Hangry Fried Chicken | UNITAR Kelana Jaya

Food hunt adventures continues with challenging some fiery hot chicken! Spicy fanatics like myself, you can now challenge some crazy hot chickens at Hangry.

Located at UNITAR Kelana Jaya, this fried chicken joint caters to mostly the students so the price range of each dish is well below RM10. There are quite a variety of different chicken selections which you can choose from and each sure to fill you up.

The specialty of this place would be all the different seasoning powder you can add to your chicken. Just look at all the levels of spiciness you can choose from. For those of you who want to challenge, go for the extreme spicy level. Needless to say, obviously I went for that and 4 dashes of the Ghost Pepper flakes still wasn't too much for me to handle.

On the grand opening day itself, a Spicy Chicken Challenge was held where several young brave chaps went up for the challenge. It sure was entertaining seeing so many of them braving through 12 levels of spiciness until the champion was determined.

I was actually tempted to challenge it myself but since I had to head over to work after the event, I sure couldn't risk having an upset stomach. Bravo to those who managed to overcome all 12 levels because they sure looked like they were tortured. 

It was definitely not an easy feat challenging the Ghost Chili which is the world's hottest chili pepper, 400 times hotter than Tobasco sauce. They even prepared cartons of milk to ease the pain for those who surrendered to the fiery power of the Ghost Pepper.

Moving on to the food selection at Hangry, all their items are below RM10 and starting from RM3.50. We tried several of their menu selections which are the Hangty Couple, Hot Chic Bowl, Hangry Witch and Hangry Garden. All of this comes with the option of the Hangry Cheese Sauce or the Hangry Signature Hot Sauce. The Signature Hot Sauce wasn't as hot as I would expect but you can always add a few dashes of their Chili Seasoning into your sauce.

The Hangry Couple comes with some chicken bites and a piece of fried chicken accompanied with Hangry fries. For those of you who think this is too heavy, you can always opt for the Single Chic (RM5.90) or the Hangry Rock Star (RM6.90).

I personally prefer the Chicken Bites especially dipping into the hot sauce.

Those who need your rice quota, get their Hot Chic Bowl (RM7.90) which has fried chicken bites, fries, some mixed vegetables and served on some warm flufy rice. A real comfort food that brings me back to my student days.

On a diet? Get their Hangry Garden (RM8.90) with fresh lettuce, cucumbers, onions and chicken bites served with Thousand Island Sauce. For me I would rather have my salad with the hot sauce but that's just me being crazy about spicy food.

You can get their Hangry Witch (RM6.90) which is actually a chicken sandwich. I must give them more credit for their creative names.

Now if you are coming with a huge group, just get their Hangry Secret Cult which is a HUGE platter of chicken pieces and chicken bites mixed with some chips, fries and everything nice! Great combo to share and dig in with friends and oh boy things sure get very messy eating this.

Add on their HEXA Drump Mix with the different blends of peppercorns adding more flavor and spice.

Overall, for this price range I would say that Hangry serves pretty decent meal options especially for those who are on a student's budget. I might even stop by to have a bite if I'm craving for some spicy chicken.

Hangry Malaysia

Jalan SS 6/3, Ss 6, 47301
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operating Hours: 10am – 7pm
Tel: 012-618 1051