April 22 玫瑰能量霜 Rose Energy Cream

// April 22 Rose Energy Cream //

Those who know me well will probably know that I'm not really the type to put on full face makeup especially for my daily look. Well, normally even during events I would just add on more eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow etc. Most of the time, I prefer to go for concealer or BB Cushion instead of foundation because I like a more subtle and natural look. My criteria would be lightweight, not cakey but have enough coverage.

I have been trying out several foundations, BB Cushions to find the right match for my skin when I came across an interesting and unique multipurpose product. April 22 Rose Energy Cream is actually a product from China and is a multipurpose product. I love multipurpose products because sometimes when I am in the rush, I don't have sufficient time to put on all my face products.

Each bottle has 40ml of product and comes with a brush for easier application. This brush is actually quite a trend lately as it helps to blend in the product evenly. Brush is dense and soft so it just glides across your skin during application. 

The April 22 Rose Energy Cream has 5 different functions which are:
  • Make-up Base
  • Light Concealer
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunblock with spf 30++
  • Skin Repair
The 5-in-1 cream is lightweight and blends out smoothly when applied. It feels cooling when I first apply it to my face. Containing rose extract, the formulation helps to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. I would compare it to a tinted moisturizer as it has sheer coverage but sufficient to cover up light blemishes like freckles or dark spots. 

The April 22 Rose Energy Cream works well as a makeup base as well. For those of you who prefer using foundation, you can actually use this as a base to smoothen your skin and even out your skin tone. After that, apply your foundation as usual. You will actually use less foundation and you will realize that your foundation will adhere to your skin better. Using this cream as a makeup base is better than other makeup bases because of the EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) in the formulation. This is a main ingredient that helps in skin rejuvenation and tissue repair plus it doesn't block your pores. 

Another plus point is that the product has SFP 30++ which is great because it gives an additional layer of protection from the sun. Honestly, it's not only the sun you should be worried about. Facing the laptop or even light from flourescent bulbs in your office actually contributes to UV rays too.

I have been using this in my daily makeup routine for the past few weeks and am rather loving this product. I just pump some product on the back of my hand (normally one pump is enough) and dot it on my face. Then, with the brush I will blend it into my skin which can even reach into corners of my face. Girls, if you want to have that natural no-makeup face, this is the perfect product for you.

The finishing is sheer and slightly dewy because of the moisturizing component. The Rose Energy Cream comes in one shade only as it is more of a beauty product + cosmetic functions. But don't worry because the color blends in really well and brightens up your skin complexion naturally. It's just like a second skin.  I now use it as my daily makeup routine especially for those times when I just need to rush out to get some errands done and I don't want to look like a ghost. I do set it with some loose powder since I have oily combination skin.

| Before Application |
| After Application |
Each bottle containing 40ml of Rose Energy Cream together with the applicator brush is retailing at RM249. You can get more information from their Facebook Page or purchase it directly from their website too.

April 22 - Rose Energy Cream

Hope that this review was beneficial and share with me your thoughts if you have tried this product.

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