Super Crab Promotion!! 3 for RM55 - Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Hello hello! 

If you are a crazy crab lover, then you will be in for a ride because what if I told you you can enjoy 3 Crabs for only RM55?

No I'm not kidding you because Ocean Seafood Restaurant located in Bandar Puteri Puchong serves fresh and juicy crabs at an amazing price! I was invited by the lovely Jessy to try out some of their dishes and I arrive only to realize that I had actually visited the restaurant with some friends a while back. Satisfied during my last visit, I knew that this time round it would be a pleasant dining experience.

If you plan to come during the weekends, do make a reservation especially if you want to grab their crabs on offer because it's normally pretty packed. Brought the pug along this round because I know how crazy he would go for crabs. 

Before the crabs were served, we tried some of their other dishes which were pretty mouth-watering too. Served alongside some fluffy deep fried mantou was a One-Bone Pork Rib. Well marinated and glistening from the sauce, the pork rib was super flavourful. It was tender and best paired with steamy white rice or even soak it up with the marinate sauce.

For greens, try the Mixed Hong Kong Kai Lan which has the mixture of deep fried or pan fried Kai Lan (Kale). The leaves are deep fried - leaving it crispy and well balanced with the pan fried stems. If you are a fan of Tofu, try their Beancurd with Pumpkin Sauce. Silky homemade beancurd braised in golden yellow pumpkin sauce with shimeji mushroom and crab meat. I love the beancurd pairing with the pumpkin sauce. Creamy and nicely seasoned which makes it one of my recommended side dishes.

My sister would love this Lala with Superior Soup - Seriously packed with spices and herbs and it elevates the flavor of the claims. For those who know me well, I am sensitive to shellfish like clams, crabs or well technically anything living under the sea and has a hardshell. Yup sorry but I can't really tolerate it unless it is well prepared. Not sure why my body doesn't seem to be able to tolerate that briny flavor of the sea but I've been trying to include more seafood into my diet.

The X.O Seafood Noodle Pot is a MUST ORDER! For only RM19.90, you get this huge pot of noodle with a full size crab in it plus ton of other seafood like squid and claims. Choose from vermicelli or yee mee - I personally recommend the vermicelli and the pug would too. It just soaks up all the flavor from the broth and seriously it's such a good deal. 

However, I think it is time for us to get on to the star of the night which are the CRABS! At Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong you have a selection of up to 9 different cooking styles. Choose from their popular Butter Salted Egg or their Spicy Buttermilk Crab which is the recommended choice, or even any other style you prefer. 

We got the Spicy Buttermilk Crab which has got to be both the pug and my recommended choice. Super flavourful, the sauce just packs a punch and lovely to be soaked up with the Fried Mantou. Please please make sure you order the Friend Mantou. It is a must to soak up all that amazing finger licking gravy and such a waste to not wipe the plate clean. We literally ordered more Mantou just to get all that sauce.

Fans of Crab Roe put your hands up! Get the 2 XL Mud Crab with Roe for only RM95. We had ours with their signature Butter Salted Egg sauce and can you just look at the amount of roe. Filled to the very ends of the shell, it was just so hard to resist not scrapping the shell clean. Forget about your cholesterol for that night and just feast because it is so good.

Prices of the crabs varies depending on the size:

Mud Crab with Roe:

(M) 3 for RM65
(L) 2 for RM65
(XL) 2 for RM95
(XXL) 2 for RM138

Mud Crab w/o Roe:

(L) 2 for RM65

(XL) 2 for RM88
(XXL) 2 for RM95/kg

Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Address : 21,Jalan Puteri 2/3 Bandar Puteri,47100 Puchong,Selangor
Contact : 010-2210 188 / 016-245 1369


Kimi-Ya Japanese Restaurant, Avantas Residence Food Review

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hello merry goers.

What's life about if it isn't filled with FOOD? And especially good food that brings you to a different country with just one bite? Japanese food isn't a foreign cuisine here in Malaysia with tons of Japanese restaurants for choice. However, it is not easy to actually locate a premium Japanese restaurant without coming along with a hefty price.

