Nature Discovery Fashion Forest | Genting Highlands

The bustling city life can be stressful at times, making us neglect the wonders and beauty of nature around us. Thanks to Resorts World Genting, I had a relaxing and peaceful weekend enjoying nature's beauty.

How many of you actually know that, you can actually trek within the pristine forests of Genting Highlands? Trek Nature Enterprise located at Awana Genting actually organizes team building events, personalized nature trekking, night walks, bird watching and others within the forest. With huge straggling oak trees, exotic hornbills and rehabilitated pitcher plants, these are among some of the wondrous sights that awaits you. 
 Treks Nature Enterprise has made it its mission to demystify nature—by also using social media and
digital technologies. You heard me right! They understand how technology is revolved around our daily lives but this doesn't mean we cannot still enjoy nature. Nature now meets technology at Fashion Forest Genting Highlands where they use technology and social media to share all the beauty within the forest. 
There are actually three different forests in Fashion Forest. There are three forest types Treks refers to as “alliance of rainforests.” These are divided into four groups, namely Fashion Forest at Awana (upper Dipterocarp Forest 3,000 ft above sea level), Slay Forest at Chin Swee Temple (Montane Oak Forest some 4,500 ft above sea level), Chocolate Forest (Montane Ericaceous Forest some 6,000 ft above sea level), and Skyride Forest in Awana.
We first had a nature walk through the Fashion Forest and even going up high among the clouds and rehabilitated some pitcher plants. It was an interesting walk where even children and elderly can join. 
Surrounded with greenery, Trek Nature organized some gimmicks to keep even those not interested in nature focused. Introducing us to the models of the forest, I never knew that all these superstars were all living among us. Certainly all the programmes offered are therapeutic as participants will learn to count their blessings by appreciating the “simpler” things in life—things people do not
ordinarily notice like a dead tree trunk or a forest herb. 
An important element to ensure the success of Fashion Forest is the availability of internet connectivity—participants can expect to enjoy this free. Technology is utilised to help people “see more, discover more and enjoy more” through fun and practical ways—via visual aids like the Natgeo Frame, living sculptures (like trees and plants),

For as little as RM75 per person, the best of nature can be enjoyed, although generally a full-day walk or nature tour can cost RM130 per person (or RM120 for children aged 11 and below) for a minimum group of three persons. Many types of packages are offered by Treks to cater to various groups including individuals, families and corporations. The packages are all priced differently.

Other programmes worth pursuing: Discover the Elusive Black Gibbons, Discover Birding, and Enjoying Herping Searching. Discover Birding sees avid bird watcher Henry Goh sharing his knowledge of the endemic birds and migratory birds that are found in the Awana area.
We had a nice morning stroll, looking out for some of our feathered friends. We were lucky to even be able to watch hornbills in action! Do make sure you have your binoculars ready on hand or you might miss out on them. It was my first time actually bird watching and it was really an interesting and educational experience.
Another first for me was the Enjoying Herping Searching program conducted by Steven Wong. Herping actually means going after amphibians and reptiles! Yesssssss! Honestly how many of us would have the chance to get so close to snakes, lizards and others especially in the wild?
Right after dinner, we went on a night walk where we were lucky to see several snakes, frogs and lizards. Through this program, we were able to better appreciate these beautiful creatures who are often misunderstood.
No less interesting are the pitcher plants found in Genting Highlands—the main conservation project of Treks. This involves rescuing pitcher plants from roadsides, hill slopes and pieces of land earmarked for development. The pitcher plants are rehabilitated and are available for public viewing at the Treks Nepenthes Conservation & Display Wall at the English Garden in Theme Park Hotel (and also the Treks outlet in Awana). 
The Treks programmes begin in June 2016 and are available from 9am to 10pm.
For more information, please call 03-27181118 or log on to


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