Musang King vs Black Thorn Showdown | Durian King Bukit Bintang

Durian lovers put your hands up!! Durian season is back and I cannot wait to indulge in the King of Fruits. But among the king of fruits there is always a superior breed so let's see the showdown between the all time champion Musang King versus a new competitor in town hailing from Penang, the Black Thorn.
If you all did not know, the popular Durian King TTDI has opened another branch at Bukit Bintang to cater to crazy durian fans out there and they are the only ones offering the Black Thorn which claims to be a competitor to the Musang King.
With so many different breeds of durians around, not everyone knows how to differentiate the different types of durians and often get cheated by unscrupulous sellers by the roadside. It definitely isn't a pleasant experience to get cheated when purchasing durians especially since they aren't the cheapest fruits around. I am going to share with you some tips on identifying the Musang King and Black Thorn.
So this is how you can identify the Musang King with a star-shaped mark at the bottom of the durian. This star shaped mark is one way a durian fan can check the authenticity of the durian you purchase so make sure you remember this tip. 
Not only that, you can also identify a Musang King from the ring around the stem which is another identification point of this breed.
I am sure every durian fan have tasted the Musang King and know how amazing the flavors are with the rich, pungent aromatic flesh that literally lingers in your mouth. That golden flesh never fails to make any durian lover fall in love with it. Just leave me alone with it and I can just finish the whole fruit!
Now let's talk about its competitor, the Black Thorn. This fragrant and aromatic breed can be identified with a tiny thorn at the base of the durian; giving it the name Black Thorn. Not only that, you can identify this beauty from the unique star shape that resembles a starfruit.
Just look at the luscious golden flesh hidden within the thorny shell of the Black Thorn. This breed is definitely one of the 'black label' among the durians as you can only find one piece in each section. This makes just it to be priced at roughly RM20 per piece! But let me tell you that it is so worth it because of the creamy goodness and the tinge of bitter sweet.
Another specialty you will be able to find at Durian King would be their Durian Cendol. Riding on the hype of the Shah Alam Durian Cendol, the Durian King has their own twist to their version with that gorgeous Black Thorn on top of it. I must say the star of the whole bowl is definitely still the durian while the cendol still needs some tweaks to it. Since they have just started, I am sure after some modification, this bowl of cendol would be the best dessert on a hot day.

Go have your durian feast this coming durian season but do make sure to drink tons of water or herbal tea after your session so that you do not fall sick!

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