Few weekends ago, I was blessed to be invited to savor some of the premium Japanese offerings at KIMI-YA Japanese Restaurant located at Kuchai Lama. Hidden at the Ground Floor of Avantas Residence Old Klang Road, you would have never imagine that there would be a premium Japanese restaurant offering more than 280 dishes.

Walking into the restaurant, you will be welcomed with Japanese floral, multi-layers timber and bamboo bringing out a modern and calm ambiance. There are two private rooms which you are reserve for private gatherings or meetings. Each private room can fit about 12 to 15 people comfortably.

Let's get on to the wide spread of Japanese dishes that KIMI-YA has to offer. Enjoy from Japanese appetizers, salad, sushi, agemono, teishoku, noodles, rice and desserts. Pick on some Yaki Pirikara Edamame while waiting for your dishes to arrive. An interesting twist at KIMI-YA where they sprinkle chili powder on the green soybean

We were first served with a Ume Sashimi Moriawase (7 types), gigantic sashimi platter which had fresh, thick cut slices on a bed of ice.  From Salmon, White Tuna, Yellowtail, Tuna Belly, Scallop, Octopus and Pink Shrimp, they were all super fresh and sweet. Each bite was delightful and satisfying. 

If you like broths or soups, try the Salmon Kabuto Miso which has fresh Salmon Head and assorted vegetables cooked in soybean paste soup. As the soup bubbles in front of you, the aromatic scent from the miso paste just entices you to steal a sip. The flavor of the soup were well balanced with the sweetness from the vegetables. A hearty soup for to warm the stomach especially during rainy days. 

Moving on to main dishes, an interesting dish that was served was the Zaru Inaniwa Udon with a unique way to best enjoy. Mix some wasabi, spring onion and quail egg into the homemade dipping sauce, before dipping the noodles into the mixture. The quail eggs makes the noodles smooth and silky as you slurp it into your mouth with ease. Springy and well coated with the mixture, this dish was a refreshing dish 

For those of you who needs to have rice for every meal, try their Gyu Shogayaki Yaki Don or the Oyakodon. The Gyu Shogayaki Yaki Don is topped with Stir Fried Marinated Beef while the Oyakodon is topped with steamed chicken and egg. Simple yet so satisfying.

Botan Ebi Sushi | Nama Hotate Sushi | Joy Unagi Sushi | Salmon Belly Sushi | Aburi Salmon Mentai Sushi | Hamachi Sushi

Experience top class premium sushi at KIMI-YA Japanese Restaurant. Each piece is specially handcrafted and really so good! I'm not kidding you that if you have the budget, just go for this because it would be an experience you wouldn't regret.

You know that the ingredients are well utilized when you are served with concentrated stock made from the head of Boran Ebi Sushi prawn.

Recommended MUST ORDER: Boran Ebi Sushi, Salmon Belly Sushi, Joy Unagi Sushi

Treat yourself with Taraba Gani (Snow Crab), a Japan delicacy which is loved for the natural sweetness and aroma. Juicy and succulent, the meat was so flavorful and delightful. KIMI-YA had a special promotion during October where you would be able to enjoy it at RM110 (Big) and RM58 (Small)

However, since October is long gone KIMI-YA is offering a different promotion in November which is their Otoro Sashimi for only RM48. Otoro which comes from the underbelly of the tuna is considered to be the most luxurious and premium part of the tuna. You'll be able to experience melt-in-your mouth, sweet and tender Otoro for RM48 (3 pieces) and RM76 (5 pieces). Offer valid until November 2017 so don't miss out this offer.

When this was served, the first thought that passed through my mind was: Oh boy, this sure is an ugly fish. This fish was air flown in and putting aside its look, it was enjoyable. Sweet with a firm and slightly meaty texture, nicely marinated; it is a nice dish to share.

Planning a birthday? Bring them to KIMI-YA and get a Fresh Fruit Platter with minimum purchase of RM100 in a single receipt. (Valid on birthday eve or on the birthday date itself) Fruit portion is served based on the number of people.

Looking forward for my next visit to KIMI-YA. Hope you will enjoy your dining experience there too.

