Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant New Menu Review

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Let's have a fusion of delectable Chinese cuisines with a Malaysian touch with Thai Thong Group latest fresh new menu showcasing more than 50 brand new dishes.

For the past year, Thai Thong Group Executive Chef Lee Wee Hong and his team spent around a year concocting the new menu catering to the growing trends and demands of diners. This new menu featuring a total of 112 items will be officially launched at all outlets across Klang Valley and Ipoh from 1st June 2017.

I was privileged to be one of the few to savor some of their latest innovative creations at Tai Thong Imperial Garden Restaurant and here are some of the top picks recommended :)

To warm up our tummy, we were first served with Giant Grouper Fillets with Assorted Seafood in Casserole (RM68). This casserole was filled with generous chunks of grouper fillets, tender and adding sweetness to the broth. Be satisfied with the range of seafood you will discover like giant prawns and scallops which adds so much flavor in the soup plus the numerous vegetables in it too.

A highlight dish among many would be the Braised Australian Lamb with Water Spinach in Casserole (RM55). Served in a casserole just like the previous dish, it actually helps to retain the heat of the dish ensuring that you still get warm food especially after I take 101 shots of it. *giggles*  Cooked tender and juicy, the meat just comes right off the bones. 

Well marinated, this dish came with a second step where you actually cook the fresh water spinach in the leftover sauce; making this dish a 2-in-1 delight. So remember to leave some of the gravy to cook your water spinach.

In nearly every Chinese dinner, there would be this dish that serves as a centrepiece which is the Yam Ring. Most of the time you would find Kung Pao Chicken or Black Pepper Beef, this time we were served with Stir Fried Australian Beef Tenderloin in the Yam Ring (RM45). Different from other Chinese cooking methods, this dish used Beef Tenderloin Chunks instead of slices where you can still chew on the juicy and succulent tender chunks. I personally love meaty texture and I love my meats to have that chew and bite so I do find this dish to my liking. The juiciness from the Beef Tenderloin was just so succulent and I couldn't help getting more. The crispy Yam Ring was a delight to cut into with the crunch of the exterior paired with the fluffy yam within.

We cannot go without some more seafood choices as we were served with Crispy Sea Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk (48). Now this is just a heart-stopper and maybe quite literally if you regularly consume this. So flavourful from the salted egg yolk, salty but not too overwhelming with the fragrance and crunch from the sea prawn batter. Yums! This is just the perfect snack although I wouldn't quite recommend it to those who are in a healthy diet but once in a while, some sinful indulgence is worth it just like this dish. 

Another seafood dish would be the Cheese Baked Crab Shell Stuffed with Seafood (RM28). Just imagine cheesy seafood goodness all well seasoned and stuffed back into the crab shell. No worries about dirtying your hands as you enjoy this dish

If you're still hungry after all that, well fill up your tummy with the Dry Tossed "Mee Pok"with XO Sauce and Eggplant (RM20). Inspired by the staple noodle dish commonly served at hawker centers, this is a tasty twist on tradition. I personally feel it may be a bit too soft for my liking as I like my food to have more texture and flavor-wise I wouldn't say there was much XO sauce taste

Now, just when I thought the feast was over, we were served with their Hari Raya Selera Mesra ala carte Promotion. Yes, weird but Tai Thong now serves some Malay cuisines too. For a Chinese restaurant chain establishment, I sure was curious how well they can pull this off. First up, the Sambal Shrimp with Petai served in Pineapple (RM38++). Oh wow this sure is some 'fragrant' dish but to those who love petai, you will definitely love this. Super flavourful, with a spicy kick this really taste amazing. The prawns were done really well plus the sambal, I could just eat this up with a nice plate of rice.

Of course, we cannot forget the Rendang Curry Chicken (RM28++) which took all of us by surprise. Rendang isn't the easiest paste to cook especially for Chinese restaurant which tend to lose out on the special taste and touch that most Malay restaurants offer. However, the rendang served at Tai Thong exceeded our expectations and we were even wondering if there was a Malay chef in the kitchen actually preparing the rendang. Yes, that was how fragrant and flavorful the rendang was prepared for us that night.

We then have the Assam Red Snapper Fillets (RM38++) as well as the Tumeric Stuffed Cuttlefish with Mushroom & Capsicum (RM28++). Though the fish isn't that aesthetically pleasing but it sure was pleasing on the tastebuds. Once again both these dishes exceed our expectations of Tai Thong Group.

Time to end the night with some Malay desserts where we were served with Durian Pancake (RM15++) and Pandan Gula Melaka Ball with Grated Coconut (RM8++). The Durian Pancake was filled with fresh cream and durian pulp which tasted so good. Maybe it was because I was craving for durians and it really hit me at the right spot. I love my Malay kuih and Ondeh-Ondeh is one of my favourite sweet treat so the Pandan Gula Melaka Ball with Grated Coconut really made my night with the sweet gula melaka filling bursting into my mouth at the first bite. Mmm.. so goooood.

The Selera Mesra ala carte promotion will be available until 27th June 2017 so get them while it is available. Also Tai Thong is having a promotion price in the month of June for the new menu items you see in my post today.

For more information and restaurant locations, head on to http://www.taithong.com.my/restaurants-introduction

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