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I can never say no to a staycation invitation, what more an invitation to stay up in Genting Highlands with the cool weather. My childhood memories of Genting Highlands are mostly around the Outdoor Theme Park and staying in the Theme Park Hotel. Now that the theme park is being rebuilt to make way for Twentieth Century Fox World theme park, the Theme Park Hotel has also undergone a makeover.

Hotel on The Park, Genting Highlands

Being one of the oldest hotel at Resorts World Genting, the Theme Park Hotel was built in the 70's and formerly known as the Highlands Hotel. I can't count the numerous ghostly tales about the Highlands Hotel when I was younger. After being closed since the closure of the Theme Park, the hotel now opens up its doors with a new look and a new name. Now known as Hotel On The Park - a nod to its proximity to the first-in-the-world Twentieth Century Fox World theme park.

With no structural changes and with the hotel still retaining its 448 rooms, the resort was able to find a way to house more families in the existing space. All ready for the Twentieth Century Fox World theme park to be opened. The new look of Hotel On The Park captivates you as you walk into the 8,000 sq ft lobby with its whimsical interior.

Be greeted by a pillar of higgledy piggledy stacked ‘giant’ tea cups which reach the ceiling as well as a ‘giant’ bench for our customers to sit on while waiting for check-in. A bank of trick mirrors also underscores the sensation of a new world of creative madness, mirroring Alice’s reaction as she fell into the rabbit role in the classic Lewis Carrol story – Alice In Wonderland.

Currently there are two types of rooms in Hotel On The Park - Sixers and Quads which can house six people and four people comfortably. After checking in and getting our keycard for the Sixers room, it was time to have a look at the new rooms! The corridors were lighted in a wash of coloured lights welcoming you as you locate your room. 

If you are wondering where are the room numbers, look down as they are actually hand painted on the floor in front of each room.

My memories of the old Theme Park Hotel was a rather cramped room that could house around two to three people but just look at the new layout of Hotel On The Park! Expecting a wave of visitors with the soon to be opened Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park, the capacity of each room has been doubled. By making the beds the central feature of the room, most rooms now feature a built in tatami-style raised platform with two queen sized beds. 

Not only that, for the Sixers room, it comes with a built-up bunk bed above the platform which holds another queen sized mattress - effectively enabling six visitors in the room.

Here's a tip: Push the two queen sized beds together and you can fit even more!

The raised sleeping platforms also serve as storage spaces as you can fit your luggage in them; saving more space! No more messy luggage all around the room. 

You will also find the room safe built into the drawer space. 

I just love the new fun illustrated interior of the room such as the closet which is actually knobs which artists have drawn outlines of the closet. The TV set is also hung on brackets with artwork around it making me feel like I have dropped into an illustrated world. There is also plugpoints and USB plug points available near the beds so that you can make sure your phones are always ready to take photos.

Instead of expensive heavy (sometimes dusty) drapes and curtains, you now see hand drawn designs in white pain on blackout roller blinds, resulting in original works of art in every room. Each room has its own individual touch to it. 

Everything from the wall art to the telephone and even the complimentary toiletries emit the fun and young vibe.

Bathroom space was spacious enough with two sinks for the Sixers room and also with two huge mirrors! So girls, no worries about fighting for the toilets.

I had an amazing sleep that night with such a huge bed and plump pillows. For a group outing this room will be so ideal especially for girls because it's like having a huge sleepover party! Chat away all night long when everyone is in the same room.

For a slightly smaller group, get the Quads room which comes with two queen size beds. The interior of the room is similar with the Sixers room with the fun and whimsical decor. Amenities are well provided and the room is spacious enough for you and your friends.

There is another room that is specially reserved for guest who have disabilities or senior citizens who have difficulties to commute. For these guest, a special room will be opened up to meet their needs which includes a disable-friendly washroom as well as an adjustable bed. 

Room space is larger to accommodate wheelchairs and there are two beds in this room. For this room, you need to request during booking or walk-in (subjected to availability). It's really great that Resorts World Genting actually thought about having this room so that all their guest are able to enjoy their stay.

Additional Tips:

Here are some things you can do when staying at Hotel On The Park before the theme park is opened. Step into the English Talking Garden located just behind the hotel and enjoy the wonderful fresh air and scenery. The Garden is opened from 8am - 10pm daily plus you can see the fountain getting lit up at night too. This is an awesome place to snap those Instagram OOTD photos and capture memories with your friends.

Just a few minutes walk away from the hotel and you will arrive at Sky Avenue which houses plenty of eateries that will satisfy you. I definitely enjoyed most of the eateries during my 36 Hour Food Trail. You can eat or shop to your hearts content at the numerous shops available.

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If you are hungry and lazy to walk to Sky Avenue, just grab a bite at Eatopia located in the lobby of the hotel. They have much to offer including assortments of bakery items, heat-and-go wraps and pasta, Malaysian staples like nasi lemak, as well as hot and cold beverages. 

There is also a selection of healthy breakfast for the healthy geeks. Enjoy your meal facing the scenery of the English Garden or maybe grab a pastry and enjoy it in the English Garden itself. I had their Chicken Nasi Lemak and oh boy was it so good! Unexpectedly good and very filling too.

Not only that, there are actually some food and snack vending machines located on the fourth/fifth floor. So don't worry that you will starve or die of hunger if you wake up in the middle of the night.

Overall, I had an amazing, fun and relaxing weekend staycation at Hotel On The Park and I just can't wait for the theme park to be opened. I'm sure that the hotel occupancy would be fully booked when that day comes.

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One tip: If possible try to get the room facing the English Talking Garden because the view is just gorgeous and also not so noisy compared to the lower grounds.

For more information on Hotel On The Park, please visit or call 03-6101 1118.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry go book a room and enjoy a few more long holidays in September.

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