San Nae Deul Unlimited Free Flow Lunch & Dinner Korean BBQ Buffet

Hello merry goers!

It's been a long hectic week that has been making me feel under the weather but... I'm back well fed and energized! With the current economy nowadays, I have been on the hunt for affordable food which not only tastes good but doesn't burn a hole in my pocket.

San Nae Deul has been in town for several years now but recently have been gaining popularity with their Lunch and Dinner Buffet deals. Setting one day as a cheat day, I headed over to San Nae Deul branch in Nexus Bangsar to check out their offerings. One thing great about coming to Nexus Bangsar on a weekend is the fixed parking rate. This means I can eat to my hearts content without worrying about the parking fee.

I realised there are actually two different types of buffet deals - Buffet only or Buffet + BBQ. For the Korean Buffet, you actually get a Bento box that you can fill up with any dishes you want from the buffet line. For RM19+ you get to choose from an assortment of Korean dishes to fill you up. This special Bento Buffet is only available at the Bangsar branch.

Buffet Without BBQLunch: 11.30am- 3pm ; Dinner: 5.30pm- 11pm
Lunch MON- FRIAdult: RM 19+ Child: RM 10+            
Lunch SAT- SUN & PUBLIC HOLIDAYAdult: RM 25+ Child: RM 15+
Dinner MON-SUNAdult: RM 25+ Child: RM 15+

* Dining hour limited to 60 minutes
* Kids from 4- 10 years old and height below 120cm will be charged accordingly.
* Buffet Counter Only Available At Bangsar Branch
* Additional 10% service charge will be included in the bill
* Terms and conditions apply

Buffet With BBQLunch: 11.30am- 3pm ; Dinner: 5.30pm- 11pm
Lunch MON- FRIAdult: RM 39+ Child: RM 20+
Lunch SAT- SUN & PUBLIC HOLIDAYAdult: RM 45+ Child: RM 25+
Dinner MON-SUNAdult: RM 45+ Child: RM 25+

* Free 1 plate of cheese for each table
* Some meats are only available at dinner time
* Dining hour limited to 90 minutes
* Kids from 4- 10 years old and height below 120cm will be charged accordingly.
* Additional 10% service charge will be included in the bill
* Terms and conditions apply

You have your assortment of banchan also known as side dishes. I was delighted to see that they have my favourite banchan which is the anchovies and groundnuts. I tell you if I have a packet of it, I could just snack on it on its own! Kimchi is pretty decent as well with their other traditional side dishes to pair.

You also get to choose from a variety of meat and seafood selections. The buffet spread is decent enough for the price plus they refill it regularly in small portions. So you can be assured that the dishes are still fresh. You should definitely try their beef bulgolgi which has been marinated really well just the way I like it.

They even have fried chicken and twigim or also known as fried assortments. The fried chicken comes with two different flavors - spicy and regular. Take the spicy! It's really addictive especially the heat. I like how they have some regular Korean street food fried assortments like the seaweed glass noodle roll. Not something you would find on a daily basis so that's a plus point for me. 

You also have your fill of tteokbokki, japchae, fried rice and others just in case you are a really big eater. For RM19+, the spread is sure to fill you up feeling satisfied and contented. It's good to see that they do not neglect the quality of the food even though it is a buffet spread. 

Note: Do remember that you have to finish up your food before refilling it at the buffet counter. Don't waste guys... there are so many out there that have no food to eat.

So moving on the Korean BBQ, for those of you like me who love Korean BBQ just add on RM20 for free flow meat! For just RM39+, you get to enjoy unlimited flow of meat, marinated and non marinated. Grill it right in front of you and fill yourself up.

There are so many meat options from beef to lamb to pork, marinated and non marinated. There is even cuttlefish too. I cannot recall which is my  favourite because they all taste so good! Make sure to try them all and then top up on the ones you like best. 

The grill used at San Nae Deul Bangsar is quite different from the other Korean BBQ places that I visit. Instead of using the traditional charcoal grill, they actually use the portable grill and also a parchment sheet. This actually prevents the meat from sticking on the grill and also absorbs the excess oil making it less oily. I realize that it is not as smoky like the charcoal grill so you won't smell as bad when you leave the restaurant.

That's not all because you will actually get a serving of cheese! Just look at that glorious cheese. Cheese just makes everything amazing. Wrap your meat with that cheese and just forget about all your worries especially your calories.

Before ending your meal, don't forget to grab a cone of soft serve ice cream or get a drink with their cool LED light bulb bottles! It sure is fun to have a little gimmick in your food.


Wait.. don't go yet! San Nae Deul is having a super huge LUCKY DRAW for all their diners. You can stand a chance to win Restaurant Vouchers, Samsung S8 and even a trip to Korea for 2 Pax. Here's the list of amazing prizes you can win when you dine at San Nae Deul.

Final Prize: 5 Days 4 Nights Luxury Trip to Korea for 2 Pax (Jeju Island / Seoul)
 Grand Prize: Samsung Galaxy S8
First Prize: RM1000 Restaurant Voucher
Second Prize: RM500 Restaurant Voucher x 2 Winners
Third Prize: RM100 Restaurant Voucher x 10 Winners

San Nae Deul Nexus Bangsar South

Unit 1.3 & 1.4, Level 1
Nexus Bangsar South
No.7, Jalan Kerinchi
Kuala Lumpur

+603 - 2242 1535

Other outlets: 
Ara Damansara | Empire Damansara

Opening Hours: 
11.30 am - 3pm
5pm - 11pm