Honey Creme Hartamas Soft Serve Ice Cream

Hi there merry goers! Here's a sweet post for your indulgence.

Soft serves have always been a boom since places like Milkcow and others started popping up like mushrooms. Popular places serving really good soft serves are like Softsrve, Damansara Uptown or even a special Japanese twist at P.S Tokyo which I have blogged about. Well now, there is another soft serve place in town that if you are a soft serve fan might just want to pop by and have a taste.

Honey Creme might not be a foreign name to those who hail from Penang as their first store was in Penang but it has now travelled all the way from Taiwan and opened a branch in Sri Hartamas. Nestled among many other good eats, Honey Creme will be a sweet treat to enjoy on a hot day out. Once you enter, you can see this display of honeycombs which is sure one of their best sellers. Actually Honey Creme is a birth baby of both Korean and Taiwan descendant. with soft serve ice-cream specialty boutiques selling imported South Korea famous “Comb Honey Soft serve ice-cream.” Honey Creme uses South Korea top organic milk ice-cream recipes, integrating with fresh milk and cream; a new formulated soft serve ice-cream with deep and savory milk flavor base and various toppings.

The store was launched last December and although I was unable to attend their launch, I made a date with one of my sweet love Bowie for a date out. The store still had some Christmas feel to it since it was still the Christmas season and is well lit. You can choose to sit outdoors, by the window or inside with the air-conditioning which is so crucial nowadays with the hot weather.

A huge poster of all their selections can be seen by the counter so I sure was looking forward to tasting some of the recommended soft serves. 

My sister Chloe came along with me to try out their soft serve so the three of us decided on four different flavours that the cashier recommended which are:

Organic Cotton Candy Affogato

This definitely my favourite and I would really recommend you to try this out. The cotton candy was made on the spot to top the creamy smooth vanilla soft serve where fragrant espresso was poured over it. The bitterness of the espresso really blends well with the sweetness of the cotton candy and this is the best among the rest we tried that day. One thing was the cotton candy does get inflated rather quickly but well after some photos it was time to dig in!

Organic Mixed Grains

This Organic Mixed Grain was recommended by the cashier as they claim to be the only place serving this version of soft serve. This would be well maybe the 'healthier' version of soft serve with organic mixed grains with original soft serve ice cream and caramel. For me, I do feel that the flavour of the mixed grain is not really that strong so you do taste the soft serve but I would prefer a generous dusting of the organic mixed grain. Felt this was rather mediocre for something that is unique to Honey Creme.


Of course there is the one that always looks good in photos and well definitely can tempt anyone to try this especially popcorn fans. Using imported caramel popcorn from the U.S, the original soft serve is topped with them and the flavor blends rather well with the soft serve although albeit too sweet for my liking. Sweet tooth will definitely love this version. One downside would be I did feel the popcorn to be not as crunchy and crispy as I would like plus oh gosh did you know how much we turned the cup around looking for a way to dig in without dropping the popcorn? *laughs* On the whole, I can still see why this is one of the bestsellers at Honey Creme. 

Honey Comb

We definitely cannot leave Honey Creme without trying their Honey Comb Soft Serve. Paired with their original soft serve is a sweet chunk of honey comb which is really very good. I love how the honey comb tasted so authentic and not overly sweet. You know how there are so many 'fake' honey in the market which adds tons of sugar in their honey? Well you will definitely not feel this here. This is a classic soft serve which really pairs quite well.

Dark Chocolate

Now you can actually order either soft serve in a cone or cup so this is what you will get if you order the cone version. We decided to try their Dark Chocolate version which has dark chocolate drizzled over the original soft serve. The chocolate turns hard with contact with the cold soft serve so you will get that crunch from the chocolate. I rather like this as well as I could taste the cocoa content from the dark chocolate which gives it a contrast with the soft serve

Not only that, Honey Creme Hartamas is actually having an Instagram contest which ends this 20th January. You just have to post a creative photo on Honey Creme in your Instagram and hashtag #honeycremehartamas and #honeycrememy and you can stand to win a 1 year supply of Honey creme!

There are several props like gigantic soft serve which you can use to pose your most creative way! My sister and Bowie sure had fun playing around with the props.

Of course our dessert date was even better with this sweet cake made by the dear Bowie! Totally surprised with her sweet gift and for her effort in making the cake for me. If you are looking for someone to make personalized cakes, you can also order it from her at her Facebook page!

Honey Creme Hartamas

No.20, Jalan 27/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur


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