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Hi darlings! Today's post is going to be on one of the favourite topics among ladies which is facials and spa sessions! Especially for those who have been having a hectic week, piled with mountains of workload, don't you wish you can just have a nice relaxing weekend to release all the tension you have been feeling? Well I have the perfect answer for you. How does a weekend retreat paired with a facial and spa session plus great healthy food right in the middle of town? No need to travel far distances to get the relaxing and pampering you very well deserve thanks to HerbaLine.

I am sure HerbaLine is no foreign name especially to those who have been going for their facial sessions. I know so many friends who have tried HerbaLine facial and love their service thanks to their personalized treatments and this includes my sister. HerbaLine has recently launched their first ever guest house at Pandan Indah which not only offers their signature spa and facial treatments but also in the same building with a guest house for you to have a nice retreat.

Honestly speaking, it has been ages since my last facial or spa session and I have been feeling pretty under the weather recently so I jumped up at the opportunity for a nice weekend retreat at Sojourn Guest House. Located right in the middle of the city, you would see the Sojourn Guest House which offers facial and spa treatments as well as attached to Mama Kim; offering their famous Sauna Mee. Sojourn Guest House is the first outlet under Herbaline which offers packages inclusive of facial treatment/massage, a one night stay plus dinner and breakfast the next day.

Staycation Package 2 for Twin Room


Inclusive of:

2 days 1 night stay (Twin Room)
Facial OR Massage Treatment (60 mins) worth RM88
Complimentary Foot Paraffin Wax Treatment worth RM29
Signature Sauna Mee Set (Dinner) worth RM17
Breakfast Set

HerbaLine actually promotes the holistic concept of "Live Well, Look Well, Eat Well" which was incorporated deeply at Sojourn Guest House. The minute I stepped off the lift to the third floor where my room was located, I was washed with soothing lavender aroma, making me feel so at peace. I totally did not expect to feel so relaxed. Just imagine the bustling city outside with cars honking, bad air quality and all of the sudden, stepping into the guest house lounge area, dimly lit and infused with aroma therapeutic scents. I felt like I was transported to a resort far far away from the city. 

The lounge area has several seating places where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of the area. The guest house is so sound-proof that I could not hear any city noises from outside, instead it was filled with soothing sounds like birds chirping in the air and smooth water trickling. It had this total zen feeling to the overall ambiance. There is also free flow of their signature Lemongrass tea for you to enjoy so feel free to have a few cups of them. This area is actually divided into 4 zones: Aroma Zone, Meditation Zone, Reading Corner and Lemongrass Zone and is open to all the guest We girls had some chit chat time in the Meditation corner which was super relaxing.

Twin Room

After exploring the lounge area, it was time for us to put down our bags in our room and the room assigned to me and Joyce that day was Room 313. Sojourn Guest House has rooms on both the second and third floor ranging from Single Room to Twin, Queen, King and Family Room so no worries for those who plan to come alone or even bring the whole family. My room was decorated really cozily and I love the tranquility of the blue scheme.

On the bed, they also provide you complimentary red apples which are really so sweet! As I did not have lunch before checking in, this apple totally saved my rumbling tummy. I like how this incorporated the "Live Well" concept practiced at Sojourn Guest House.

All the basic amenities are provided at Sojourn Guest House so you can actually just come empty handed or with just your clothes. Each room has toiletries, towels, basic shower and dental items, and even has a hair dryer plus iron just in case you like me crumpled up my clothes because I packed in a hurry that morning. 

After unpacking and having a short rest, it was time to change into the kimono provided and head down to the HerbaLine treatment centre for my massage appointment. Remember the second motto at HerbaLine which is we have to "Look Well".

You get to choose between the Cleansing Facial or Body Massage Treatment at HerbaLine located on the first floor. This centre can be quite pack at times especially during weekends so make sure you make your appointments to avoid disappointments. The consultant will have a short chat with you to see which treatment is suitable for you especially for those who are going for facials. Since I could feel my muscles really tense I opt for the 60 minutes Jade Stone Acupressure Body Massage. 

Before entering, you will be served with some Lemongrass and Red Dates tea with a warm towel just to prepare you for a relaxing treatment ahead. We were then brought into the treatment centre which was seriously very zen decorated.

The first spa treatment we were doing was the Fish Spa and before that, we entered the Foot Bath Zone for a quick soak in sea salt to soothe our feet as well as to clean it before entering the Fish Spa. Well, we wouldn't want to kill the fishes without washing our feet first *laugh*

Then it was time to let the fishes do their job in the Fish Spa. Honestly this was my first time actually trying out a Fish Spa and while the other girls just dunked their legs it, I was really hesitant because I know how ticklish I can be. 

Oh well, here goes nothing. The minute I dunked my feet in, all the fishes started 'attacking' my feet. Gosh, the first 5 minutes were really tormenting for me because I could not get used to the little fishes nibbling off the dead skin on my fee. Instead of being relaxed by the whole experience, I started feeling really stressed out BUT... after a few minutes of getting used to them, it started to get really relaxing. I nearly fell asleep waiting for the fishes to have their fill of my dead skin. *ewwww I know how icky that sounds* After the Fish Spa, my feet felt so smooth which shows how well those fishes did their job. There were a few which were huge too! 

Now it was time for us to get our massage but before entering, we were told to take in 3 deep breaths of the lavender aroma therapy to make us relaxed so that we can fully enjoy our massage.

Finally it was time for my massage which is the 60-minutes Jade Stone Acupressure Body Massage. Instead of using their bare hands to massage, they actually use proprietary meridian jade forks which will help reach deep within our muscles! Using these Jade Stone Forks helps to relieve tired muscles, improve blood circulation and soothe the energy flow. I never felt more relaxed and fell straight into a deep sleep throughout the whole massage. Seriously, if I can fall asleep during a massage it was really that good because I am super ticklish which is why I do not go for massage instead I do give my friends some massage when they are tired.

Currently the package they are having now includes a complimentary Foot Paraffin Wax Treatment as well where your feet are immersed in warm wax that helps to release strain and stress around the foot muscles and helps soften and moisturize the feet. This is really good especially for ladies who always wear heels. It was a peculiar feeling immersing my feet in the warm wax which at the end of the treatment, the therapist will remove the then already harden wax.

There is also a Dipping Pool for those who wants to have a dip before their treatment as well as Butterfly Treading to remove those fine hairs on our face.

Do not forget to check out the Beau Store where they sell some of the popular HerbaLine products. Really like the concept of the store with the whole range of their products. You can test some of their product before purchasing too and for those who did not being your cosmetics, you can just purchase it from the Beau Store.

After that relaxing massage session, it was time to fill our tummy. The package is inclusive of a dinner set at Mama Kim Sauna Mee for their famous Sauna Mee. The food at Mama Kim definitely suits the concept practiced at HerbaLine which is "Eat Well". The food served was fresh, healthy, with less salt which was very good for your body. You will definitely enjoy their famous Sauna Mee as well as the breakfast you are entitled to the next morning. I love the trio of Vegetable Juice, Carrot Juice and Black Soybean drink that they served with the breakfast too. I will be doing a separate post on the food at Mama Kim so do stay tuned. 

Sojourn Guest House 

No. 1 & 3, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/2, Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 603-4292 0808 
Fax: 603-4280 0606 
Email: info@sojournguesthouse.my 
Website: www.sojournguesthouse.my 
Facebook: fb.com/Sojourn-Guest-House

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