Food Factory, First World Plaza | Genting Highlands

Hi my dear merry goers! Time for another #MiriamEats post and this time up in Genting Highlands!

Throwback to my previous post about the girls weekend trip up to Genting Highlands where we have a blast with the freezing cold air plus some fun activities. Today's post will be about what we ate at Genting Highlands. If you recall from one of my previous post where I stayed at Genting Highlands, I had breakfast at First World Cafe which has now been refurbished and relaunched as Food Factory! 

The name Food Factory piqued my curiosity which was well answered after I had the chance to tour the kitchen. The reason why it was named Food Factory because guess what? Most of the food served are made using machines and they are trying to change everything to be made my machines too; like in actually factories. The restaurant serves a delightful range of breakfast offering from 4 different counters ie: West Asian, East Asian, Western and pastry from 6.00am to 11.00am daily at only RM 29.00 nett (adult) and RM 14.50 nett (child).

The overall space in Food Factory certainly looks spacious as they rearranged the seating and food area. The kitchen is a mirror kitchen where both sides of the counters are serving the same food items. Let's have a closer look at the array of food choices served. 

First up we have Pancakes! These pancakes were not made the conventional way of adding batter to a hot pan and flipping it once it's done but it was actually made using a special machine custom-made to serve pancakes. Luckily for us, we were able to check out how this machine worked. 

The machine actually squirts or dispense a certain amount of pancake batter which can be adjusted depending on the size of the pancake we want. It is dispensed on a hot belt which starts cooking the bottom part of the pancake. As it reaches the end, it will then flip over to the bottom belt which continues cooking the other half of the pancake. It would be fully cooked and ready to be served at the end of the conveyor belt. Interesting isn't it? No worries about irregular sized pancakes or burnt pancakes when this machine will do everything for you. 

These pancakes will then be served on the buffet counter paired with sweet sauces and especially this Maple Syrup Fountain. Now I know everyone have seen or heard of chocolate fountain but how many of you have seen a maple syrup fountain? Definitely a gimmick to attract customers attention.

Some other dishes that were prepared using machines as well are the fried rice and fried noodles. Any time of noodles or rice can be cooked using this special machine. All the chef got to do is just to toss in the ingredients and allow the machine to stir it up and cook it to perfection. 

I am telling you this nifty machine is definitely very useful especially for those who cannot cook because the machine does everything for you.  Crave for prawn fried rice? Just throw in prawns with rice. The machine definitely helps to cook the rice or noodles evenly and ensures all the seasonings are well distributed. It also helps to reduce manpower although you would still need the chef to throw the ingredients in at the right time.

The machine can be programmed to cook at a certain temperature and time so you do not need to keep watch over it. Once the time is up, it will automatically turn off and you can just pour out the rice or noodles to be served.

The Food Factory also serves some good East Asian dishes like fish head curry and Kapitan Chicken. They were flavourful, slightly spicy and very aromatic. 

For those who prefer a western twist to breakfast,  make sure you take their sausages which are delicious! Kids can enjoy a variety of cereals as well as some pastries

Although this was not cooked using a machine, I super love the Radish Cake! Yums!! Fried Radish Cake is one of my favourite dishes and to my delight they served it at the Food Factory plus we got freshly fried radish cake to enjoy. Watching the chef cook up this dish in front of my eyes just made me so hungry and the radish cake pieces were huge! I super recommend you take this dish.

Lastly, the pizza and pastties were also not made using the conventional oven method. There is this conveyer belt oven that evenly bakes the pizza as it enters from one end to the other. 

The chef started off with the basic ingredients like sauce, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and cheese! Lots and lots of cheese! He then places the pizza on the conveyor belt which will slowly move the pizza into the oven. The pizza will cook evenly as it moves on the conveyor belt and when it reaches the end, you get that golden brown delicious pizza!

I must say I am impressed with the upgrade to Food Factory and I am sure more patrons will be visiting this eatery when they are up in Genting especially since most of the food at Genting are super expensive! Here's some good news!

In conjunction with this upcoming March school holiday, the restaurant is offering Hi-Tea buffet  every weekend ie : 12th to 20th, 26th and 27th March from 1pm to 5pm, price At RM38 nett  (adult) and RM19 nett (child), guests get to enjoy so much for so little. I have not had the chance to try out their Hi Tea Buffet but here are some of the items they will be serving.

Hi-Tea Buffet

 RM38 nett  (adult) | RM19 nett (child)

Western Counter

o Assorted Salad with condiments

o Cheese & Cracker with Grape

o Seafood Platter

o Sandwiches –Ham Sandwich, Cheese & Vegetable ,Egg Mayonnaise

o Buttered Pancake with Condiments

o Roast Rosemary Chicken with Potatoes & Vegetables OR Roasted Chicken Roll

o Chicken & Lamb Sharwama OR Beef &Chicken Burger

o Sautéed Spanish Sausages with Mushrooms & Herbs

o Sautéed Pasta with Cream Carbonara Sauce OR Bolognaise

o Sautéed Lamb Ball with Hot Sauce OR Breaded Fish 

o Cream of Mushroom Soup OR Chicken Soup

East Asian Counter

o Fish Ball Noodle Soup OR Curry Noodle Soup

o Fried Carrot with XO Sauce

o Grill Yam Cake OR Deep Fried Yam Roll

o Steamed Crystal Roll OR Steam Golden Silver Roll

o Deep Fried Cheese Roll OR Chee Cheong Fun

o ABC Chicken Soup OR Old Cucumber Soup

o Fried Loh See Fun OR Fried Yee Mee

o Kow Wong Roll / Fatt Choy Fish Ball / Siew Mai

o Jade Bun /Red Bean Bun / Kaya Bun / Corn Bun

 West Asian Counter

o Assorted Malay & Nyonya Kuih

o Nasi Lemak with Condiments

o Potatoes Samosa OR Vegetables Pakoras

o Tandoori Chicken OR Fish Head Curry

o Ayam Masak Merah OR Chicken Curry

o Sup Ayam Berempah OR Sup Kambing with Roti Bengali

o Chicken & Lamb Skewer (Satay)

o Roti Jala OR Seafood Bakar- Bakar


o Margherita Pizza

o Chicken Ham Pizza

o Toasted Bread with Kaya & Butter

o Keledek Goreng OR Pisang Goreng

o Juices , Coffee & Tea

Food Factory

3rd Floor First World Plaza
Genting Highlands
For more information, please call 03 – 2718 1118 or log on to

Til next time