Christmas Inspired Gel Manicure at Paris Art of Hair (Pastel Nail)

Hello lovelies. 

If you know me well, you would know that since the first time I had gel manicure I never not have beautifully groomed nails. I practically go for a manicure every month to get a change of nail art. How you actually take care of your nails can actually either make your hands look great or drab. Plus taking any photos with your nails in it makes it even more eye-catching.

From the first time I ever did gel manicure, I have been doing it regularly at beeQnails, SS2 and have been raving about their design and service there. I super love my manicurist Christy who gives me gorgeous nails plus it was always a good catch-up session with her. Unfortunately, since I have been away in Kelantan I have not been able to set my appointments and was unable to secure a slot before Christmas for my Christmas plus Birthday nails. While I was contemplating on not getting pretty nail art for the festive season, I came across Pastel Nail Salon who is really new in the industry located in front of Paris Art of Hair, Level 2 Curve. Luckily for me, Sharon was available for me to do my nails which is great news for my nails.

For those of you who are not familiar with Curve layout, it is located along the same row as Daiso. The first thing you see is this huge hair salon (Paris Art of Hair) but if you look closer, you will see a section at the corner where Sharon does her magic.

You do not have to worry about the quality of the nail polish that Sharon uses at Pastel Nail Salon as she uses O.P.I gel polish as well as Premium Gellyfit gel color, promising long lasting pigmented colors.

The classic manicure without gel nail polish starts from RM40 but if you are looking to do some nail art, I would recommend you to do the Gel Manicure which starts from RM90. For my dear merry goers who are not sure what is the difference between Gel Manicure and regular Classic Manicure, here's the difference.

Gel Manicure: Uses gel nail polish and UV/LED light to dry fast. Can last up to 3 weeks with no chipping, peeling or cracking, odourless.

Classic Manicure: Uses regular nail polish, long drying period, not long lasting

A regular gel manicure can actually last you up to one month or sometimes even longer depending on how you take care of them. Compared to using regular nail polish, it does not crack or chip as easily and you practically get super shiny and hard nails. I have never had any incident of my nails breaking and I have had great experiences at beeQnails in the past. My nail designs always last more than one month and looks just like new every time I go back for a change of nails.

So firstly the main step that Sharon needed to do was to remove my previous gel manicure which was this super pretty holographic stained glass design again by Christy. 

Removing gel manicure is a delicate process so...

NOTE: Do not remove gel manicure on your own.

Always go back to your nail salon to remove it as if you forcefully remove your gel manicure, you will cause some serious damage to your nails. After my gem manicure was off, it was time to cut shape, buff and clean my cuticles before applying the new design. The surface of the nails need to be really cleaned properly or else the gel polish will not stay on long.

The next step was to apply the base coat and we can start on our design. Since it was the Christmas season and I totally love Christmas, I opt for something closely related to Christmas which is winter and this means snowflakes! But instead of just some regular snowflakes, I do like some subtle glitter on my nails so we decided to go for some glitter snowflake nails.

As I am not always in KL to change my nails, recently I have been opting for nail designs that grow out well and do not look out of place when it gets long. Best option would be French manicure but it is a bit dull to get just a normal French manicure. 

The problem when choosing solid nail art designs or colors is when it grows out, you can see that apparent gap between your gel nails and ugh I totally cannot stand it and it does make your nails look rather old.

Now here's the trick on the type of nail art to choose so that it still looks great when it has grown out. Choose a nail design that has a nude base to it especially near to the cuticle area and focus your designs at the tip of your nails. This way, when your nails grow out you still get that gorgeous design and it does not look like you desperately need a change of nails. 

Here are some ideas:

You can also check out some of the nail art designs that I have chosen over the months on my Instagram feed (@miriam_hk) and if you have not followed me yet please do :) 

After the glitter part was done, it was time to hand draw some snowflakes! Snowflakes sure do add the festive mood to my nails. I did not want to have too many snowflakes on my nails, so Sharon decided to alternate the snowflake designs on my nails. After roughly 2 hours, my nails are finally done! All ready for the festive season and aren't they just so pretty. I love the glitters which really shines in the light and they are just subtle enough for me to go to work. I did not choose to add any ornaments because it does not really suit my current job and it would be a hassle if any of it falls off which I doubt they will.

So this was my Christmas/Birthday nail designs and since Chinese New Year is coming up, I really have to start thinking of what to do next and make my appointment! All together my set of nails cost me RM 130 (Gel Manicure : RM90 + Nail Art: RM40) which means average RM4 for each nail design. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt to do fewer nail art on your nails :)

Before I end my post, here's some Chinese New Year nail art designs you can consider! 



Remember to quote my name MIRIAM to enjoy 10% OFF on ALL manicure services too! This is a special discount Sharon offered to all my readers! Remember to make your appointment and get all ready Chinese New Year too. They are having a promotion for regular Manicure + Pedicure for RM69 too.

Pastel Nail Salon

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