REFLECTION: Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Hi there darlings! I was initially going to publish this post on New Year's Eve or on New Year's Day but I wasn't able to actually get online so here's my reflection of everything that has happened in 2015 as well as my hopes and aspiration for 2016.

Firstly, 2015 was a whole series of ups and downs. I officially resigned from my first job after graduating and this was because I got an offer to further my studies to PhD level overseas. After a few weeks of really serious consideration, I decided to resign and well pursue my education. So quitting my job definitely put me in a  financial setback but it did give me a lot more time in my preparations and others. In that period of preparing, applying for a place in one of the Top 200 World Ranking Universities I started being a lot more active in blogging. Well, being out of employment does give me more time and opportunity to attend events held on weekdays so I really want to thank God for all the opportunities that were given to me during that period as well as all the wonderful people I met along the way. I never felt more at home with the blogging community who were so welcoming and enthusiastic with their passion. I learnt so much in the past year that I never thought I would experience.

My blogging journey actually started way back during my secondary school days where it was more of my daily reflections but it totally changed for me after I graduated and came back to Kuala Lumpur. Joining the Butterfly Project was one of the best decisions I made in the start of my blogging journey. It was such a warm and welcoming community which welcomed all the newbies like me and taught me so much! Warm hugs and appreciation to Tammy, the mamasan of Butterfly Project Malaysia for all the exposure and experiences she opened up to me, making me feel right at home. From the Butterfly Project, I met so many new wonderful people whom we have formed such a close-knit bond like AnisAliza, Kak EllaCarolyn, Tara, Fish and so many more it would be a long list of names. These girls were just wonderful! Of course along the way, so many bonds were made with really sincere friends like Jessica, Bowie, Kai Kiat and others who have really been my rock at times. If I were asked what is the biggest blessing in 2015 I would definitely say that it's these amazing people! Thank you all for making 2015 a really memorable year for me and let's make more memories to come.

Thanks for bringing me to watch Laugh Die You!
Amazing girl friends
My darling sister from another mother *hugs*
The amazing baker friend!

Of course along the way, many more connections were made and one of the many wonderful connections were with Sidney whom I seriously look up to and learned so much from him. Being included in the PARTY OF THE CENTURY started off my 2015 amazingly where I was one of the bloggers invited to have a great time at the party as well as meeting with more people. This party was attended by some huge stars like Paris Hilton, 2AM, Taboo from Black Eyed Peas, TVB Stars and many more. 

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Not only that, my look for that night was sponsored by Kelvin Gems and Alice from which was a really nice experience as well. Kelvin Gems had amazing accessories and meeting Angi, the designer behind it was really a great encounter. 

My connection with Angi did not end at that party as I also showcased some of her handmade collections from Elegant Jewellery Studio 

Most definitely, I grew so much as a blogger under the guidance and assistance of Sidney Kan. A real mentor in the blogging industry. Under his wing I made more connections and more opportunity came along my way. I really want to express my appreciation and gratitude to him for bringing me along during his food reviews and events as well as seeing and believing the potential in me.

Of course when we are on the topic of food, how can I not talk about FoodInk! The best foodie community every! Since the first time I joined their food review, I have been actively been part of them which seriously is the reason I started putting on weight! Gary and Stella are really amazing people and it was so nice to get to know them plus meeting more foodie fanatics like AngelineSin Yee, Rebecca, etc. I tried so many new places which were really review worthy and these are some of them which I really would recommend you to try!





Besides all the food galore and waist increasing events, there were also new collaborations in 2015 which I am really very grateful for. 

First of, the collaboration with Honda Malaysia was seriously a super memorable collaboration. Now only it was the first automobile collaboration I had but also it was a day full of fun and laughter plus i finally did FLYBOARDING! Here's the post to that day. HONDA CITY EVENT. I must say that the new Honda City was really a great car to drive in and thank you so much to Honda Malaysia as well as Jireh Consult for the opportunity and here's to more collaborations in 2016 :)

2015 also brought me and Resorts World Genting together where I became a part of their blogger community giving me the opportunity to watch some of the shows and have weekend stays up Genting Highlands. Not only that, I also had a chance to go backstage and see the behind-the-scenes of Resort World Genting. I can't wait for more collaborations with them! Bonding with the team at Resort World Genting such as Irene, Eric, Wei En, Paul as well as meeting with more fellow bloggers like Charmaine, Jas Jas, Ellie, Elana, Leona, Sherry, Marc was just so nice!

Weekend Getaway at Genting Highlands

Illuminate Live in Genting Highlands

While we are at the topic of travelling, it also reminds me of the food road trip thanks to Tiger Beer Malaysia! Travelling to Ipoh and Penang for amazing food sure was a yummilicious trip. 

Several other new collaborations was with Halim Brothers for Alfio Raldo, Brandrive Consultancy for XES Shoes (Thank you to Sabrina and the team), Jelly Bunny as well as I started a new category for my blog with is GADGETS and TECHNOLOGY





There are so many more memorable happenings that occur in 2015 but the biggest move would be me moving to Kelantan because of my offer to further my studies. This means a somewhat temporary pause in my blogging events but of course this doesn't stop me from exploring and sharing my experience in Kelantan with all of you. 

Of course when there are good things that happen, bad things happen as well. Nonetheless, I was struck with some bad news in November where I was stopped from going overseas due to Budget 2016 so my 2015 ended with me in the current situation of not knowing what's my future to hold but this period has taught me to be stronger mentally and emotionally. 2015 was also the year where my relationship status changed from In a Relationship to Single which somehow although it was a period where I wasn't really emotionally stable but everything that happened has made me mature and know myself better. Another aspect which I've grown is definitely in terms of people connection. I used to be emotionally attached to the people around me that it always used to affect me a lot. Being single, made me see things clearer and see that I am worth more than I used to think. 

Well that was what happened in 2015 and that's all in the past so HELLO 2016! This 2016, I only have one resolution and that is to BE HAPPY! I know this is a huge resolution but this is my aim this year to face everything with a positive light and making choices that will make me happy. Lastly I will be starting a new category in this blog which will have more inspirational and motivational posts plus some personal updates.

Til then :)


  1. :) :) although we both dont know what will happen in 2016, but im sure it will be a great one as long as we have faith! stay strong, and always be the happy person that i usually see! HAPPY 2016 <3

  2. Wow this is really memorable for me to read as well hope to see you around more again

  3. Aww. Hugs and kisses! You have made my 2015 so much more meaningful and im glad that i was a part of your 2015. To more crazy adventures ahead! ❤️

  4. You are so sweet :) Time flied~ We all grow up again.
    Appreciate your support most of the time. Hope you will have a bright future in 2016 (shine bright like a diamond).

  5. thanks for sharing this awesome post ! <3

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  7. You are always gorgeous.. Your 2015 is really interesting!~ Hope you have a better 2016!~

  8. Interesting 2015! Hope you have a better 2016! Share more with us ;)

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  13. definitely looked like an awesome year for you... and here's to another awesome year ahead for all of us... cheers

  14. I love your style..

    I love your attitude..

    Keep it up..

    May more success in 2016!!

  15. interesting 2015!
    hope you have the blast at 2016 too!

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