste into your bowl of laksa to savor the authentic Sarawak Laksa flavors.

Dancing in the Pan | RM20

As in all my food adventures, it has to end on a sweet note and what better dessert to end it than the house special Dancing in the Pan. Why Dancing in the Pan? Well, just look at that warm bread pudding with ice cream served on a hot pan and poured over with rich chocolate sauce. 

Make sure to be ready to dig in once that chocolate sauce is poured on top because that combination of hot and cold from the ice cream is just magic on your tongue. 

Bailey Chocolate Mousse | RM16
Be sure to try out some of their yummy cakes on display as well! Totally loving the one we tried with the salted caramel and macadamia nuts. Have a great week ahead lovelies and see you all soon :)

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