YFS Concept Store, IOI City Mall

Ola my dear merry goers! How was your Chinese New Year? I definitely had tons of fun meeting with friends and family as well as all those good food. This year I was in charge for the Reunion Dinner, First Day and Second Day meal so it was so nice being able to really cook up a storm for my family. I will share with you the simple dishes I cooked this Chinese New Year. But before that, let me share with you a Chinese New Year event that I managed to attend while I was in town. Really lucky that they were able to catch a hold of me the next day I got back in town since my schedule has been pretty hectic flying up and down KL and Kelantan.

Now YFS Concept Store is located at IOI City Mall and if you have been there, you would know that IOI City Mall is a huge mall and has tons of new shops. With Chinese New Year around the corner during that period, YFS Concept Store actually hosted a "Style It Your Way with YFS" to celebrate this festive mood with bloggers and media. Thanks again to Sabrina for remembering me and inviting me to attend the event. Also, I managed to drag Jessy along too!

The store was well decorated for CNY and the event kicked off with the traditional lion dance to usher in the New Year and followed by the auspicious lou sang, to wish for abundant luck and happiness for all.

YFS Concept Store carries a variety of clothes that according to them are very Asian taste; no matter in style or size. That explains the Korean style you may find in the store because Korean fashion caters to both men & women needs for versatile styles.

There are really quite a variety of clothing for both male and female and I rather like the male clothes they offer at YFS Concept Store. Guys, you sure will have no problem searching for that perfect outfit be it for a casual day out or for a first date. They have a variety of blazers and outerwear that look pretty decent and does not cost a bomb too.

Of course let's not forget the children because there is a Children section at YFS Concept Store as well with tons of clothes. They do remind me of miniature versions of the adult outfits. Children nowadays sure dress up really well too.

Some of their signature items are the denim range which supposedly helps flatter your body type and makes you look good! You can check out their range of denim outfits from long jeggings, skinny fit jeans and shorts which I grabbed a pair.

YFS Concept Store carries accessories like bags, hats, cosmetic jewellery too so you can get your whole set of outfit in just one store. Besides just a tour of the store, YFS Concept Store prepared a makeover session for members of the media on that day and we had a mini photoshoot for the "Style It Your Way with YFS" Challenge. 

So this was the outfit that attracted my attention which was the Black and Gold Cheongsam. I was actually surprised that it really flattered my body and yes I know CNY, we shouldn't wear black but there's the gold in the outfit. I did not manage to get my makeover because I spent too much time trying out outfits but thanks YFS Concept Store for this unique cheongsam. My dear blogger sister Kelly actually got the same cheongsam too and we seem to be getting a lot of the same items because we both own the same pair of XES Shoes as well. Should really find a day and go matchy matchy.

Anyhow, I had a great time at the event especially meeting up with all my dear friends and it was great to be able to attend at least one event whilst I was back in town. Til then :)

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