Kimi-Ya Japanese Restaurant

G-2, Avantas Residences, 162, Jalan Klang Lama (Old Klang Road) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Same building as Little People Cafe)
Opening Hours: 12PM – 3PM; 6PM – 10 PM Parking: Free Valet parking (when dine in at Kimi-Ya), indoor visitor parking Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KimiYa.Malaysia/


Greater Savings, Buy 1 Free 1 with The ENTERTAINER 2018

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hi merry goers!

Feeling a little tight in the pocket but still want to be able to enjoy great deals? How would you like to be able to save up to 50% and enjoy great deals at the same time?

Have you heard of The ENTERTAINER? This global incentives brand has been in the market for quite some time and they recently launched The ENTERTAINER 2018 which offers from over 100 new merchants! Not only that for a limited time, you'll be able to save RM240 off regular price on the 2018 products which will give you that additional perk of unlocking 2017 deals too. If that's not good enough, how does including FREE Cheers Malaysia & Bali for early bird purchases sound?

With over 1,500 offers for restaurants, bars, attractions, leisure activities, hotels, spas, and so much more, you'll be able to save up to RM458,000. The ENTERTAINER 2018 features customer favourites like WonderMama, Fish Bowl, Poke Shop, Mandara Spa, Breakout and more. Plus new brands such as Angry Bird Activity Park, Shakespeare Milkshakes, Mega Water Sports to name a few. As I mentioned earlier, early birds get to enjoy CHEERS Malaysia 2018 and Bali 2018 absolutely FREE which has tons of BUY 1 FREE 1 offers

Travelling to Bali anytime soon? Use the Bali 2018 to access offers to restaurants, spas, beach clubs, bars and cafes across the island which includes Intercontinental Bali Resort, Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Resort and many more. 

Bali 2018 includes hundreds of Buy One Get One Free offers for the best restaurants, spas, beach clubs, bars and cafes across the island. Top brands include Cocoon, Nude Canggu, Pison Coffee, Creamery Bar and more. 

Early Bird Offer: FREE with purchase of Malaysia 2018 (RRP RM75)

The ENTERTAINER has always been popular with their BUY 1 GET 1 FREE deals but now they have added percentage-based savings for categories like Beauty and Fitness for added value. New categories include 'SPEND & SAVE' and 'Everyday Services 2' which features 50% off popular service retailers. This way you can save even if you're alone. 

With the purchase of any MY product, ENTERTAINER members will also enjoy exclusive access to ENTERTAINER getaways, a brand new in-app booking engine which has exclusive rates at over
550,000 hotels in 200+ countries. You'll be able to seamlessly browse through a huge range of exclusive hotels and book directly from the ENTERTAINER app. There are still amazing value offers on the 'Buy One Night Get One Free' basis so if you're planning a getaway this is it!

Get your hands on The ENTERTAINER 2018 through their website or the app from 25th October onwards. Early bird offer is valid until 30th November 2017. The ENTERTAINER’ app is available for free download on iOS and Android.


Malaysia 2018 includes over 1,500 Buy One Get One Free and discount offers for dining, attractions, leisure activities, retail and services. Top brands include San Francisco Coffee, WonderMama, Mandara Spa, Salad Atelier, Moo Cow, Bijan, Angry Birds Activity Park & many more.

Early Bird Offer: RM75 (RRP RM145) With FREE Cheers Malaysia 2018, Bali 2018 + Travel 2018 (including Hotels Worldwide and ENTERTAINER getaways) - Total Value RM315

Malaysia Cheers 2018 includes hundreds Buy One Get One Free offers for the best restaurants and
upmarket bars.  PAUS Craft Bar, Taps Beer Bar, Stratosphere, View Rooftop Bar, Berlin KL, Zion Club KL and more. 

Early Bird Offer: RM45 (RRP RM95) With FREE Hotels Worldwide Travel 2018 + ENTERTAINER 2017 

For further information about the ENTERTAINER, please visit https://www.theentertainerme.com/home/malaysia

Til  next time,


April 22 玫瑰能量霜 Rose Energy Cream

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

// April 22 Rose Energy Cream //

Those who know me well will probably know that I'm not really the type to put on full face makeup especially for my daily look. Well, normally even during events I would just add on more eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow etc. Most of the time, I prefer to go for concealer or BB Cushion instead of foundation because I like a more subtle and natural look. My criteria would be lightweight, not cakey but have enough coverage.

