GLAMORA, Malaysia's 1st High End Skincare & Beauty Product

You can never set a price too high for beauty and with so many beauty brands out there, why not have a look at our local beauty brands. GLAMORA, is another Malaysian beauty brands which is a high-end but affordable beauty brand. Formulated at one of the best research center in France, the products uses the latest microinzation technology from Korea. These products emphasizes on skin health and efficacy plus ensuring that your skin will not be dependent on prolong usage of the product.
LUMINATE Fairness Face Serum (RM155) is a water-based serum which is oil-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free; suitable to be used on all skin type and all age group. This serum absorbs up to 99.9% which means within 10 seconds, it will be totally absorbed into your skin. It claims to show the best effect after 2 weeks of regular usage. 

You can use Luminate Fairness Face Serum on its own as a skincare or as a base before makeup and good news, it can help your makeup to stay longer! This product helps to brighten your skin, even out skin tone and reduces scars. 

Usage: Apply twice daily (morning and night) after cleansing. Use 1 - 2 drops and massage evenly over face and neck.

Another unique product is the BODY SPA Intense Lightening Body Spray (RM145). Now you can even whiten your body parts. Super easy to use, this is the first whitening body spray in Malaysia. All you need to do is to spray it at hard to reach areas and rub it in. There is a slight fragrance to it leaving you a refreshing smell. It claims to whiten your skin especially places like elbows, knees, dark areas as well as help reduce cellulite and stretchmarks.  

Usage:  Shake the bottle and spray over clean area. Use twice daily.

This product is oil-free, paraben-free, hydroquinone-free and mercury-free plus it is fast absorbing and does not leave a greasy feeling on your skin as wearing lotion would normally be. Bonus points for Muslims, the Body Spa Intense Whitening Body Spray is wudhu-friendly for Muslims and it is also suitable to be used by all age range!

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