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Hello my dear merry goers! How many of you have ever felt that sudden urge to just leave everything behind and fly off to some far off place just to have a change in scenery? Or how many of you are like myself, terrible holiday planners? We know that in order to travel or to even have a holiday, tons of early planning needs to be done in terms of flight tickets, hotels, tours, etc but how many of us actually have that excess time to sit down and actually plan for it? For instance, I was not able to visit the recent MATTA Fair for awesome travel deals because I was tied up with some matters making me really want to kick myself when I saw some of the deals my friends manage to snatch.

Thankfully, someone introduced me a travel app which offers some amazing deals even for last minute planners like myself. Sometimes, it would be great to be able to plan ahead for travelling but knowing how my schedule and my family's schedule is so uncertain, last minute bookings seem to work best for us. Last Minute Booking is actually an online travel site where you can get some great travel deals as well as cheap flights and hotels.  For example, I saw a promotion for a 6 days 5 nights Sydney/Melbourne trip inclusive of Fruit Orchard Tour for only RM5909 (All in Fare) which is seriously such a great deal plus the date is the end of April which is definitely so much easier to arrange my schedule.

The Last Minute Booking Apps is available to download for free on Google Play (for Android) and App Store (for iOS). 

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That's not all! If you missed the recent MATTA Fair like myself, there are some awesome MATTA Fair Promotion in the app too. I am seriously tempted to get the 3D2N Phuket Deal because it has seriously been a while since I last went to the beach. Dearly miss the blue seas and white sands!

For those who prefer to go for tour trips, there are several tours available that you can choose from. Benefits of following tours are there is a set itinerary which is great for those who hate planning and are not familiar with the destination.

Meanwhile for those who are more adventurous and prefer to explore the place like myself, you can actually get great deals for last minute flight and hotel bookings! Seriously just look at the deal I found! RM 500 for two night stay in Seoul and just RM1,100 for a round trip and I can still get them even if I am going to travel in another 2 weeks. Using the Last Minute Booking app really helps filter all the great deals so that you can get the cheapest travel deals ever even at the last minute. So what are you waiting for? Go download this app for FREE and get those great deals.

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