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How many of you know the importance of drinking water? Often we hear that we need to  drink about 8 to 10 cups daily but how many of us actually do? Most times, we neglect this important health tip and health scientist found out that most of the common health problems are the consequences of acidic physique. Nature alkaline water provides alkaline minerals that fit our body needs and thus reduce health problems caused by acidic physique.

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter

Alkaline water does not come easily and most of the time some of the filtered water have a funky taste to it that makes us or even kids hate drinking water. However, with  Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter we can now get alkaline water any time we want. 

Some of the common  health problems that are caused by inadequate amount of water are:

  • Constipation and bowel problem
  • Headache
  • Slow metabolism 
  • High levels of uric acid
  • Heat accumulation and oral ulcer 
  • And many more
For the past few months, my water woes have been solved thanks to Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter. DIAMOND CORAL selected special natural materials which include natural coral calcium to form an innovative water system. By applying 3 main processes: purification, mineralization, magnetization, and with its 18 treatments, it produces Coral Alkaline Water, with alkaline pH of 7.5-8.5. The water contains alkaline minerals, which is beneficial to health and keeps the concerns of acidic physique away.

Coral Alkaline Water DIAMOND CORAL is not acidic water. It is produced by using Coral Calcium as a filter material and purify the water in a way that is similar to nature. You can taste tinge of sweetness in the water and even the pug who keeps neglecting his water intake started drinking more water. 

Here's my personal tip that can encourage increase water intake. Try detox water by adding some fruits like lemon, apples or cucumber slices into your water. Not only does it add nutrients into your water plus it's a refreshing taste. 

Just make a huge jug with the Coral Alkaline Water and keep it in the fridge. It's such a refreshing treat especially during the hot afternoon. Using the Coral Alkaline water decreases oxidation of the sliced fruits and retains the nutrients longer.

I tried placing a few apple slices in the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water and it did not turn yellow as fast as those placed in regular water. You can now look your best.Coral Alkaline Water, with pH value of 7.5-8.5 contain calcium and magnesium ions, which can revitalize your skin and health. By improving penetration power of water in skin up to 200%, it might be the key to healthier-looking, more vibrant and smoother skin.

Feel the power of alkaline lifestyle now. It is completely FREE during the trial period!After 60 days trial period, if you would like to extend it only costs RM2 per day for unlimited access.

Diamond Water Bar

Do you know that reboiling water is actually very unhealthy? Traditional water dispensers will produce certain harmful chemicals such as manganese and nitrite with 24 hours repetitive reheating function. As we are not used to cleaning up the dispenser inside, those harmful chemicals will accumulate. Long-term consumption of those reboiled water may put your family health at risk.

How many of you face the same issue with me? You are rushing to go off to work and trying to make a drink for breakfast but it's either too hot or it takes too long? Making a glass of warm water is not easy because it involves quite complicated procedure of mixing the cold and hot water. The elderly have to walk through the dark kitchen in the middle of the night, pick up a heavy vacuum flask and mix hot and cold water for some warm water. Mothers need to prepare warm formula milk in a complicated way. Our kids cannot mix the warm water by themselves. People who have a cold and weak body constitution are hard to get warm water for taking care of their health. In a word, to enjoy a glass of 50°C warm water is not as easy as one thinks.

DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar has utilized new 3-second instant heat technology and has replaced the traditional heat components in the dispenser. It increases the boiling rate up to 100 times and heats up water in 3 seconds. By pressing a button, you can enjoy fresh hot water within 3 seconds. This new device not only shortens the boiling time of water but avoid reboiling to release such harmful chemicals. It protects the health of your family

The Diamond  Water Bar has 3 different temperature for your desired preference. You can now have warm water instead of boiling hot water and just with a touch of a button. Since the 1950s, there is no significant development in traditional water dispensers. They could not address the health concerns from re-boiled water and hard to get warm water. 3 seconds instant warm water dispenser WaterBar with 3-second instant heat technology creates two breakthroughs, it prevents unhealthy re-boiled water and easy access to 50°C warm water for your family.

With  the Diamond Water Bar, making my favourite hot beverage is a breeze. Just one push of the button and I can decide if I want a piping hot or warm drink. The safety lock button makes it easy for even kids and ensures they do not burn themselves.

If you are interested to get a FREE trial for either the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water or the Diamond Water Bar, visit for more details.

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