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Remember my relaxing weekend stay at Sojourn Guest House?  It was definitely such a relaxing stay especially with that awesome 60 minutes Jade Stone Massage. If you are looking for a relaxing and stress-free staycation but do not want to look far, you should really check out my stay at Sojourn Guest House located at Pandan Indah. Right in the middle of the city but you would feel like you were transported to a resort spa far far away. Anyway, I had the chance to try out Mama Kim Sauna Mee which is attached to Sojourn Guest House so this post will be a #MiriamEats post!

Mama Kim is a testament to the unmeasurable love of a mother as she prepares hearty, healthy meals for her loved ones to make sure they are on the right path to healthy living despite her busy schedule. So the meals served at Mama Kim have been experimented to provide enhanced flavors but still very healthy. They practise the concept of 80% Vegetables and 20% Meat for a healthy and holistic living and of course like any other healthy food restaurant, you can expect no MSG, preservatives, refined sugar or flour, less salt, fresh ingredients and overall a healthy balanced diet.

Mama Kim is especially famous for her Sauna Mee which luckily for me was included in my 2 days 1 night stay at Sojourn Guest House. Now you must be wondering, what on earth is a Sauna Mee? The Sauna Mee (RM 13.70) is actually noodles served in simmering hot soup in a stone bowl that has been heated up to a whooping 250°C. Super packed with good nutrients and flavors especially from its soup which had been cooked for 5 hours and accompanied with fried garlic and chili sambal for your liking. This bowl is super hot and will remain hot right until you finish you meal so YES! No more having to rush eating my food because I really do not like lukewarm food. Also, the waiters will add more soup for you if it looks like the noodles have absorbed all the soup plus you really get to see the soup all sizzling and bubbling when they pour in the new batch of soup.

I got to try two types of noodles for the Sauna Mee which is the signature rice noodles as well as their pumpkin noodles. I would think that the pumpkin noodles has a different type of sweetness to it but the rice noodles noodles has a better texture and springier so it is really up to your preference how you like your noodles. Spicy fans make sure you try their chili sambal because it is really fiery hot!

We managed to try some of their other dishes which are all super healthy as well. You know that it is super healthy when you can see a whole lot of vegetables and I love the colors!

Their Mix Fruit Salad (RM 9.40) has an assortment of different fruits and vegetables as well. Oh that purple dragonfruit was sweet and juicy. You also have green apples, carrots, purple cabbage and many others which consists of the 5 Major Colors that you should consume every day. If you are looking to lose weight, this is definitely something that is nutritious and can really fill you up.

Another noodle dish that we managed to try were the Cantonese Seafood Noodles (RM 15.80) which had crunchy Yee Mee in it with tons of ingredients. One thing for sure that I can say about Mama Kim is her portions sure are huge! There were a variety of vegetables added to the dish and the seafood were huge too as you get prawns and mussels. I actually quite like this dish because it is the healthier version of the Cantonese Noodles plus I have been really watching my diet recently! Do let the noodles soak in the broth for a while to enjoy the full flavor of the dish.

If you are not really a noodle fan and would prefer rice instead, there is a variety of rice dishes served at Mama Kim. For those of you who like to enjoy some soup with your rice, make sure you try their Steamed Rice Set (RM15.80) which consists of healthy brown rice served with portions of vegetables and meat as well as a nice bowl of warm double boiled soup! This portion was huge as well especially the amount of rice they gave so no worries about not being full after eating this. We got the Chili Teochew Chicken with some vegetables, braised peanuts and soup which tasted really healthy especially the soup. 

Another healthy rice dish would be the Baked Cheesy Mushroom Rice (RM 13.70) which has brown rice and vegetables baked with a layer of cheese on the top. I guess this is a healthy western fusion twist to the Baked Cheese Rice. Generous portion but I do wish there were more cheese because it certainly was not enough to finish the amount of brown rice they served.

Mama Kim's Pumpkin Fried Rice (RM 9.40) was quite a delight to enjoy and personally something I would recommend to those who want to eat a healthy version of fried rice. It was flavorful, nicely fried and all in all really quite tasty. Most of us at the table agreed it was one of the dishes we enjoyed.

Oh yeah before I forget, do try their Natural Fruit and Flower Tea (RM 10.50). It has a blend of sweet sourish fruits like apples, oranges and passionfruit which was great to share among 4 to 5 people. It was really very sweet and refreshing.

Wait! I am not done yet. My stay at Sojourn Guest House also includes breakfast at Mama Kim so after that healthy dinner, we had some healthy breakfast the next morning too. Mama Kim Sauna Mee is so popular that they even serve mini Sauna Mee for breakfast. They have some other options too like American Breakfast, Mee Hoon and others but well since we were at Mama Kim and their Sauna Mee is really quite tasty plus healthy, we decided to have their Mini Sauna Mee. We also enjoyed a huge cup of the Red Date tea and three bottles of their in-house juices.

These juices were really so good! Honestly I could not finish my Sauna Mee because I was full from the juices. You have the Black Soybean drink, Vegetable Juice and Carrot Juice which were really very good. Drinking this early in the morning for breakfast really helps jumpstart your day.

Generally I did enjoy my dining experience at Mama Kim although I must advise you to either make reservations or go earlier because the crowd was crazy especially during dinner time! It was full house and the crowd kept coming in non-stop. This clearly shows how popular Mama Kim is among those who love healthy eating. For the generous portion given, the price of the dishes are really very affordable because trust me when I say you can really share it among two people.

Mama Kim Sauna Mee

 Sojourn Guest House
No. 1, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/2, 
Pandan Indah, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: +603-4292 0808 
Facebook: Mama Kim Sauna Mee

Other outlets: 
Kota Kemuning: Herbaline Beauty Square (+603-5121 7151) 
Jalan Pahang: Beside SRJK(C) Chong Hwa (+6014-6418624)

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