8 tips to stage your home for quick sell

If you're thinking about selling your house and you want to make the most money out of it, you have to be well prepared. Just browse through the abundance of properties for sale online and you will find yourself looking at an incredible steep competition. One key element in making a quick sell will be to stage your home at your very best. Updating your home doesn’t need to be expensive, some small budget will be sufficient to spruce up your home without breaking your bank.

It's important to keep in mind that a first impression makes a huge difference in your potential buyer's decision making. This is why you have to ensure that your home is kept clean and beautifully maintained. There are thousands of properties for sale from PropertyGuru that can get you inspired.

1. Make Your Entrance Enchanting


Your curb or home entrance is the first thing people see when they arrive in your home. Your potential buyers should be impressed with how your curb looks like during the initial tour. People usually drive by a potential home that they're interested in so if yours doesn't look attractive at first glance, onlookers will move on to the next house. You can simply Incorporate blooming flowers and decorate your door to attract more potential buyers.

2. Clean, Clean and Clean

Although cleaning your house may be time consuming, it will be your best asset to achieve a successful sale. You'll never know how much of a clean freak your potential buyer is so it's best to ensure that every bit of your home is clean. Your floors should look shiny, your windows should be dust free and your counters should be scrubbed out. Each and every surface of your home should be sparkly clean. By showcasing a well kept and tidy home to your potential buyers, you're influencing them to think that your home is the perfect choice.

3. Make Up Your Dining Room

The dining room is a place where friends and family gather to share meals together. It's one of the most visited areas inside the house because everybody always walks into the dining room. Although it may not be the first thing you think about decorating, you shouldn't forget to style your dining area. A bare table looks very plain and boring. You want to achieve an atmosphere that looks inviting and appealing. Put some decorative furniture at the center of the table to make it look more lively.

4. Choose Neutral Colours

Not everyone loves incorporating bright and bold colours into their homes. Most people prefer living in a space, which has neutral colors and a sophisticated ambiance. Although it may be fun to experiment with various colors, it should up to your potential buyers to change it into the color they like. You will have a higher chance of closing sale if you're selling a house that has mainly neutral colors. Your best color options are white, gray, mocha and beige.

5. Open Your Closets

For most people, closet space is a very important factor in determining whether or not a house is right for them. If a potential buyer has plenty of things to put into a closet, he or she will be looking for a more spacious closet space. For someone who doesn't have as many things, they will only be looking for a decent sized closet. By showcasing how much items they can fit inside the closet, you are helping them imagine their own personal belongings tucked inside the closet. As a result, your potential buyers will become more encouraged to purchase your home.

6. Clutter Free Your Home

 All the talk about cleaning but if visitors see a mountain of toys or utensils and even magazines all over the place, you might as well just see your visitor out in no time. Al clutter must go, period!

7. Mix & Match Your Personal Accents With Surroundings

Although it is important for the visitors to see everything to be pristine, we can make use of the opportunity to be creative with our personal belongings. Especially in the bathroom, if the wall is white, your bathrobe, towels and even hairbrushes can be in white, to match with the surroundings. You have to look at every detail with a visitor’s eye. 

8. Awkward Areas Not so Awkward

More often we will find some nook and corner in a house to be unpleasant and could be left out from being made use of. However, you can always find a unique way to show it off by setting up these places to be useful and functional with bulletin board, shelving and even a workstation. These spot can be your best selling point too.

Hopefully these are some helpful tips for those of you looking to sell your home.