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How many of you like myself have helicopter parents? Or well let's put it in a better way, parents who are always concerned about our well-beings especially about our location? After graduating from university and coming out to work, I must say that the frequency of me being out and about until at times wee hours of the morning have increased tremendously, causing my mum to worry a lot about my safety. I used to find it a hassle when she keeps calling me and texting me to know where are my whereabouts especially when I'm either driving or hanging out with friends.
Now, thanks to an app that I was introduced to recently I no longer face this problem. FUNA Family Locator is actually a phone application that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS which can solve the problem of not knowing where your loved ones are. I get it that any of you might think that it is just like another locator app and might find it intrusive to your privacy but do read on because this app is so much more than a locator app.

The reason that triggered me to start using this app when one day I stayed out definitely way too late and missed a gazillion missed calls from my mum! She woke up in the middle of the night frantic when she found me not in bed at 4 a.m. That was when I realized how important it is that she knows my whereabouts so that she will know that I am safe and sound instead of having crazy thoughts of me being kidnapped. Not only that, she can see that I am on my way home instead of calling me and asking me where I am all the time.

With FUNA, I can add and accept selected friends or family into my contact and you can also choose not to accept any request from people you do not want to share your location with. This app is really very accurate and can track your location for the whole day. Some people in my contacts are close friends like Sara who downloaded the app after I introduced it to her. It is so cool how I can know where she is especially if we plan to meet up. Not only that, we can now easily schedule a coffee hangout when we see that we are at the same location. Meeting up has never been easier!
Another cool feature that I really like on FUNA is the Location Alert Settings. The way it works is really so simple! All you've got to do is to set a notification radius of a certain place. For example, I was supposed to meet my friends at KLCC so I set the Location Alert to 1km. When my friends arrive within a distance of 1km, I will receive a notification that they are arriving. 
Plus when they arrive at the location, they can choose to check in so that the rest of the group would be aware that they have arrived. No more calling or texting your friends asking them if they have arrived or who has arrived at the meetup place. This feature works the same way when they are leaving too! You would automatically receive a notification that your friends are leaving the designated location. 
Face an emergency situation? With pressing the SOS button, it would send ALL your contacts with your current location and help would be on the way! Like myself, I actually used it when I accidentally sprained my ankle a few weeks back. Thank God I had my phone to me and my mum can track my location instead of having to worry about me.

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