I have been trying out several foundations, BB Cushions to find the right match for my skin when I came across an interesting and unique multipurpose product. April 22 Rose Energy Cream is actually a product from China and is a multipurpose product. I love multipurpose products because sometimes when I am in the rush, I don't have sufficient time to put on all my face products.

Each bottle has 40ml of product and comes with a brush for easier application. This brush is actually quite a trend lately as it helps to blend in the product evenly. Brush is dense and soft so it just glides across your skin during application. 

The April 22 Rose Energy Cream has 5 different functions which are:
  • Make-up Base
  • Light Concealer
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunblock with spf 30++
  • Skin Repair
The 5-in-1 cream is lightweight and blends out smoothly when applied. It feels cooling when I first apply it to my face. Containing rose extract, the formulation helps to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. I would compare it to a tinted moisturizer as it has sheer coverage but sufficient to cover up light blemishes like freckles or dark spots. 

The April 22 Rose Energy Cream works well as a makeup base as well. For those of you who prefer using foundation, you can actually use this as a base to smoothen your skin and even out your skin tone. After that, apply your foundation as usual. You will actually use less foundation and you will realize that your foundation will adhere to your skin better. Using this cream as a makeup base is better than other makeup bases because of the EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) in the formulation. This is a main ingredient that helps in skin rejuvenation and tissue repair plus it doesn't block your pores. 

Another plus point is that the product has SFP 30++ which is great because it gives an additional layer of protection from the sun. Honestly, it's not only the sun you should be worried about. Facing the laptop or even light from flourescent bulbs in your office actually contributes to UV rays too.

I have been using this in my daily makeup routine for the past few weeks and am rather loving this product. I just pump some product on the back of my hand (normally one pump is enough) and dot it on my face. Then, with the brush I will blend it into my skin which can even reach into corners of my face. Girls, if you want to have that natural no-makeup face, this is the perfect product for you.

The finishing is sheer and slightly dewy because of the moisturizing component. The Rose Energy Cream comes in one shade only as it is more of a beauty product + cosmetic functions. But don't worry because the color blends in really well and brightens up your skin complexion naturally. It's just like a second skin.  I now use it as my daily makeup routine especially for those times when I just need to rush out to get some errands done and I don't want to look like a ghost. I do set it with some loose powder since I have oily combination skin.

| Before Application |
| After Application |
Each bottle containing 40ml of Rose Energy Cream together with the applicator brush is retailing at RM249. You can get more information from their Facebook Page or purchase it directly from their website too.

April 22 - Rose Energy Cream

Hope that this review was beneficial and share with me your thoughts if you have tried this product.

Til next time,


Klang Parade KOREA Gyeonggi-Do Food Festival

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Hello merry goers,

Time for another exciting event at Klang Parade. They have been hosting so many events recently and this time round it's time for some Korean culture with KOREA Gyeonggi-Do Food Festival. From the name of the festival, you can be assured that there will be tons of food involved so let's check out the activities.

KOREA Gyeonggi-Do Food Festival

From 8 to 13 November, you will be able to enjoy Korean traditional performances, K-Pop Performances, try on some Hanbok and of course the variety of food options. Learn some Mask Painting or DIY Korea Paper Fan to bring back as momento. 

Not to forget to grab some Korean treats from the Mini Korean Bazaar or the Snacks and Food Fair.

Highlight of the festival will be on 12 November where on top of all the food, there will be a Korean themed Coloring Contest too. Check out that huge JUMBO Bibimbap or challenge the Spicy Noodle Challenge! Learn a thing or two from the Korean Food Demo and of course sample some too.

If you have kids or younger siblings who are talented, sign them up for the Korean Themed Coloring Contest on 12 November here >> https://goo.gl/forms/WHMJqcl1MydY0SFW2

Invite your friends by sharing the  KOREA Gyeonggi-Do Food Festival @ Klang Parade Event page https://www.facebook.com/events/1497180577032904/?ti=cl which has much more details. 

So what are you waiting for? See ya at Klang Parade during the KOREA Gyeonggi-Do Food Festival from 8 Nov - 13 Nov 2017.

Til next time,

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