Affordable Eats under RM20 @ Klang Parade

Hi merry goers

Hands up who's from Klang! I'm not very familiar with Klang besides knowing that it's famous for bak kut teh and also because of a friend of mine who's crazy about a steamboat place in Klang. Yup, we actually travel to Klang just for steamboat so you can guess how crazy he is about the steamboat place. Anyway, the only two malls I know in Klang is AEON Bukit Tinggi and Klang Parade. I've been to Klang several times for work and also to explore some of the good makan places.

Recently I heard that Klang Parade is having a Jom Makan campaign that you not only get to enjoy tasty food offers but also get to redeem some gifts at the same time. So let's see what is there to be offered in Klang Parade.

One of the places I normally would check out in a mall would be the Food Court. Now before you start judging, let me tell you that there are some mall food courts that serve pretty good food. Plus it's so much more affordable especially when you are on a tight budget.

You know sometimes when you are out with a group of friends and no one can decide where to eat? Next Food Junction is the best place to go! Doesn't matter if you like Chinese, Japanese, Western, or Malay cuisines, you can find it at Next Food Junction. Just take your pick from noodles, rice, western dishes and all at an affordable price too. My pick would be the Portuguese Grilled Stall especially the Ikan Pari Asam with okra. Yums!

Another affordable makan place in Klang Parade would be Pat Kin Pat Sun. In Cantonese it actually means I/We won't leave until we meet. It's kinda like what you would say to a friend that you've made arrangements to meet up. This is a rather new eatery in town with a similar concept to Kim Gary or Wong Kok.

Serving Chinese fusion dishes as well as some Western dishes, you can consider their set menus when you're out with your friends. Prices are pretty affordable as the slightly pricier options are like steaks but you can get a pretty decent meal for around RM 10 to RM20.

Those of you who have similar taste like the boyfie, I think you would find Texas Chicken appealing. The pug alternates from KFC one day to Texas Chicken another. I personally prefer Texas Chicken but only because they have to-die-for Honey Butter Biscuits. I mean.. have you guys actually tried the Honey Butter Biscuits? Because they are just so good. Just give me one of these and I'll be purring like a kitten.

Feeling hungry already? Calling all foodies out there for a 'makan' session at Klang Parade. Let's hang out and have a 'makan' session and redeem some gifts too. With every RM30 minimum spending at any F&B tenant in Klang Parade, you will be able to redeem their exclusive Micro Termo. You have until 15 October to redeem them. Not only that, if you spend more than RM80, you also get a lucky draw entry.

The grand prize is the OGAWA TENS Therapy Electromagnetic Foot Massager worth RM1,999. So for those of you who have tired feet after shopping all day long, this would be perfect. Honestly there is nothing to lose since you have to eat anyways. So just dine at any of their outlets and spend more than RM80 to get a lucky draw chance.

Before I end my post, Klang-nites make sure to check out the Lantern Parade happening on the 30th of September in conjunction with Mid Autumn Festival. I'm sure the whole Main Court would be gorgeously decorated with lanterns. What better way than to spend some time with your family eating mooncakes and playing with lanterns on such a special night. 

Wait no more.. so who's up for a 'makan' session?

Til next time,