Klang Parade KOREA Gyeonggi-Do Food Festival

Hello merry goers,

Time for another exciting event at Klang Parade. They have been hosting so many events recently and this time round it's time for some Korean culture with KOREA Gyeonggi-Do Food Festival. From the name of the festival, you can be assured that there will be tons of food involved so let's check out the activities.

KOREA Gyeonggi-Do Food Festival

From 8 to 13 November, you will be able to enjoy Korean traditional performances, K-Pop Performances, try on some Hanbok and of course the variety of food options. Learn some Mask Painting or DIY Korea Paper Fan to bring back as momento. 

Not to forget to grab some Korean treats from the Mini Korean Bazaar or the Snacks and Food Fair.

Highlight of the festival will be on 12 November where on top of all the food, there will be a Korean themed Coloring Contest too. Check out that huge JUMBO Bibimbap or challenge the Spicy Noodle Challenge! Learn a thing or two from the Korean Food Demo and of course sample some too.

If you have kids or younger siblings who are talented, sign them up for the Korean Themed Coloring Contest on 12 November here >> https://goo.gl/forms/WHMJqcl1MydY0SFW2

Invite your friends by sharing the  KOREA Gyeonggi-Do Food Festival @ Klang Parade Event page https://www.facebook.com/events/1497180577032904/?ti=cl which has much more details. 

So what are you waiting for? See ya at Klang Parade during the KOREA Gyeonggi-Do Food Festival from 8 Nov - 13 Nov 2017.

Til next time,